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Brit 11-11-2012 05:49 PM

Mercury Retro strikes...
Just wanted you all to know that we had a serious technical issue with the show with Drunvalo and Shirley. We are so sorry for that and will try to reschedule with him as soon as everyone has time.

Instead - tonight we'll broadcast a program with Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Again, we apologize.

Kata0 11-11-2012 05:54 PM

He is spectacular and a dear one....no apology needed. Because of him I named my ego "Perky" and have witnessed it more than ever before......he is a master.

Kata0 11-11-2012 05:55 PM

Judy Satori
I know you have been busy with events with Lee...have you been able to catch up with her works?


ShelleyD 11-11-2012 08:33 PM

No worries! Loved it! Loved the energy flow.

That was my first time in chat on radio night, so I think I will listen to it again later this week to make sure I didn't miss anything. :)

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