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GentleRick 05-04-2012 05:12 PM

Past Lives of the Rich and Famous
I'm going to start a series of short videos to illustrate how astrology can be used to look at past life karma. Astrology doesn't actually identify names or places but it sometimes offers a lot of circumstantial details like the role in life that went bad and who/what that role was in relationship to.

This information is helpful in determining patterns or shadow in this life that do not serve a person well and identifying the tool to use that breaks this karma/patterns.

I want to know which celebrities you would like me to read.

Here is the example I am starting with: Elizabeth Taylor

She was a Pisces with a Scorpio Moon and Sagittarius Ascendant. So from an evolutionary perspective she was looking to become a goddess: poetic and risk-taking.

The lunar nodes tell the karmic story. With a South Node in Virgo, 9th house she brought a sense of internalized shame and guilt due to some kind of rigid culture or religious belief system. She perhaps punished herself when this karma was activated. Add Mercury as the ruler of Virgo and we learn from its Pisces placement in her 3rd house that she was likely some kind of prattler or heretic in this lifetime. A mystic or dreamer whose true voice was self-suppressed. Since her Sun in Pisces is conjunct her Mercury, we learn more about her identity in this lifetime: She was a King or Queen - at very least - a rock star of the era in which this lifetime took place. She had fame and power. Going deeper, the 9th house ruler is Jupiter and it resided in Liz's 9th house, a natural home as well as in Leo. Blinded by zeal in the rigid social/religious construct of the time, in all of the glitz, egomaniacal and over expression of royalty, the noblest expressions of her Virgo (treated like her Sun sign in that lifetime) service, refinement and analysis were crushed and she carried guilt for that.

To look at what astrology offered her as a tool to break the karma we go to her North Node, which was in Pisces, 3rd house.

If Liz were to make it a life mission to let go, to play, to believe in God's love as absolute (a phrase astrologer Steven Forrest wrote in his book Yesterday's Sky) she would have eased up on this internalized punishment for not being true to that past self. In this lifetime, there was no karmic need for her to struggle or engage with it. If she kept an open mind, a sense of discovery and curiosity - especially around those whose opinions were opposed to hers - she would have gained a sense of being OK with life as complex.

Here is a brief look at the "karmic ripening" as indicated by transits, progressions and Solar Arcs:

In the Fall of 1959 when a 1M contract was offered to her to play Cleopatra Liz was 27 and very near her Saturn Return (a time of shake up, moving into adult choices and dreams) as well as a Lunar Return in Scorpio. The moon transits through each sign roughly 2.5 years and ends up back where it started for the next cycle around age 28.

It was the largest sum for an actor's movie contract at that time. A sum she reportedly requested off-handedly as a joke. With her Moon all about establishing strategic alliances (and open to falling prey to tribal influences) this was a sensitive time. Her Solar Arc Moon was crossing her Ascendant, revealing something under the surface that had been brewing for a couple of years leading to a risk opportunity.

As it turns out, Richard Burton's Sun in Scorpio conjuncts Liz's moon. They met on the set of the film and married a few years later after affairs and divorces.

What plays an important part in this story is her Neptune in Virgo. It opposes Mercury, the ruler of her South Node and represents "a brick wall" in her reality from her past life. Not only was Pluto transiting right over her Neptune during these years, but Burton's Moon conjuncts her Neptune and likely was the tempestuous key in their relationship.

America and Hollywood may have devoured their relationship in the magazines and films but karmically it was too much electricity for the human in Liz to handle. His emotions would likely have turned her into a severe critic, and a martyr in an impossible situation.

As you can see, I've only scratched the surface and written close to 800 words. But let me know what you think and also if you would like to see a certain celebrity chart done as a way to explore this topic further.

Jocelyn_M_Padilla 05-04-2012 07:15 PM

Very interesting. I'd love to see you do Marilyn Monroe :)

GentleRick 05-06-2012 12:12 PM

Hi Jocelyn,

I will be glad to read Marilyn's chart. Thanks for your suggestion!

Also, for anyone interested in some more background on using the lunar nodes in a reading and the pioneers of that technique, here's a post from my website:




RobKendall 05-06-2012 05:38 PM

Thanks, Rick.
This is fascinating and may help to explain how she was able to win the Oscar over our near, dear, beloved friend, in 1961.

Elizabeth Taylor remembered by Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine
The Observer, Saturday 10 December 2011

"I will remember looking at her jewellery in the sun. In recent years, I would go up to Elizabeth's home all the time to make sure she was exercising or I would send someone else to make her get in the pool. She was not a fan of exercise, so most of the time we would end up taking out her jewellery and just looking at it in the sunlight.

