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debabbott 12-15-2012 07:11 PM

On a Lighter Note....
Sean and I had a truly miraculous Christmas Day!!!!

Yesterday, Sean expressed to me that he is ready to play the guitar again. Now, this is a huge thing because he used to play the guitar every time he sat down. It was like attached to his hip and he loved it - it was his Passion. Heretofore, he has not mentioned it. And yes, I have been wondering when he would be ready to play again. And yesterday, he told me he was. So, I told him that I would find a way to get him a guitar.

Now, I casually mentioned to my brother that I was going to look for a guitar for Sean at the Pawn Shops and he jumped right on that and said, "Let me take of that, I want to provide that for him." Within ten minutes my brother wrote me back and he told me that he had put funds into my account to not only buy Sean a guitar but for my Christmas as well. Well, I just went all giddy, like a kid at Christmas. And when I told Sean, he like went into shock! So, today has been fairyland for us. We got online and went to Guitar Center and Sean found the perfect guitar for him. It is a Washburn rover Travel Guitar which is smaller than a regular guitar but will be perfect for Sean in the wheelchair and perfect for him when he can walk again. Anyway, we ordered and it has a case to hold it along with a strap and picks. We were so excited that we looked at it over and over again.

And then, Momma ordered her gift from her brother. A set of T-Fal non-stick cookware which I have been wanting for some ten years at least. So, both Sean and I have been like two little kids at Christmas today and will be for some days to come. How special is that????

We feel so blessed and so grateful. Thank you, Bubba, we love you dearly.
By the way, Sean can play the guitar beautifully. So, this will be a pleasure to all within hearing range.

Love, Deb

debabbott 12-21-2012 05:34 PM

On the verge of a New Awakening!
I am on the verge of a new awakening. It has to do with our level of vibration being in congruence with the new "cycle of time" that begins tomorrow, 12-22-12.

If one is in synch, then there will be no sense of displacement but simply like stepping on an escalator and continuing to move with the flow into a higher realm of understanding.

"I love you" is that flow of energy.

I love you,

Wolfdog 12-26-2012 06:48 PM

For Deb
Love you, too!

Happy New Year plus all things positive for you and Sean !


debabbott 12-31-2012 04:45 PM

Hey Wolfdog and everybody else reading. I'm feeling so lighthearted and contentedly happy on this eve of a new year. I feel so blessed and so grateful to be here in this now, experiencing. I bless my world and it is blessing me in return. So simple and yet so poignant.

Just for an example at work: My employer commended me today on my Collections of outstanding invoices. I told her it was easy. She said, "Well, it has never been before."

Now, my method. On every statement I send out, I write a personal note stating our gratitude for them paying this in a timely manner and that we appreciate their business. And then I surround that envelope with love and send it on. And, I have been amazed at how our clients have stepped up to get their accounts up-to-date. It has been totally amazing. So, yes, what energy we send out comes back to us.

Sean is doing just great! Yes, he is thriving! He has grasped that his attitude rules his life!!! He has grasped that what energy he puts out comes back to him. He has grasped that he is the manifestor in his life and boy is he ever manifesting. It is amazing!!! And I, Momma Bear, enjoy so much playing with her cub in the folds of life. We have so very much fun and we laugh everyday.

Tomorrow, I am baking Talapia on a bed of spinach, blackeyed peas with ham and crescent rolls dressed with garlic cream cheese and parsley. We in Texas, have to have Blackeyed Peas for good luck on New Year's Day. Does anybody else do that? Anyway, I am just delighted to be having New Year's Day Dinner with my son and we both march into 2013. So much do we have to look forward to, to experience together.

I asked Sean his New Year Resolution and he said in certain particular words, to make his way home. So, I've got "home" ready for him to come to, now it is just a matter of time. His right leg is healing from the surgery and his left waiting for the prothsesis.

And now, to wish you all a very Happy New Year as you continue to lend your energies to Me, Sean and Peg. Oh yeah, Peg retired today!!! Yep, she is free and moving to Texas soon. Isn't that wonderful???? Yes, it is wonderful for the all of us. My dearest of friends is joining me and Sean in Texas. We are going to find her an apartment very near to us.

So, all is well.

