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ULLA RUNCHEL 03-27-2012 05:31 AM

It’s a : cosmic energy wave at a higher vibration threshold which flows into the seve
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2012 Could be like this: My hypothesis

It’s a : cosmic energy wave at a higher vibration threshold which flows into the seven universes we and our planet Earth belongs to, the maximum time when it happens in 2012.

Exactly why 2012 is the cross point of reference date re-lighten in our universe is "irradiated" in a vibration that would raise our consciousness to re-activate our abilities to be one with the universe and the cosmic wisdom.

A cosmic tsunami which vibrate the universe with new knowledge tanks where it is up to individuals to open up and receive the "New Time Knowledge", we can share and explore together across borders in the world.

The World is not going, the planets are linked in the great cosmic superstring network which shall keep a balance between gravity, gravitational waves and the electromagnetic vibration etc. etc. A planetary cosmic advice of a universal karmic order is maintained with the balance from the point of universe which is called cosmic intelligence, light whatever, it is up to the individual what it is.

We are enriched in 2012 with new prana gold particles, some or many may see flying around in the air we breathe as I call the cosmic birth, the new prana balls are included in the wave that flows through our universe at all the crossing point where we have chosen to incarnate in, chosen to be with looks to the raising of this new consciousness vibration we must use many different ways, all of this consciousness shift.

2012 Does AWARENESS CHANGE in our own consciousness, with openness to new thought forms from other universes, when such a new vibrational consciousness wave comes back, 144,000,000,000. year.

If we want and are ready we can use the new knowledge to explore how we can live in a whole new way, explore and be creative how we care for the earth we live on, we are fortunate that the opening up of the new temporal knowledge, could make a huge difference to eliminate diseases, that do completely different kinds of technology, new mathematical and have new advice for our climate change that is to say, we must be prepared to cope with natural disasters, new building constructions with other architectures which shields cities, finding new methods to obtain rain where the sun bake all year round.

There is no endings and beginnings, we are in this incarnations where the brain is receiving the new cosmic information, and those who are able to be aware and open for this..could have cosmic benefit out of the new energy, like a new tools to use by the power of the mind.

There has been around the world,..many, many people who have felt dizziness, vertigo, very, very tired like they think ” O I am I seek..what happens to my body”….it is the beginning of a new vibration from the universe we will be used for everyday, some days more and others will feel like ”YES” now its ”over”.

Don’t worry at all ,..our physically body has to re-cognized this new energy…and the more we are aware of it, and can heal ourselves, and be aware of, that we have the power of the mind to be a huge part in our daily life ,…that every morning or evening,..we can reset all the impressions we got into our aura and Bioenergetic

and code new healing info, techniques in our crystalline cells in the body's own network which is linked to the cosmic network, where you then get balance in your life.

Many are now so familiar with self-healing and some of us can see into the body and keep up with how the cells respond, those who can should draw and write down on paper, share with others of their experiences, how your bio energetic network cells receive the new vibration and your healing, because it is so important, that we share our knowledge with others.

It is each person who marks the difference of the 2012 "energy", the planet earth live happily, it's out in space, along with it stuck in the cosmic network, superstrings, gravitational waves and have an interaction with the rest to galaxies, .. it is we who must learn to juggle with this new positive energy, to balance the body's cells in our everyday lives.

Remember you are not alone about it, there are many on this planet that has the "weird" .. talk about it, share with others about your imbalances ... when we can see there are others who feel the same way , our body, soul and mind balanced.

Love to all.

Tgumster 03-28-2012 06:37 AM

Thanks so much, Ulla, for sharing your hypothesis. Much, much appreciated, a breath of fresh air.

Peace and Love,

ULLA RUNCHEL 04-14-2012 06:27 AM

Hi Tgumster and all

So much going on in every single person on this planet The Earth,..yesterday I was "tuned in" how the individuals is receiving the new energy which we all now , know is coming silently in a soft invisible flow like an energy wave ...through our body, soul and mind.

2012 could be a cross point when we could improve our own power over matter,.and some are aware of this universal energy shift..........a power info by the most clean and lovely high vibrational cosmic knowledge............we can all be a part of this new wisdom, and how we can use it...some are not and will noticed nothing, until next life.

And why?? is this 2012 12/21....exactly on this day...and year...As I see it:

We have the 7 universes,...(there a millions more) but we can more relate to the 7,....behind all these multiple universes ..as I see it: is a huge tsunami,............a tremendous powerful energy wave containing cosmic dust of frozen particles you can not see or measure with today's measuring instruments inside the nucleus of these photons is filled with 21 octaves higher vibration that flows through everything in the 7 universes , which hovers through planetary systems, in the great cosmic network, and into the Earth's internal crystal. and sends energy into the energy fields, and into us humans who receive it in the human network, .. and out through the grid we have around into our body, and into the crystalline cells.