We first met when I was 21 and she was 23 and found we were very relaxed together. I can't remember how it happened, but then I can't remember much now about when I was 21. A man I knew was in love with Elizabeth, I think, and I knew both of them.

At that time, people were not fawning all over her – except the men, of course. We would talk mainly about work. We were both working six-day weeks and she was looking for the next piece of work. She never had a scheme, though. She was the kind of person who felt that things just happened when they should happen. Her marriage to Michael Wilding was ending and, although he was a nice person and was very nice with her, Elizabeth had adventures to go on. And, when I think of it, one of those adventures she never got around to having was to be anonymous. She talked to me about being a regular housewife. She honestly wanted that – to look after a home and kids.

She had been a star since she was a child and was not as naturally outgoing as me anyway. When I was pregnant, I would go to her house and eat ice-cream and she would tell me what the rest of pregnancy was going to be like. Later on, she would come to my one-room shack on the beach. She told me so much about her life there, not just about her childhood but about things that had happened to her and which I will never tell.

I introduced her to Mike Todd, her third husband, on Around the World in 80 Days and then watched the negotiations between them. And they were negotiations. She was very funny. She used to bargain with him about going out to dinner.

Later, she told me about asking for $1m to do Cleopatra and she laughed. She never expected anyone to pay it. But she was a good businesswoman and later she turned all that into a multimillion dollar concern. She felt that, since she was perceived as a product, she might as well use it. Elizabeth was always regarded as a prize and she knew how to manipulate that with men, too.

She did not see herself as "Elizabeth Taylor" at all. She was much more like a Yiddisher momma, to be honest. She used to say she was going to have to be "Elizabeth Taylor" and put on that show. That was the gig, after all. It's what she had to do.

She was so much more down to earth than you would imagine. I miss her deep, deep humanity – something you don't find very often. And, of course, her humour. We wanted to make fun of the world together. Not to look down on it, though. We just watched."

debabbott 05-06-2012 10:32 PM

Fascinating, Rick...
Wow, I never knew before you moved to SF that you were so astrologically adept. I am totally impressed. :)

I would like you to read, Chris Christopherson. One of my long time favs.

Thanks, Deb

ban 05-07-2012 09:37 PM

Hi GentleRick,

I’ve been meaning to write you back on the other thread – I have some questions about the Uranus transit as well as the pluto crossing your ascendent (I have a Capricorn ascendant too as well as a south node – which, from this thread is making me wonder how pluto is affecting me in those areas . . .)

But in terms of this thread – which has distracted me from the other :)-

I was trying to follow along in what I understand of the signs, houses and aspects – which is very basic (actually I’m only up on the signs and aspects a bit – the houses not at all).

When you say that Elizabeth Taylor, from an evolutionary perspective
“was looking to become a goddess: poetic and risk-taking”
is that because Pisces, the sun sign is goddess energy? Then Scorpio, the moon – poetic and Sagittarius, the ascendent risk-taking? – or the Scorpio Moon is goddess and Pisces Sun – poetic (I’m assuming Sagittarius, the fire sign, is risk taking :)).

I’m wondering because I found your three word descriptor very compelling –

And I’m assuming that we could all have such a three word descriptor – sort of an introduction to our own evolutionary perspective – ie take our Sun sign, moon sign and ascendent in some order (I assume the order matters because of what each sign represents in terms of sun, moon, ascendent?) and say “I’m looking to become x, y, z” – depending on what our signs were. Would that be possible?

I’ll end with that question because while I do have some more because I’m really interested in understanding what you’re saying, part of my questions are down to now knowing the energies of the signs etc very well. They may diminish in number if I read this over a few times .

As for a celebrity for you to look at - My friend who has been studying astrology over the last few years to help her understand her life better - told me recently that she used Nina Simone’s chart to help her learn. I think she would look at the planets, houses etc and transits of Nina Simone’s chart and then at what happened in her life etc –and while we have talked about the nodes I don’t know that she applied that knowledge yet or even considered it – or the idea of what we can do to overcome the karmic influences.

If you feel Nina Simone is a well-known enough person to merit considering, I’d love to know what you discover. It would be great to be able to share your ideas with my friend. I think she would be very intrigued by your video series in general – as am I.

GentleRick 05-07-2012 10:57 PM

Deb, Kris Kristofferson? I want to get it right.

Rob, I love the personal/persona description of ET. Why not be both?


I can gladly look at Nina Simone's chart. Astro Databank has it. She's one of my favorites.

The secret to the Uranus/Pluto Squares over the next few years (energy fades out by 2016/2017) is to look at the house positions in transit.