Love, Deb

Cher O 12-31-2012 09:45 PM

Hey Deb.
You are about to enter the new year there, being two hours ahead of me. So here's to the New Yera! I know it will be good to you. You made so very much of last year, even tho it was a rough and bumpy year. May you find only peace and joy in this new era.

Hey Peg. Congratulations on being retired. Now your life is your own at last to do with just as you please. I know your move to Texas will be a blessing for you and for Deb and Sean and for all the friends you will make there. You go, girl!

Sean, you have shown extraordinary courage and patience and intelligence. I hope this new time brings you only good things, music, love and peace.

I am keeping all three of you in my prayers and am sending love and light to you tonight and all year thru. Love, C.

debabbott 01-01-2013 04:53 PM

Ya never know!!!!
Six days ago, Sean went back to the Orthopedic Surgeon who removed his hard cast and said his foot was looking great and that he could go back to the facility with just an ace bandage. Sean asked if he could have more protection than that as he has manuever his wheelchair through doors to get outside and his extended right foot needed protection for him to get through the door. So, the good doctor provided him with a boot cast and that seemed to be working well until today.

Dina, Sean's wonderful nurse that has been off for several days, asked how his foot is doing and that she needed to see it. So, she took the boot cast off and the ace bandage and wham! She and I stood there in shock! There on Sean's heel was a quarter size blister, a pressure sore next to it and on the other side of his heel was another pressure sore and then the very worst thing was on the bottom of his heel is this deep bruise which Dina said is a deep tissue trauma and it could be all the way to the bone. We looked at each other and then at Sean as she questioned him about when his foot was last checked. He said the other nurse checked it a couple of days ago and said that there was a spot on the bottom of his foot and that he needed to keep his foot elevated on a pillow at night which he has done.

I felt the hairs rise on Dina's neck as she shook her head in disbelief. She began to explain that the boot cast had caused all of this and should have been removed days ago. She proceeded to inform the wound nurse of the major problem and they both returned with another boot that was lined with lambs wool and held the heel where nothing was touching it. I thanked Dina for being such a good nurse and stated that the other nurse had not done what she was supposed to do in this situation. She said she had already taken care of it by talking to her boss, The Director of Nurses, and she took a deep breath and said, "If I didn't care, it wouldn't bother me, but I do, and I hate to see this happening to Sean after everything we have done to get his pressure sores healed."

Anyway, this is where we are folks. New pressure sores!. So, please join us in intending for Sean's highest good in this situation.

Love, Deb

Cher O 01-01-2013 07:55 PM

That's a shame, Deb and Sean.
So sorry for the setback. I hope Sean's wounds heal soonest possible and that nothing like this happens again, EVER! I am sending loving, healing light your way, Sean. You too, Deb, like you said, you never know. Let's hope a rocky start to the New Year means a smooth road the rest of the way.... Love, C.

StevenOz 01-02-2013 09:27 AM

Maybe this happened to transmute some of the suffering that people are still experiencing in the world which needs to be healed. Regardless of what the cause is,

Lots of love to you and Sean, and speedy healing for Sean!

OneLight 01-02-2013 07:04 PM


Hi All,

Deb's internet is out (again!), so thought I'd give you a
quick update.

Sean was not feeling well and asked to be taken to the
hospital. He knows his body well enough to know when
something is not right. Sure enough, he has a urinary
tract infection which they are now treating with the
antibiotics. They looked at his foot, and that deep tissue
trauma they refer to as celulitosis. All they can do right
now is to keep the pressure off his foot and they are
spraying it, not sure with what, antibiotic spray(?).

But he is doing ok and handling this latest well.

When Deb's internet gets connected again, she will provide
more details, as always.

Meanwhile, keep those healing energies coming, they are
so appreciated by us.

Thank you all

debabbott 01-10-2013 05:02 PM

Internet seems to be hanging on so wanted to let you all know that Sean is doing very well. He's getting over his UTI and his foot is healing very well. So, little minor set back all history now.

And he is just craving chocolates. So, I'm gonna have to buy Hersheys Corp. :)

Blessings to you all and thank you for your continued prayers and intentions our way. We are hoping that the prothesis comes through soon so Sean can learn to walk again and ultimately come home.


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