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Thomas Ramey Watson 07-18-2013 08:34 AM

Looks like some people have decided to add Baltho, The Dog Who Owned a Man to their summer reading. Yesterday my Best Sellers Rank was almost 800,000. This morning it's 118,000.

Whoever you are, thanks! Word of mouth endorsements really boosts sales.

Now, Please help me with paperback sales. I've dropped considerably: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,247,610 in Books

Go to www.thomasrameywatson.com/editing if you want to order a signed copy for the regular retail price.

AND--don't forget to ask your local libraries to order a copy of the book for their patrons.

Thomas Ramey Watson 07-19-2013 08:11 AM

Walked out the side door with Melchior this morning to find a spider web all over my face with the spider dangling in front of my nose. Not a pleasant way to start the morning, for me or the spider. Got most of the web removed by now. I'd just showered (of course).

We've had so much rain lately that we have to fight off all the vegetation that's growing over the walk paths. The spiders are having great fun spinning their webs everywhere. Can't tell you how many webs I've walked into.

Thomas Ramey Watson 07-19-2013 04:18 PM

I was getting pretty worried about the paperback sales rank of Baltho which had dropped to almost 2.4 million. I just looked. People seemed to have heard the call and bought it. Here's my rank as of now: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #136,192 in Books! Whoever you are--if you're reading this--thanks!!!!!!

Thomas Ramey Watson 07-20-2013 09:38 AM

I'm thinking about starting a group here in Denver for those who want to deal with the loss of a beloved companion animal, dog, cat, etc., which will include making the way for her or him to return to us. My facilitation will include my own experiences with Baltho, who returned as Hattie, and again as Melchior. Please let me know if you'd like to participate. Costs will be affordable.

I am also considering a Skype group for those of you elsewhere. Again let me know if you'd like to participate. Again, costs will be affordable.

We can make cost arrangements through Pay Pal. I will ask that you make some sort of commitment, maybe 10 weeks to start, with the idea that we will continue if the desire is present.


Thomas Ramey Watson 07-22-2013 12:14 PM

Noir and Melchior
Noir and Melchior looking at each other, Fri. 19 July 2013. If I hadn't been holding onto Melchior's leash, he and Noir would have taken off for a good game of hide and seek and rumble. As always, Noir heard us and came to find us.


Thomas Ramey Watson 07-28-2013 08:31 PM

I've started offering this special on my FB pages.

If any of you want to order 2 or more signed and inscribed copies of Baltho directly from me, I'll make you a better deal than on my site if you send me a check so I avoid the Pay Pal and other middleman charges. Just message or email me. trw@thomasrameywatson.com

Thomas Ramey Watson 08-03-2013 08:44 AM

Trust the mystery: Baltho, the dog with three lives
Here is the beginning of the article about my ongoing adventures with my co-therapist Afghan Hound Baltho and his subsequent incarnations. It was written by freelance writer Geoff Ward, an Englishman living in southwestern Ireland. As soon as the article is placed I will provide a link to the entire thing. I don't want to scoop it here.

Trust the mystery: Baltho, the dog with three lives

The extraordinary world of Denver psychotherapist and coach Thomas Ramey Watson and his therapy dogs

Tom got a message to say the Afghan pup he was waiting for had been born, and that it was an unusual color. But it wasn’t the breeder who told him. It was Hattie, Tom’s Afghan who had died the previous year. Out walking, Tom heard Hattie’s “voice” distinctly. “I’m born,” she said.

And so it was – into the world came Melchior, the third incarnation, Tom is convinced, of his beloved Afghan Baltho, his first “therapy dog”. Hattie said the pup must be called Melchior after another of the Biblical Three Wise Men – Baltho was short for the Arabian Balthazar. These dogs certainly came bearing special gifts for Tom and others who came into contact with them.

The story begins in the 1990s, as recounted in Tom’s new fictionalized memoir, Baltho: The Dog Who Owned a Man, and will continue in two more books about the remarkable dogs, and at least one cat, that have helped Tom with his counseling and his life. Before the trilogy continues, however, comes a novel from Tom, Reading the Signs, a “paranormal love story,” due out in the fall, plus a couple of books of poetry to be published in the interim.

Tom, who lives in northwest Denver, said: “With Melchior, born last November, I’m now on my third incarnation of Baltho. Melchior is taking up Baltho’s psychological co-therapist role already. I figured that was the plan when Baltho’s subsequent incarnation, Hattie, told me where and when to find Melchior and that he wanted to be named for another of the Three Wise Men, this one from Persia.”

No stranger to paranormal experiences, Tom, born and raised in Sterling CO, says he has had more of them since childhood than he can remember, never questioning their validity because they were so much part of his life. In 1992, he was planning to adopt a labrador or golden retriever, but “an Afghan was telepathically calling me, begging me, to locate and rescue him”. Thus Tom arrived at the Denver Afghan Rescue where, at the gate, he had a premonition of a red brindle Afghan jumping up and hugging him.


Thomas Ramey Watson 08-09-2013 08:26 AM

Denver's Channel 9 News Storytellers is interested in doing a segment on my ongoing saga that started with Baltho and Figgy and continues through Hattie, then Melchior and Figgy. Deb Ridley and Mary Currie, be prepared to verify what I told you Hattie said about her birth--when (including the pregnancy that didn't take and the one that did the following fall), where, what she'd look like, and so on. They may well want to check in with you on the facts. It felt risky telling you what she'd said to me, but the facts are indisputable.

We're making headway with the publicity campaign.

Thomas Ramey Watson 08-14-2013 11:01 AM

Just like a teenager
Lately the left side of my bed is taken with Noir up near the pillows, Melchior just below him, and Sky on the bottom. Often now, Melchior allows Noir to sleep peacefully till a little after dawn. Then he decides his living chew toy is right there and needing to provide comfort and fun. After Noir leaves Melchior decides to snorkel my ears and neck, driving me crazy with the chewing, licking and worst of all--noise. Then he'll begin on my fingers.

This morning I told him the usual, "Don't be a moron, be a lesson" (puns intended--moron and more-on, less-on and lesson). I heard him reply, "But I want to be a moron!" And he threw himself down across my stomach, his bones hitting all my sensitive areas.

StevenOz 08-15-2013 10:21 AM

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your adventures since you were interviewed on Shirley's program! It's very interesting to hear the latest news, and good luck with your books. :)

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