If so the individual is aware of the energy the tags are encoded into the cells, .. so it's up to everyone to understand that you can activate the knowledge is encoded, ... and he / she can even upgrade his own body to be healthy.

The new cosmic information becomes activated on 12/21-2012, .. here on this planet. elsewhere in the universe are different date.

ULLA RUNCHEL 07-08-2012 01:50 AM

Can anyone feel the energy?
Hi Friends

Can anyone , some feel this 2012 energy,..have you could sense something in your body, soul and mind...have you special dreams more then normal? did you feel strange wonderful vibrational power within your inner core, did you have difficulties to concentrate and differences levels of some kind that you know something is around the "corner" in a lovely and new way.....maybe somebody feel a little kind of negative energy, comes to us in a split second and then its up in the air again......etc.etc,...I think if we are aware of this cosmic vibration...we could receive a lot of universal information, to oneself?

Lovies Ulla

GentleRick 07-09-2012 05:32 PM


I do feel the special energy of revolution. Part of the reason for me to leave the city is to get closer to the Earth, to de-clutter the signal. Also, I am making a commitment to reduce/cease addictive behavior that helps me shut down and go unconscious from the energy coming in.

I've noticed how much more sensitive I am. I feel when the energy is coming into my body and whether I am choosing to let it flow through me or in fear, holding on to it - causing tension and nervousness.

My dreams have been fantastic and it has been easier to have one foot in the waking world and one foot in the world of my unconscious at the same time. Also, synchronic events are turning up a lot. People from dreams calling or appearing in front of me the next day. Going to a party and feeling like I have known all the people there from before.

There is great hope and also great darkness. The trick for me is not to judge it but to let it be.



ULLA RUNCHEL 07-10-2012 01:46 AM

Hi Love
My dearest Rick

If we are aware of the huge possibilities we have in this time age and work with our self to be in harmony within us to challenge our own inner dark side, to turn it up in a BRIGHT and wise way to deal with the daily life, in bad and good.......then we will come out of this tunnel....and be strong and powerful to deal with this period, which for many can felt like , to move mountains...to be in harmony...and the vibrations is running faster than ever before....so we have to be clean in our mind to be open for the new universal information, we can receive from above...where ever the individuals belonging to.

Love and hugs your way

markoke 07-14-2012 07:53 AM

Thanks for the dialogue here - this is fascinating.

Personally I went through a huge crisis last Christmas and felt that something in me snapped. Since then (January onwards) I have felt that a fast forward button has been pushed in my life and I am tapping into my/our spirituality at a highly accelerated pace. At time warp speed actually.

Through this time as well I have also sensed that I have been given some "space" for this to happen as work slowed down and I have been able to delve into this and with a voracious appetite. I have literally felt like a hammer has been delivered to my head that has fundamentally shifted my paradigms and helped me reconnect with what I have already known for years and it has been full speed since then.

During this time I have also felt really tired which is an interesting link to this thread (not in a sick way but in a psychological way as also sorts of things have bubbled to a head that I am approaching in a much more peaceful way now). During these months I have been finding that occassionally I just need to lie down in the middle of the afternoon for about 30 minutes and this seems to help.

Thanks for your interesting perspectives Ulla that 20 years ago I would have said "this is just too strange because it does not fit my mechanistic mindset" but today am saying "how interesting and exciting".


ULLA RUNCHEL 07-19-2012 02:58 AM

Dear Kelley

Your welcome,...today we are much more aware of our own abilities to deal with in the daily life , how it is so import to share with people around the world,..so we can have our aha-experiences by your inner knowledge,...thus when we share visions, dreams etc. with others, the more we are secure of...its alright,.nothing is strange....thus world wide we can do the same,..on different levels,...doesn't matter..because it is the same universal knowledge we receive.

One day we will recognize our own DNA code to discovered that we have many lives out there in the deep space....when the scientist can do that,..we goner have a big party LOL,...thus then we know....we ARE connected to the wholeness in the universe.

Lovies Ulla

beana 07-19-2012 11:10 AM

I had two visions connected with Shirley. One was of an apartment next to the ocean and another I saw Shirley and the sun. I seem to be getting spiritual energy via Shirley and also through gardening. A card I drew told me not to try to understand it with my mind but my heart.

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