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Harmon s 10-17-2012 03:06 PM

LIfe between Life
You know I hope that everyone has that moment when you have a clue.Life between life books by diffent sources say the samething.I believe it.Being hypnotized and taken back to other lives.
In general the source like a snow ball breaks off units of itself in a continuing the recarnation of new entities as the old one come back to the source and the end of its enlightenment.Not only in this world but all words.
Many people not only are reincarnated on this planet but others as well.That feeling that only they get when they into the nights sky.
I often say its a rigged game but you have helpers from the other side who are programed to be at certain spot as certain time.Looking back you can remember these people."Oh I met this guy but bus stop and we talk about nothing really but some reason I desided to go in another direction aferwards.Many cases these are your fellow cluster mates.You do the same for them.No one knows in this life time but often realize after the brief encounter.You go hum!
Doesn't always help we are hard heads and sometimes takes many life times of making the same mistakes ane not learning.
This life it has to be patience because I'm being forced to be in certain situtions that are important to me and it drives me crazy.I may have come back a few more times on that one. ha ha

Brit 10-22-2012 04:43 PM

Hi Harmon s

Yes, life between lives - fascinating! Dr. Georgina Cannon has done a lot of work on that subject via hypnosis. LOL yes - I agree we often don't get the point of the lesson and therefore come in again for more of the same. :)

Harmon s 10-27-2012 11:22 PM

You want to know whats going on.In one life time you do.Still there seems to be blocks from certain paths.Knowing and yet be surrounded by family and friends who don't have a clue.You come back for a certain thing it seems that every person or situation pulls you away or delays you.I have a saying"if was easy it wouldn't be any fun."

Harmon s 11-07-2012 10:51 PM

The ruffest planet
what I have found through study and being hypnotised.Going to best seer's.Theres after life of pure thought and these beings come back not only this planet but all planets that contain life.Many of us have been to other planets.They say this is one of the ruffest planets to tackel,living here you know why.
Once your there for a few times most don't want to come back.Image by thinking you anywhere in a type of 3d vision.Where a past like could appear and step into that scene to live it once more.Part of the process is to view life books of images of your past lives seeing what you did wrong or right.
Your group or cluster as people call it that have been taken back is group of about 20 or so.These other life forms go back in pairs or three or four and will apper in your life to have deep thought to trigger a movement .A thought or to start a new direction.This also does the same for them,neither knows at the time except for a feeling you know this person even thought you've never met.

Harmon s 11-10-2012 09:34 PM

Its hard thing to meet your soul mate or cluster mate.Two entitys in the there purest form in cluster of twenty or so can choose to reincarnate many times over and over.In the other life no matter how perfect the vision with no real form its an alusion.Can't rebel or be a non comformest.Can you imagine the worlds with mass rebellion of the entitys."We don't want to return to the source,we want to be our own source."I shall probably get in trouble for that one.
No not me not that,my only crime is one of passion for an entity through out time itself.
Two souls so closely matched that physical iove is like an explosion, the intense build up of senses.
Wars wealth helping humanity poverity.All these things in every life just to see one another in the flesh.
I feel sad for people who choose to be alone or have given up.Don't be bitter in life as long as you wake up tomarrow theres time.

Harmon s 11-15-2012 09:43 AM

coming back
According to life between life expert Micheal Newton Phd we are met after our death at end of the tunnel by our spirt guide when until we are older entity then just proceed along to the cluster.
It comes to shock all of sudden you don't have a body and just energy with light projecting out ward.
They will appear as a long dead relative or religious figure until you have settle down.afterwards theres a pulling force that pulls you along to your cluster much like a river of unseen energy.
Its more regulated there than it is here.But billions if not even a number I couldn't put on this page its so great,how could be otherwise.Remember its not only this planet but all habited planets through out the universe.

Harmon s 11-21-2012 08:41 AM

The Source and ranking
Micheal Newtons research into reincarnation and other doctors as well came up with similar results.Doing it seperate and not consulting in anyway.A origanized social almost military ranking type of things.Only with different colors outward appearance of the entities.
1.white level one
2.off white gray grayish with tints of pink
3.white and reddish pink
4.light orange-yellow with tints of white level 2
6.deep gold with tints of green level 3
7.green or brownish-green level 4
8.light blue wiht gold or green brown tints level 5
9.deep purple level 6
10.deep blue with tints of purple level 6
11.purple higher levels

they have over lapping colors as you go up the ranking.Bases on perfect and experience in your reincarnating.At the end you go back to the source.THe source continues to make new entities for it is limitless.People say there is only so many people there is more now then in the past.True but they think to narrow as if this is the only planet that is inhabited.THe source infinitie.

