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debabbott 03-02-2013 05:38 PM

Life is Good!
Hi Wolfdog and all my lovely friends here on sm.com. We have some new and exciting news to share.

As Sean's physical therapy began on his right leg that just concluded with all the surgeries necessary for him to stand on it again, the total weight of his body caused some muscle/tendon tears which resulted in some inflammation.
Sean and I agreed that the physcial therapy should be suspended until he has his prothesis on his left leg to help balance the weight - as we certainly do not want to further damage the right leg.

Because of this, Sean realized that it would not be possible for him to come home on just one foot. So, he asked me if he could at least get closer to home with a facility in the vacinity of our home. Well, yeah!. I told him that I had a place in mind that is just two minutes from our apartment. Funny, he called me early one morning to let me know that one of his CNA's had worked at a facility very close to the apt and gave me the address. I said, "Sean, that is exactly the place I am going to check out for us." So, that was one of those synchronistic moments.

Now, this was just last week and on Monday, Sean will be moving to this new facility which is just wonderful. I took the tour this morning and felt the energies very conducive to Sean's needs. From everything we have heard about it to the touring of it, it looks perfect for our needs of today. Both Sean and I are totally thrilled at this new adventure that is just two minutes away from our apartment. I packed up all of his things where he currently is today and all is ready for his move.

We both delight in how, when the energy is right how easily everything just flows into being. Again, we are so grateful.

So, we are looking at another three to six months before Sean is to receive his prothesis. The Physical Therapy Dept at our new place is awesome and best known for their work with amputees. So, you see how everything works out for the best just in the right timing. I glory in how that works out and just love it. Sean is so learning patience - to just put the energy out there and then to allow the Universe to meet it and wham, Source Energy, as we refer to the God Source, just makes the congel for all to come together to meet the need. How beautiful is that.

So, Monday, they will transport Sean to the new facility and we will begin yet another path on our lovely journey of healing within and without. It has been a most fascinating ride to say the least.

Again, I thank the all of you who have exerted your energies our way, even if it was but to read this thread. In that, you shared your energies with us and thus promoted our highest good. Thank you for your recognition of our connection to all.

Blessing you all on your path this evening, much love,

Wolfdog 03-11-2013 06:52 PM

For Deb
Sooo this is moving day! Hooray...hooray! I've got chills of joy for you both.

As I prayed for you and Sean this morning...I felt something was up...lol but, I couldn't tell exactly what it was but, it felt really good!

Now after reading this post, it all makes complete sense! And thank you for keeping us updated at this busy time for you all.
My heart is very full, i am so pleased for you and Sean and this new turn of events.
Many here are all still here with you as are many on the other side, who also love you alot. Your faith and courage to persevere will surely find you among the angels one day...not that you already aren't but the earthwalk time and this road is the gentle and best one for now. It might be that Sean will one day write a book about his experiences on this journey that could inspire millions...you never know.
Also... feeling very happy to know precious Peg will be there, too!
Love always,
(Vata,Pitta,and Kapha) lol (Knew you'd be wondering!)

debabbott 03-13-2013 07:08 PM

Actually, Sweetheart, we moved last Monday on the 4th. And Sean is just loving it. And so am I. Everything, in everyway, is mucho better for us both.

Everyday, when I go to see him, we just both roll our eyes at how good everything is and we are so very grateful.

Prosperity comes to mind. We both are prospering now in numerous ways. Sean says to me that he has no negative feedback for where he is now, none.

Nor do I. It seems that we have gone through a lot of situations that needed a great deal of acceptance and allowance. But now, we find that we feel we are being "treeted".

We are loving it and are so grateful. Gratitude certainly rules the day where we are concerned. As we have found, the more gratitude we exude, the better things get and the more gratitude we have. It is a wonderful "Spiral of Uplifting Energies" that promote Good Feelings for sure.

Today, Sean had an extraordinary day. He got up and out of bed at 6:00 am in his wheelchair. Went outside and witnessed another resident that is a young person who has experienced strokes in his youth that has left him wheelchair bound but was so in joy of listening and watching the birds sing and play that Sean was totally enthralled with his joy of just being in the moment. Sean so appreciated the witness that he too experienced it.

Then he went to the Hair Stylist on property for a haircut and beard trim. He said that was a great experience in that, the hair stylist kept commenting about how thick his hair was and that everybody would envy that. Anyway, an hour and a half later, he came out looking like a champ. She did an extraordinary job on both his hair and beard. And we were both appreciative of that. (Now, I don't have to do it!)

