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frogborg 10-11-2012 06:47 PM

2012 isn't the end of the world after all
Check out recent discoveries
xo Froggie ;)

Brit 10-22-2012 04:40 PM

I didn't think the world would end but maybe some of our 'denser' attitudes? :)
Thanks for the post!

Kata0 10-28-2012 05:50 PM

Glad to know....So at least SOMEONE will appreciate my canned strawberries in some future year!

frogborg 10-28-2012 06:01 PM

Originally Posted by Kata0
Glad to know....So at least SOMEONE will appreciate my canned strawberries in some future year!

Yay for canned strawberries!

Kata0 11-11-2012 09:02 PM

Thanks, Froggy
:) I can personally send you some next season!!

Brit 11-15-2012 04:53 PM

LOL - Lee was on a mountaintop in a jungle in Ecuador some years back and guess what his Christmas dinner was???

Canned strawberries!


StevenOz 11-16-2012 05:57 AM

Maybe Kata0 sent some through her transdimensional self in a canned format for his convenience. ;) But in this 3rd dimensional reality she hasn't made them yet. :)

To everyone, a great web-site is http://the2012scenario.com. Lots of love!

May you have all the love you ever wanted, everything you ever needed, and all your good friends by your side, forever! :)

frogborg 11-18-2012 06:23 PM

Interesting video was sent to me today about the 2012 subject.
It talks about a cosmic ray of vibration that is supposed to occur in our solar system cycle and how there is a belief by the Mayan culture that the scientists are going to use this upcoming event in their current research for the anti matter particle. There is a few negative concerns about what the scientists are doing but in general the video has a very positive message.
This ray will bring a period of about 8 minutes of extreme heightened awareness, enlightenment, change in consciousness, a sudden epiphany of evolution of awakening.
Ac Ta, (www.actah2012.com) also talks about the pyramids as being ancient proton accelerators. See Cern Hadron Collider. He speaks about these pyramids as being a vessel to prolong the 8 minutes so we can extend the moment of increased awareness to effect real positive change. Every thing we think in this time we must act on.
This 8 minutes will effect our electricity. I don't know if anyone else has noticed a change in our electrical machines - but I have - and it will become more intense. We are electrical beings - see my post in Science and Tech board and check out the Science and Sage article that explains this.
It is a fascinating video - I really recommend checking it out.
xo Froggie :D

hamntomato 11-21-2012 10:14 AM

Not "ending"
Of course its not ending. That old world is dying and those that cling to outdated thinking will go with it. We can only look around and see all the sickness and natural disasters in our world today. That is what we get for turning away from the creator. Only the meek inherit, and we are hardly meek. We hate and wage war on those that are different, and few of us actually read the bible, the book of how to live.....

monti1980 11-30-2012 03:07 PM

New Age
I feel like it is a New Age of Spiritualism that is coming and starting. I honestly feel that the world as a whole is coming into the Light. Some may come kicking and screaming but it is coming. Ha In my own life the last few years I have come full circle into believing this. Too many synchonisities (spell) I hope it brings my spelling into a new age too! There are things in my life that have happened that are not just random. I for one am really looking forward to it, one way or another it is coming. I really like all these websites that are being put here I for one have trouble finding some of the good ones! Thanks again

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