Harmon s 12-01-2012 02:49 PM

According Newton generally all his patience had like history of the life between life.The first generations your spirit guide is there to meet you.Often appearing as a dead relative or even saint to calm you down.Then tell you the low down as you get more accustomed to the new situation.
Theres a pulling sensation as if in a fast moving river of sorts that pulls you to your cluster or your spirit group.Once there your comrades meet you as a long lost relative.You rejoin the quarter per cent that was left behind as a anchor.an exchange of where have you been and I went there and so on.Then comes to meeting of the board of manages where they judge how you did and what you have to improve upon .Then you return to your group for studying

Harmon s 12-02-2012 10:04 PM

Judge and you be Judged
A panel of three entities appear in a space.Hard to get handle on.You are this entity thats emits light and has a shape much like a flame on a match.You have the ability to visualize people places and things in flash.All could appear in your mental thought process as solid and real as this planet.You do and others do as well.I guess the best thing to compare is your dreams.Very similar in many ways.In your dreams you are drop into situations as if you were always there.You live out scenes at time seems damn real but when you wake up ,it was a dream.On the other side its all thought and visualization.Many entities don't want to come back,you could understand why.You can have it all up there and not get hurt or die.But you have come here to get into your other senses.Breathe and touch and smell,To touch someone and they touch you a bonding.
You have your moments up there as well two entities that touch each other transmit private thoughts or sensations.Not like here of course but pretty good for some.
Usually two entities will choose to go through many reincarnations together and carries on back at there clusters.Soul mates no closer to an entity is possible on this side or that.

Cher O 12-05-2012 06:51 PM

Hi, Harmon.
This is an interesting thread you have going here. Thank you. Love, C.

Harmon s 12-06-2012 10:26 AM

Interesting you say asleep.My whole life before I woke up I was looking for something.Long story short,A chance meeting with a female on job site in my late 30,s.I had to put a fitness machine together in her boyfriends house and he had to go to work.It took 3 hours to do the job with her sitting next to me.I say chance because after you wake up you know theres no chance about these things pre arrange on the other side with cluster mates to help you and them at the sametime.When you meet these strangers that pass in the night you know the entity inside the body.Its an errie feeling we have expericened these things.
I would start a sentence and she would finish it.We both kind of looked at each other.But continued on through the three hours.We both knew it wasn't an attaction but an awaking without saying so.
After that meeting I would just run or fall into situations that made wake up all the more.
I remember when I was still a teen and much involved in the church.I said to myself I want to know the truth no matter what it means.
Like from the movie "you can't handle the truth."
So you know the truth or at least have a better idea about the afterlife and believe its true.Who do you tell not your friends or family or they'd call you nut.
So know the truth and feel trapped by the in abiltiy to really accomplise some goal or person you want to be with.A lesson to learn in this life to be patient or not over baring [asshole] or selfish etc.
You wanted to know and away it only makes it worst.On the other side just by thinking about something the situation appears and you can jump into sence do the right thing as practice and then come back again.They call them 3d visual books of lives.You open a book or vision and to a spot a sence appears,lets say a date or family outing.
I am not a rich person but I have seen the best pychics money can buy.Most are here in the San Franciso bay area.Where I used to live.Hypnotised more then once taken back to previous lives.Had flash backs from other lives when awake.Its like suddenly your in this sence like vision much like tv while where you are is still there.Doesn't last very long and it comes when it wants not when I want it to come.I used to get afraid,now I try to hold as long as possible to understand what time in history.

Harmon s 12-08-2012 06:40 PM

Soul mates or twin souls
Interesting to note as you have different personalitys here so do you on the other side.A combination of many lives effects you.Short and hyper or calm or driven is so on the other side.You go through life on the other side in clusters of 15 to 25 entitys in your assigned area.Of course you will be drawn to other entities much like here.Some entities enjoy each others company so much they deside to come back together over and over.When you find one of these entities from your cluster on this plane you recognize there essences.A knowning without knowing best way to explain it.
Not always so called soul mate but many times just a member who agrees to self help each in moment of time and new drection is needed or an awaking of sorts for both parties.

