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jade74 09-24-2012 05:41 PM

Big, colourful dreams
Dear Shirley and friends,

I dream in vivid colour and detail. My dreams are so epic that trying to write them out in the morning is like writing a book. It takes hours and I have to spread it out over the day. My friends tell me I am so lucky. I know I am, but receiving so much information can be overwhelming. How do I know what to focus on? What is the message when there is so much going on?! Colour has meaning, animals, rooms, people, the elements etc. and my dreams can encompass all of this in one dream.
I am curious. How do you dream? Black and white? Colour? Do you feel the dream, live it, watch it?
I did have a dream last night whereby I was warned to watch my step. It was a very strong message as it came to me both in literal and figurative images.


OneLight 09-24-2012 08:40 PM

Hi Jade

Dreams are fascinating communications, aren't they?

Usually for me, I just remember snippets as I wake up,
but have had several thru the years which were very
detailed and wrote them down. I know for me, the first
thing I focus on is what I am feeling immediately coming
out of the dream. Then if I need to, I reference some of
the possible symbolic interpretations, as there is a lot of
data on dream interpretation. However, none of that is
concrete, and only the dreamer will know if any of it
resonates with them. But sometimes, it can be a helpful
tool in deciphering your own, like is any part of the dream
(people, actions, etc) mirroring something going on in my
waking life (issues, etc) that I need to look at more

Yes, sometimes I am participating in the dream, and
sometimes I am just observing it (and I am conscious of
observing it in the dream!).

Do you have any inkling as to specifics (or area of life)
of the warning last night? May the Light illuminate your
path before each step (literally and figuratively)...


jade74 09-25-2012 07:05 PM

Hi Peg,
Nice to meet you. Thank you for your reply. I have heard that focusing on the feeling you wake up with is a good way to figure out meaning in the dream. I try to linger and remember and write about my dreams when I can. Sometimes I wake up and the feeling is truly present....that's when I know I need to pay attention. I can usually figure out the easier symbolism in my dreams; the stuff that reflects my daily life. For example, in this particular dream I was in a room full of doctors who were having an important meeting about the future of the profession. At one point all eyes were on me and the feeling was that they needed me to participate. A woman shouted out that my not participating would skew the results of the meeting and they could lose money. I was anxious and upset, on my way to getting out of the room so I shouted back that if they didn't let me leave I would twist the vote so that they wouldn't get the money anyway and thus keeping me there would be a waste of their time.
This parallels my life right now as my husband is both a politician and a teacher. He is very involved with his union and is organizing his colleagues to fight against decisions the province has made to scale back their benefits and retirement packages etc. He goes to many important meetings, and is kept busy with phone calls and emails. Ironically he just stepped down from his role of city councillor in order to spend more time with us, but is just as busy. The above excerpt from my dream reflects the struggle and anxiety both my husband and I have regarding our level of participation and committment to social justice.
Whew! And this was just a tiny portion of my dream!
Really, the overall feeling I got about this dream was that I should watch my step and not step on anyone's toes....but those are two lengthy excerpts in their own right and I will spare you further reading tonight!!


Jade 09-26-2012 12:23 PM

Love this thread and I also had to tell you I like your log~in name. Us Jades ought to stick together...giggle. Welcome to the site.

jade74 09-26-2012 01:52 PM

Hi Jade! If we're not careful this could get confusing for everyone!
So tell me, how do you dream?

sisterlura 09-26-2012 04:47 PM

Originally Posted by jade74
Hi Jade! If we're not careful this could get confusing for everyone!
So tell me, how do you dream?

Just an FYI, you two, I'm already confused :eek: :confused: :eek:

(but I'm still enjoying this thread :D )

patswife 09-26-2012 04:57 PM

So glad I'm not the only one , Lura. Sometimes I think Jade is talking to herself until I remember there are two of them! Glad to have both of you here!

Jade 09-26-2012 05:33 PM

Haha..no Jade isn't talking to herself, there are two of us. I haven't been around in ages (my bad), but I am one of the oldies on this site. Sorry for the confusion folks.

As for how I dream, I went through a very long period where I wasn't remembering my dreams even though I tried different tricks to aid recall. What I did notice that when I did remember the odd one here and there, they were quite powerful and I knew I needed to pay attention. Usually they are in color, quite vivid and much detail.
Lately, I find I have been dreaming much more so maybe my dryspell is over.

Jade (the old one)

jade74 09-26-2012 05:38 PM

To quote Annie "I think I'm gonna like it here..."!
Thank you again for your kind replies...and 'other' Jade: We could really have some fun here! But I don't want to confuse everyone. I chose my online name simply because I wasn't feeling creative at that moment. My name is Jade and I was born in 1974. Hence, jade74.

Anyways, I want to slip another dream excerpt in here....

So, I am in a room full of doctors. I am very self-conscious of the fact that two of my own doctors are there too. I am half way through the room before I realize that there is a meeting going on and I shouldn't be there. I try to make my way to an exit on the far side of the room. It is a door along a wall full of large clear windows that face out on to the parking lot. Just beyond the lot are hills, rolling and green. There is also a tree and the sun. It is late afternoon. I keep my head down in order to avoid being seen by my doctors. Just as I approach the windows I realize I have to make my way past a row of young women...high school or college aged. They are styled as though it is the 80's; blonde perms, pastel sweaters, light jeans and tennis shoes. I am brushing past them when all of a sudden I step on one of the girls toes. She squeals and the toes make a resounding crack that awakens everyone to my presence. I am mortified. Everyone is looking at me, including my doctors. I also feel horrible for stepping on the girl's toes. This is when the woman in the crowd shouts out at me. We go through the dialogue that I have previously posted then I push myself past the girls and head through the door. It is now dusk.

This excerpt has me literally stepping on someone's toes. I find that the literal in my dreams often translates to the metaphorical in my waking life. For example (and I will use my husband again!) I once dreamt that a bulldog was angrily trying to bust through my screen door. It was barking up a storm. My husband was born in the year of the dog and we had been fighting that night.

So, stepping on someone's toes. Again, there is much more to this dream..I warn you..if you don't stop me I may be posting for the whole year on this!!!
In general, upon reflecting on the dream as a whole it made sense. I have been imposing on my friends for support and not sharing my appreciation for them as much as I should. So yesterday I took my friend flowers and thanked her for being there for me, and I emailed two other friends to let them know how much I loved them.

Share your thoughts!


GentleRick 09-27-2012 08:22 PM


I am enjoying your dream descriptions as well as your query about how to handle so much information. I highly recommend the book "Dream Work" by Jeremy Taylor. He is a recognized expert in the field.

Some people work on their dreams with a group. Others have a good friend they can "project" with. By doing so, the friend helps work on the dream with you.

My personal experience with years of dream journaling is that my psyche offers more detail knowing I am paying attention. This is a good "problem" to have. I don't write all of my dreams down but keep a recorder by my bed so I can talk about bits of them in the middle of the night. My ipod sometimes randomly chooses dream recordings for me to listen to and they always have some meaning at that particular time. Dreams can always be returned to and worked with, according to Robert A. Johnson. Their world doesn't age the way ours does.

One suggestion for you in terms of picking a focus is for you to use active imagination during the day to return to a dream as if you are a visitor. Then, acting like a visitor, you may ask your host questions about what he/she wants you to know at that moment. Go as deep with that path as you choose.

Feel free to email me at rick@rickborutta.com if you have any further personal questions, or leave your comments here. I'll be happy to answer what I am able.



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