The house is the "where" part of the sentence that the planet "what" and sign "how/why" create together. Try to formulate those sentences separately then for Pluto meditate on "What has wounded your ____? If you heal it, breakthrough can come in the form of (insert Uranus sentence)______.

Also look at the shadow aspect or negative aspect if the wound remains unhealed.

The Pluto crossing the Ascendant transit is a separate issue. Pluto in the 12th house making an aspect is pulling something big out from under the covers, spiritually. What it pulls out depends on how serious you have been in your own work to heal yourself. One astrologer friend, Robert Wilkinson likens the Pluto transiting the Asc energy to becoming gifted with seeing the angel and devil in others. They know you can see and it doesn't help make you any friends. But the seeds you gather from the experience can be used or stored for later.

If you want to know more, let me know.

With Elizabeth Taylor's Sun/Moon/Asc - you are correct. I distilled the archetypes behind her Pisces (identity with spirit) through communications (3rd house) her Scorpio (intensity/emotions/soul) in the context of her place in the tribe (11th house) with her Sag Ascendant (the need to take risks.)

It's a very broad stroke from the Evolutionary Astrology perspective, but it's a good "first impression." EA does very well when going into greater detail and nuance. My intention with the celebrity readings is to capture the value of EA quickly for people who don't know what it is.

That said, the rest of the chart is very important. Liz's moon is a singleton, it carries extra weight. Her Mercury and Sun are conjunct adding to her need to be heard and to develop listening skills. Mars is close by which adds some aggression to her need to communicate her spirit identity. When Shirley writes that Liz was not as naturally outgoing as she, that agrees with ET's North Node in Pisces. She was offered a karmic lesson to learn how to bring that 3rd house spirit identity into her outer integrated self. Her 9th house South Node suggests she already had the training to be a goddess or the devotee of one. In this life, she was invited to communicate what she had been taught.

I dare say she did!

HollyWoodTess 05-09-2012 02:02 PM

Elizabeth Taylor Column
Rob: Thank you for posting that piece. It is just great. It is so open-hearted about both of them. When Ms. MacLaine was on stage in CT recently she spoke about Elizabeth Taylor and how much she misses her. I have grown more and more a fan (sometimes fanatic) about classic films. You cannot have a conversation about that subject without soon touching on both of these actresses. I love learning more about them. Shirley MacLaine and Elizabeth Taylor are both American treasures.

ban 05-09-2012 07:16 PM

:)Hi GentleRick,

I love the way you describe things – “the broad brush stroke” – wonderful –

If you don’t mind me asking – where’s your mercury :)?

I almost understand the archetype – broad brush stroke – was the term goddess distilled from the Scorpio energy and placement?

I’m also a bit confused about how to consider the transits. What you said made sense – looking at the houses Uranus would transit – But I’m not sure - do I say – Uranus is in Aries – so I look at my birth chart and find where aries is – in my case – 3rd house – so then Uranus is transiting the third house? And also if there’s other planets there – would it affect them by being at some point in conjunction to them? For me that would be Jupiter and Venus at some point.

Or – do I look at where Uranus is in my birth chart (8th house for me) and say that the energy of Aries is affecting the Virgo energy I have there – ?

I’m leaning towards the former rather than the latter

I also was wondering – did Elizabeth Taylor have a Venus in Aries and Mars in Pisces – I have those placements and was wondering how you saw the venus and mars interrelating. Not just in terms of relationships and sex but more in terms of intiating (anything) and relating (to anything or anyone)

I’ve been considering the relationship of these placements in isolation from my entire chart to get a sense of how I’ve had one overshadow the other – ie the venus in aries tended to move forward when the pisces initiator was saying “uh, ok” but then getting dragged behind the horses, if that makes sense. I’ve been trying to rebalance that.

It made me wonder though, as I started to read up on the nodes – if we came into our lives not only with the nodes – what we know well – but also aspects to our charts which would help us learn our karma. I felt that maybe my pisces placements would have supported a move to the Cancer north node I have. So I was quite thrilled to see you are really delving into that whole idea very deeply – I didn’t realize that you could look at a chart either and see the lifetime in the past – but it makes sense in terms of the energy we come down knowing would come from some energy pattern in a past life which then would be able to be balanced out by the energy we decided to give ourselves now.

I hope that makes sense .

One last question in terms of wounds – I don’t want to say “what are we looking for here?” :) - but I get the impression that a wound would be a hurt – and relating that to the shadow – I’ve read the shadow can be something that would be considered a “positive” – ie people’s shadows could be not letting themselves enjoy life fully – which would mean they would find something like joy in the shadows – but a wound doesn’t sound like the same thing would happen – is there a difference?

