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Harmon s 01-06-2013 11:16 PM

I have had this relationship for 11 years with a woman.She is married and so am I.We are awake together and meet as often as we can.She is from my cluster and we incarnate together life after life.This life we or THEY let us be awake.When we meet lightening flashes let me tell you.Don't question it.Its foretold.Nothing is chance,all is in bigger picture.When these strange things like instant attration happens or I know this person without knowing them.Don't be afraid just go with the flow it's suppose to happen.

Harmon s 01-12-2013 07:29 PM

When you know what you know you go with the flow.Meaning life is short.You came back to do something.When your something comes along JUST DO IT!Worry about problems it may cause later.

Harmon s 01-31-2013 09:38 PM

coming back
Micheal Newtons study of after life.All of the life between life come from his books plus two other authors.One was phd as well.

Time on the other side has little meaning as your always awake and never sleep.Ten years is but a blick of an eye.I guess the biggest surprise for me personally was it was so much the army in rank and so forth.If you don't progress you have to keep coming back.OThers the super type A people can't advance fast enough.The goal is to become perfect and than join once more with the universial mind from which came.

Hard to undestand totally even with all the facts.It seems a rigged game to me.
Mary and I have come back many times together.Kind of like the buddy program in service.You join together and take the same school and you are together through out.
On this plane we can share touching and sensations of all 6.
Many times we pass in the night ,like ships.It has happen to you all .You can who and when.
Only on this plane,only on this plane its not an illuison.An light energy that think any place or person and it will appear.Put they have no real arm to embrace.It is possible for two entities to touch each other light energy.In this manor private conversations can happen.An illusion of sex and that is as close it gets.
Many are happier on the other side and have to be forced to come back.THey say our planets is one of the ruffest and you get points for it.Some of the other planets are like resort after ruff life here.

Harmon s 02-05-2013 03:50 AM

if you are experiencing some drama in your life or job situation its suppose to happen.Dealing it is what makes you stay the same and come back again and again least you solve it there way.Being a saint is unnatural.Always doing the right thing just isn't going to happen.So you see the cards are stacked against you.But thats the game and now you know the rules.

Harmon s 02-20-2013 09:18 PM

Ten years past you look back it helps with booze.You know what you know.You think what a waist.To have that advanced intelligence is the difference.jEsus what a waist of life and time.But we are some total of our experiences.
I just pray I don't waist the future Mary help me.

Harmon s 02-24-2013 08:37 PM

Now scientists are saying "Oh my god look at the possible planets could contain life and they could worm hole here."
Barney and Betty Hill the most famous case of ufo abduction.One of the interesting things one of the aliens asked Betty."Is there a god and do you know god."
They could travel vast distances of space but couldn't figure the afterlife and hoping we knew.
I would yes and you are a one cell of its body.When you are awake you want a partner thats also awake or find one.Not easy.Its like being alone in family reunion.You get it but they don't.

Harmon s 03-12-2013 03:38 PM

changing future lives
Like dominos a change in this life would alter future lives.But here's the problem how would it be better or worse.By being awaken in this life you have changed future lives in that you will be awake sooner in the next life and so on until your like Cayce.Many ititys choose not to come back when there at that level just be a spirit guide to lesser spirits.
I seen a reality show the other day that made me stop in my tracks.Robots that box and the people put on this gear to move there robots arms to box.Robots that fly fighter planes and lanch missles at people with our man at the control in a base.But the new ones will be ran by computers guided from base with no maned controls.I know theres no going back but can you see whats happening.
Mars was there life nasa says yes.The aliens could be us many thousands of years ago.Maybe space beings think they can do better this time.

Harmon s 03-27-2013 07:59 AM

Its not the distination its the journey
It always amazes me to see something appearing just when you need it.OR not appearing meaning it isn't meant to be.So in your deep thoughts think about those times.
I tried to make this woman or man love me and no matter what it didn't click.Or I just walked into this wharehouse asked for a job and two years later I'm the owner unbelieveable.
I have 8 grandchildren and I tell them try alot of things go with what clicks because more then likely its meant to be.Don't waste your time a road blocks.Meaning it ain't no way this going to happen buddy!How many times have I heard that ha ha.

Harmon s 04-05-2013 04:50 PM

I'm going to see my soul mate in Las Vegas for 10 days.ITs what we came baclk for to be in each others arms through all earthly termule.The embrace at the air port a year since.I just hope I don't crash her.I have never loved or been loved equal amount at the sametime with any other female in my many lives.

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