Harmon s 12-08-2012 06:49 PM

Splitting an entity
Some entites are in a hurry to get back to the Universal mind.They can come back in two bodies at the sametime living two lives to help speed up there advancement.A part of each entity is anchored on the life between lives.Me personally I think it only makes both lives weaker but who knows it must work or they wouldn't do it.
Myself I have desided to come back with a certain entity many times already.We both have tracked at least 15 lives or so through past life regression and a police pychic and Silvia Brown.If your one of the lucky ones and have desided to this and have found your friend you know what I mean a feeling of being one.

Harmon s 12-09-2012 09:50 PM

Books of life and grand viewing room
Books of life as said before are a live 3d life of a person.Entities study these books when they come back often the life they just left.I should have done this and that was result of my actions on other people and so on.The entitys all visions created by them often picture a library or a room with a setting of earth like appearance.But entities are not only from earth but other planets.Some of the other planets are said to be peaceful compared to earth and sometimes we choose to go to one of these planets after very difficult incarnation.
The question most asked of me.There are more people then years past on this planet ,so how can it be possible with number diffence?I say you think to small.The Universal Mind continues to emit entities not only here but all the inhabit planets through out the vast space and time.It is limitless..

Grand viewing room.Is a place you are taken just before you return to choose your life.We choose our lives we live now,that alone should help people think a minute about things.Usually offered 3 lives.You given sences and can jump in to simple it future.But not given the final outcome or too many details.
If requested two entities may on back to same time period and or some family or friend or lover.
Cayce talked about his going to the books of life to get answers about the people he was asked about.

Harmon s 12-12-2012 09:48 PM

A case history of one of Dr Newtons subjects
I can not copy WORD FOR WORD


Harmon s 12-17-2012 06:53 AM

Last night I went to sleep and I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling and had many flashes as I call them over the years.Use to scare the hell out of me but now I just say bring it on show what you got.This time it was different it was entitys of light dancing on the ceiling and the walls.I know what your thinking cars what not but we live away from traffic almost in bonies.So I sat up looked at my wife asleep.Holy Jesus I said if your going to take me, later would be better I got stuff I want to do yet.
Last few days I have been sleeping but its more a trace like sleep.Asleep yet awake to a degree.What I am finding is for some reason my mind is being opened more to these kind of things.Now here's the deal about flashes as I call them many times its of past life that you don't want to forget for some reason.Usually a person that was important wife or husband or child.
One of my grand daughters has been having a dream off and on about a car crash that kills her mother for years now.She is 8 years old now and once whispered to me its my mother from another life.

StevenOz 12-17-2012 07:59 AM

A lot of people are having emotions of various sorts and insights coming up as we are approaching the 21st of December, which is probably the date of Ascension, of the Earth (Gaia) and the beings on it. There has been a lot of clearing of old negative energies that has been happening, and for some people their Third Eye (Multi-dimensional eye - accessed through Pineal gland) has been giving them visions of many sorts. We are actually multi-dimensional beings who have taken a long sojourn into duality, it is not surprising that as we approach the Zero Point our abilities are once again reaching high activity.

Harmon s 12-18-2012 09:06 AM

It has been very active more so then before.

Harmon s 12-20-2012 07:40 AM

I feel the need to be with a cluster mate next year.Its getting like if I can't recharge my energy.Also being someone who is on the know about things even if you don't say anything , there is a electricity in the air.
God its hard parting with them.Just suppose to be a sign post or guide.Go this way or theres a person you should see.Our problem we have fallen in love with the messager in each others cases.
You can and do go on with life without a cluster mates about most of us do.You know how that feels don't you.Have stay busy so you don't think so much.Happiness can not be bought,but you can make a down payment on it .One of the biggest things desolved in peoples lives who become suddenly become rich, like baseball players is that there no any happier.Better then being poor but no serenity.It really gets you after awhile many chase drugs or some other thing take this vacate space.
I call it an emptiness that can't be filled.Or a endless searching.You know this feeling.

Harmon s 01-02-2013 09:24 PM

The things I repeat are from Michael Newtons vast research over many years.Some of the things I have experienced and some things are by others.The interesting thing was during his research with patients under deep hypnotise, he got like or same recalls.Many times when a person died when they thought they saw Jesus or there mother or father waiting for them it was there spirit guide appearing so.Esspecially if the entitiy was young spiri to ease there re entry.
There is no mention of religion by those in deep hypnotises or any kind.Myself I wasn't aware of any religious tones when taken back.