I’ll stop now – because I still haven’t moved forward with the answers you left me last time :cool: (just stuck the cool smiley in to shake the smiley pattern up! and I think that's all I'm allowed )

Thank you!

GentleRick 05-13-2012 05:40 PM


My Mercury is at 2 deg Virgo, right on my Sun and Venus - it's a very nice stellium.

When I wrote goddess as an archetype for ET, it was referring to her Scorpio Moon. I also have a Scorpio Moon and a deep connection to that goddess energy: Kali, Xi Wang Mu, Shakti, the Black Madonna etc... Her Moon's 11th house placement only refers to the context: within a tribe. She choose Hollywood for her tribe.

Archetype basically translates to "first form." Plato used it to define primary functions that could not be broken down into other parts. In Jungian psychology and in the way I use Alchemical Healing and Astrology, the archetype points to the piece of Self (note capital S) from the personal unconscious that is communicating energy to the ego or through the shadow. On a Mythical level of consciousness, this is a piece of our personal divinity coming through.

To answer your question about how I look at the impact of transits in a chart:

The house and sign of the transiting body, in this case Uranus, offers information as to the "Where" and the "How" or "Why" in the question that it's asking one to answer. This is based on Steven Forrest's work "The Changing Sky."

The planet always fills in the blank of "What". Since Uranus is a slow moving planet, the transit creates a season or theme that is evolving for a person. The transits of the Moon, Mercury and Venus are so fast that their influences can happen in a matter of hours and days as opposed to weeks, months and years. So when looking at transits as a beginner, it helps to start with the slow moving planets to get the bigger picture before trying to understand the faster planets that are no less powerful but harder to detect sometimes.

If Uranus in Aries, the transiting Uranus, makes "hard" aspects to other transiting planets (like its squares to Pluto in Capricorn over the next few years) or to planets in your natal chart then the answer to your question about influence is Yes. Hard aspects are usually defined as: Conjunction (fusion of two or more energies), Opposition (tension between two energies),or Squares (friction between two energies).

If Uranus will conjunct Venus and Jupiter then you will need to meditate on how those transiting planets will fuse to create a "super planet" that is influencing your natal chart.

The "soft" aspects of trine, sextile, inconjunct (quincunx) and others are meaningful but probably harder to tune into at first.

In terms of the natal position of Uranus vs the transit - yes, look at the intention of that natal Uranus and any aspects it makes. Those relationships never change on the base level, the transits indicate the evolutionary path of that base relationship. So an 8th house Virgo Uranus will always be asking questions of how can you be completely individual (free) in the way you handle sex, death and/or the occult. What makes you authentic/inauthentic in these areas of your life?

With a Uranus in Aries in your 3rd house of communication it is offering a breakthrough (Aries influence) or insight to the vision of that 8th House Uranus in your lifetime. Will you go with the flow and lose the approval of some of your friends and family? Or will you fall prey to being insensitive, cold and being judgmental?

Elizabeth Taylor did have a Venus in Aries and Mars in Pisces. So I always look at the planets in context with the whole chart. Separating them makes me blind to the influence of themes in someone's life.

You have to get a sense for yourself of how a (using ETs chart) a Mars/Protector is needing to Pisces/Contemplate, Imagine, Meditate through 3rd House/gathering and sharing information, or through siblings since 3rd house is ruled by Gemini.

And, a Venus/Lover or Artist needs to Aries/Survive, Risk, Pioneer through 4th House/understanding one's own needs and fears, also establishing roots in the form of home and family. Also, attuning to the inner self.

Aries is ruled by Mars, so Mars has a connection to Venus through the courage or rage that comes up when that aspect is embodied or denied.

Does that help?

Any trines in your Pisces to your Cancer N Node will have a noticeable affect on how you move toward breaking the old karma. How well you integrate the particular planet that forms the aspect helps determine the positive or negative affect on your nodes. And remember that any planets that aspect the North Node are likely to aspect the South Node in some way.

Finally, on "wound" vs. "shadow":
The wound represents the thing we are here embodied to heal and transform in this lifetime. That wound can be conscious or unconscious. The shadow simply refers to the part that's unconscious - and it can be a positive or negative thing.

So we tend to avoid touching our wounds and therefore the healing or positive side remains unconscious or in shadow. Then it gets projected through us to the behavior in others we really like or dislike. The healing and integration of the positive aspect only comes when we consciously move towards the hurt of the wound and open it for us and others to see. The wound may never actually "heal," but it is our soul that has found wholeness through the process which allows us to move on. Once we make a habit of touching the wound when called to do so, the shadow aspects become smaller and less powerful. The power becomes part of our conscious tool bag.

Thanks for this opportunity to get this out! Great stuff to think about.



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