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Basia 08-01-2012 06:17 PM

Reincarnation - Death & Dying

Dear Hearts
I bring here the Gurudeva's information that I find interesting.
I have been looking for one article but is no longer there. I have it on my old computer but not in Sydney so I may share it next month.


Hindu astrology, or Jyotisha, details a real relation between ourselves and the geography of the solar system and certain star clusters, but it is not a cause-effect relation.

Planets and stars don't cause or dictate karma. Their orbital relationships establish proper conditions for karmas to activate and a particular type of personality nature to develop.

Jyotisha describes a relation of revealment: it reveals prarabdha karmic patterns for a given birth and how we will generally react to them (kriyamana karma).
This is like a pattern of different colored windows allowing sunlight in to reveal and color a house's arrangement of furniture.

With astrological knowledge we are aware of our life's karmic pattern and can thereby anticipate it wisely.


Gurudeva's Audio Discourses

Death and Dying

Death; Preparation for Transition

Description: Gurudeva talks about karma and reincarnation, being great full for both happiness and sadness. An invitation was received from the Ford Foundation to attend a conference on AIDS to present the Hindu view. Gurudeva discusses the Hindu...
Time: Longer than 8 minutes

Anger Controlled by Love

Description: Today Gurudeva answers a question about what happens to pets after they die, then goes on to explain more about will power, how we need it to progress on the spiritual path. He talks about anger and how one moment of anger can destroy a month's...
Time: Longer than 8 minutes


Description: Today Gurudeva first answers a question about chronically ill and terminal patients and suffering. He advises that from the Hindu point of view it is best to let the suffering play itself out, as this is the expiration of various karms...
Time: Between 4 and 8 minutes

Sacraments, Scripture, Death

Description: Gurudeva continues his discussion of sacraments, which are a ceremony in honor of you, he says, in all religions. They impress the subconscious mind in a powerful way. Everyone looks forward to a birthday party, he explains, and similarly...
Time: Between 4 and 8 minutes

Positive Attitude; Fear

Description: Today Gurudeva answers a question about how to protect yourself against "witchcraft." He advises that one should stay away from people who try witchcraft, especially since it is your own fear which they play upon. Such people are only cursing themselves...
Time: Less than 4 minutes

Why Do We Fear Death? Pt. 1

Description: Gurudeva answers an e-devotee's question: "Why do we fear death?" This is extremely timely as relatives of two of our Saiva Siddhanta Church families decided to leave their physical bodies behind yesterday. Gurudeva mentions that they both chose an auspicious time to do this, at the end of the eclipse cycle. ...
Time: Longer than 8 minutes

Why Do We Fear Death? Pt. 2

Description: Gurudeva continues today with part to of his answer to the question, Why do we fear death when we know all about the soul, karma and the reincarnation process? Gurudeva talks about where the dead go, and how they might return. Sound like something you should know about?...
Time: Between 4 and 8 minutes

Caring For Those Who Are About To Depart

Description: Gurudeva answers another e-devotee's question today, this one from a doctor. It's about caring for those who are preparing to depart. When attending to a dying person, how do we know if we are interfering with their natural karmas or helping them through them? How do we know what kind of karma we are creating for ourself? This is a topical area of concern of many today. We all should know the answer...
Time: Between 4 and 8 minutes

How to view Death and Dying

Description: In a short talk today, Gurudeva concludes his discussion of How to View Death and Dying. He explains how he has seen the continuity of birth to death to birth right within Saiva Siddhanta Church itself ...
Time: Less than 4 minutes

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