Harmon s 01-06-2013 11:16 PM

I have had this relationship for 11 years with a woman.She is married and so am I.We are awake together and meet as often as we can.She is from my cluster and we incarnate together life after life.This life we or THEY let us be awake.When we meet lightening flashes let me tell you.Don't question it.Its foretold.Nothing is chance,all is in bigger picture.When these strange things like instant attration happens or I know this person without knowing them.Don't be afraid just go with the flow it's suppose to happen.

Harmon s 01-12-2013 07:29 PM

When you know what you know you go with the flow.Meaning life is short.You came back to do something.When your something comes along JUST DO IT!Worry about problems it may cause later.

Harmon s 01-31-2013 09:38 PM

coming back
Micheal Newtons study of after life.All of the life between life come from his books plus two other authors.One was phd as well.

Time on the other side has little meaning as your always awake and never sleep.Ten years is but a blick of an eye.I guess the biggest surprise for me personally was it was so much the army in rank and so forth.If you don't progress you have to keep coming back.OThers the super type A people can't advance fast enough.The goal is to become perfect and than join once more with the universial mind from which came.

Hard to undestand totally even with all the facts.It seems a rigged game to me.
Mary and I have come back many times together.Kind of like the buddy program in service.You join together and take the same school and you are together through out.
On this plane we can share touching and sensations of all 6.
Many times we pass in the night ,like ships.It has happen to you all .You can who and when.
Only on this plane,only on this plane its not an illuison.An light energy that think any place or person and it will appear.Put they have no real arm to embrace.It is possible for two entities to touch each other light energy.In this manor private conversations can happen.An illusion of sex and that is as close it gets.
Many are happier on the other side and have to be forced to come back.THey say our planets is one of the ruffest and you get points for it.Some of the other planets are like resort after ruff life here.

Harmon s 02-05-2013 03:50 AM

if you are experiencing some drama in your life or job situation its suppose to happen.Dealing it is what makes you stay the same and come back again and again least you solve it there way.Being a saint is unnatural.Always doing the right thing just isn't going to happen.So you see the cards are stacked against you.But thats the game and now you know the rules.

Harmon s 02-20-2013 09:18 PM

Ten years past you look back it helps with booze.You know what you know.You think what a waist.To have that advanced intelligence is the difference.jEsus what a waist of life and time.But we are some total of our experiences.
I just pray I don't waist the future Mary help me.

Harmon s 02-24-2013 08:37 PM

Now scientists are saying "Oh my god look at the possible planets could contain life and they could worm hole here."
Barney and Betty Hill the most famous case of ufo abduction.One of the interesting things one of the aliens asked Betty."Is there a god and do you know god."
They could travel vast distances of space but couldn't figure the afterlife and hoping we knew.
I would yes and you are a one cell of its body.When you are awake you want a partner thats also awake or find one.Not easy.Its like being alone in family reunion.You get it but they don't.

Harmon s 03-12-2013 03:38 PM

changing future lives
Like dominos a change in this life would alter future lives.But here's the problem how would it be better or worse.By being awaken in this life you have changed future lives in that you will be awake sooner in the next life and so on until your like Cayce.Many ititys choose not to come back when there at that level just be a spirit guide to lesser spirits.
I seen a reality show the other day that made me stop in my tracks.Robots that box and the people put on this gear to move there robots arms to box.Robots that fly fighter planes and lanch missles at people with our man at the control in a base.But the new ones will be ran by computers guided from base with no maned controls.I know theres no going back but can you see whats happening.
Mars was there life nasa says yes.The aliens could be us many thousands of years ago.Maybe space beings think they can do better this time.

Harmon s 03-27-2013 07:59 AM

Its not the distination its the journey
It always amazes me to see something appearing just when you need it.OR not appearing meaning it isn't meant to be.So in your deep thoughts think about those times.
I tried to make this woman or man love me and no matter what it didn't click.Or I just walked into this wharehouse asked for a job and two years later I'm the owner unbelieveable.
I have 8 grandchildren and I tell them try alot of things go with what clicks because more then likely its meant to be.Don't waste your time a road blocks.Meaning it ain't no way this going to happen buddy!How many times have I heard that ha ha.

Harmon s 04-05-2013 04:50 PM

I'm going to see my soul mate in Las Vegas for 10 days.ITs what we came baclk for to be in each others arms through all earthly termule.The embrace at the air port a year since.I just hope I don't crash her.I have never loved or been loved equal amount at the sametime with any other female in my many lives.

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