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eclipser 09-06-2012 02:36 PM

What about a talk show??

How cool would it be if Ms. MacLaine had her own talk show??

I know she doesn't like to travel much anymore but living in Santa Fe, I believe the show, either T.V. or radio, would have a strong following and could be accessed over the internet.

Ms. MacLaine, astrologically, your chart looks great to start and succeed in a venture such as this.

PAULA CAMPOS 09-07-2012 02:08 AM

How about an american version of the Paul O'Grady Show which has entertained me for so long.

What I liked was he always brought one of his two dogs which made it quite entertaining--both made appearances but not at the same time.

A really cheerful progam full of laughter fun and games.

Some of his very famous guests had their own dogs in their laps while being interviewed.

Lauren Bacall and Stephanie Powers were wonderful and what a relaxing atmosphere.

I wonder if Terry could make an appearance with Shirley if she decides to venture into this venue.

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