Then Sean went to The Mint here in Saginaw on a Field Trip. I had no idea that we have a Mint here that makes a portion of the money, I forgot what Sean told me, anyway, he said it was very interesting.

So, all in all, he had a wonderful day. And so did I. Thank you all for sharing our little world with us.


debabbott 03-14-2013 05:36 PM

Another Great Day!
Sean had another great day! He began his physical therapy restorative portion on his upper body today and he was so excited about it. Said he already felt better with just one session. So, he is looking forward to the improvement with each day.

He said the Head of Nurses came in to check on him and asked if he needed anything. He told her he sure would like to have a banana. So, she went and got him two and made some jokes along the way.

We have found that everyone is exceptionally helpful and that all are very positive. It is a great place to be. Sean and I share the evening meal together and catch up on the days news, then he is ready to bed down and so am I so I head home which is like two minutes away. How wonderful that is.

All is good in our world. Blessings to all of you and always grateful for your uplifting energies in our lives.

Love you dearly,

Wolfdog 03-16-2013 03:14 PM

For Deb
Thanks for the update and all of the good news !

Take good care of you, too.


debabbott 03-17-2013 05:33 PM

Thank you, Wolfdog. Love you, my friend.

I made an omelet and pancakes for Sean and I today and we enjoyed those together. We visited on the patio with some people Sean has met there.

There is one sweet lady by the name of Martha that asked if I would request prayer for her and her son, Peter, here on Shirley's Board. I promised her I would, so here I am.

She simply asks that we keep her and her son in our prayers and that we join her in sending loving energies to surround her son especially on Wednesday.

Hmmm, I volunteered to call Bingo on Saturdays for the residents as they didn't have anyone to do so. I had gone out to the cafeteria with Sean on Saturday to play Bingo and alas, the Volunteer didn't show up. The residents were very disappointed as they have few activities to do on the weekends. So, I am really excited about that and getting them little prizes and such from the Dollar Tree. I asked Sweet Pea, the Bingo Queen, for information and she sent me the different games. So, I am looking foward to it, I think it will be fun for the all of us.

Oh yeah, I did play the piano. And this girl needs to practice before she does that again. Playing the piano by sheet music is not like riding a bicycle. My fingers and brain need time to come together again in union. Yes, I need to practice again. And I can do just that when Sweetpea brings my Cassie Keyboard in June. So, all goes well but it will be a time before I will be playing the piano in front of others again and certainly a little time when I will be singing with my playing. ahahahha!!!!

Anyway, Sean told me today that he is just loving where he is now and looking forward to working out tomorrow and invisioning walking again. So, he is certainly creating his reality in a most positive way.

Love you all,

Wolfdog 03-20-2013 04:27 PM

Praying for Martha and Peter today.

Thank you for the newsy update. Looking forward to hearing you sing and play one day!

Glad to know that Sean is in good spirits and is moving forward in such a positive way.

Love to you,

debabbott 03-20-2013 05:55 PM

Thank you, Wolfdog, for joining me in praying for Martha and Peter.

Sean's Prosthetic Company called him today and said they were working on funding through another charity that might come through faster than the 3 - 6 months of The Limbs for Life. So, that was uplifting for him.

He is continuing to work out his upper body and I must say the results are already showing. I've never seen his shoulders so "big" nor his arms. Just amazes me. He is loving it and really loving everything where he is now. I am so grateful that we made this move. It has been so positive for the both of us. And yes, it is just 2 minutes from home!!!

Well, I will be calling Bingo on Saturday! Ya'll come on down and join us. Isn't that a hoot??? Everybody is so excited to have a weekend "Bingo Caller". I'm looking forward to it. :)

Hope you all are being blessed in your lives everyday.

Love, Deb

Wolfdog 03-21-2013 04:18 PM

For Deb
Great news! Thanks Deb! Sorry...I'm not a bingoer!
Hope you have some fun...you deserve it!


debabbott 03-21-2013 05:12 PM

Originally Posted by Wolfdog
Great news! Thanks Deb! Sorry...I'm not a bingoer!
Hope you have some fun...you deserve it!


Hey Wolfdog,

I'm not a "bingoer" either. But all these sweet eager people at the facility
were so looking forward to playing Bingo last Saturday afternoon and the volunteer didn't show up. Awww, they were so disappointed, so since I am going to be there anyway, I volunteered. They all said they would help me do what I am supposed to do. :) With the help of Sean and Sweetpea sent me the different bingo games as she is the game Queen, I think I will have a lot of fun just providing a bingo game and a little entertainment for the folks at the facility. Sean loves it.

I'll let you know how it goes. ahahahh!!!

Love, Deb

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