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Azure 09-05-2007 10:51 AM

My cat Nibbles...
may be getting ready to crossover...

Peter and I left a very friendly, cuddily, meowing jumping around cat on The Labor Day weekend to come in and find that Nibbles is being very lethargic, not meowing, and didn't even seem interested in eating her cat food when the other 2 ran for it after Peter filled the bowls.

I am not sure how old Nibbles is, she may be anywhere from 15-over 17, as I was never told when I took her in how old she was. Nibbles when she first came to me, about 2 1/2 years ago she was very frightened and was hiding out for about 2 weeks. She would only come out to eat and do her business and then when she thought no one was in my apt.

This is the same cat I feel may have given me a telepathic message one night to pet her, where I went into detail elsewhere on this board...

Can any one give me any feedback on this? Or is this normal cat behaviour?

Peter is fearful that Nibbles is getting ready to leave the Earth plane. Even when I was petting her she seemed so distant.

If this is the case I will truly miss my pet-Peter said it doesn't make sense to bring her to a vet as the vet will tell us it is just old age, and then may just recommend some vitamins for her which she probably doesn't even need.

Any feedback is more than welcome.


__Miss Jan 09-05-2007 11:00 AM

What Peter said, isn't true. Is he a veterinarian, I don't think so. You phone a veterinarian's , and ask someone, qualified.

Lasep 09-05-2007 11:11 AM

I agree with Jan. She should be seen by a vet.

It could be something easily fixable.

Azure 09-05-2007 02:43 PM

Hi JAn And Linda
No, Peter isn't a vet but he was brought up with cats as well as dogs in his immediate family and seems to know more about cats then anyone I have known...however, in this instance I feel the 2 of you are 100% right and I will discuss it further with Peter and then make a decision of what I should do which will probably be bring Nibbles to a vet...

I will update you when I have more info.


JeffCorkern 09-05-2007 07:50 PM

You're jumping the gun. Big-time.

Take Nibbles to the vet. Make a list of all the symptoms and take it with you.

I recently had one of my little furry buddies die of old age. He wasn't lethargic on his last day. He went wandering around all over the place like he wanted to go over his territory one last time. He stumbled and wobbled, but he didn't stop until he'd gone over everything. He even made me take him outside.

Azure 09-06-2007 11:09 AM

This is wonderful insight and a great suggestion.

I was going by my experience with a cat I was cat sitting for someone:
The cat wasn't lethargic but knew she was going to cross over and she isolated herself in a cupboard, I went to retrieve some dishware and was shocked she was sitting in there with the cupboard door close.

I later discovered that animals/pets etc often do this that instinctively they know when their time is up...a few days later I discovered the cat had crossed over and again had isolated herself.

I thought maybe with Nibbles odd behaviour this may be a similar scenario, though she has not attempted to isolate herself!

I am making a vets app't today!

Thanks everyone,

Azure 09-17-2007 09:40 AM

Thank all of you who responded to this post.

Despite Peter's protest I was going to bring Nibbles to the Vet, but before I could do so she beame well. It turns out the cat just had a touch of a little stomach virus, it was obvious finally by her waste what happened.

I feel now it was because we left the cats in my apt. without air conditioning as it seemed labor day weekend was going to be cool and it turned out to be quite hot. The windows were left slightly ajar to let cool air circulate, but apparently it wasn't enough.

Nibbles finally came around, is jumping, meowing and playing with the other cats. Her eating habits have changed, and she is eating her catfood again. So, for now, at the least all is well with that!

Thank-you, again,


Azure 04-25-2014 11:32 AM

Nibbles Another update
Another UpDate:

2 1/2 years ago I moved from Jamaica Qns to Flushing: at the time I asked my brother Leo to take Nibbles for me as well as the 2 other cats:
he was unable to get the cats back to me I think he became emotionally attached, which may seem weird as he is the owner of 12 cats at that time.

Nibbles crossed over whie my brother (named Leo ironically enough), and my brother brought her to the ocean and let her go there. He would have paid the vet to cremate her bt he couldn't afford to do it at that time. I mean taking care of (then believe it or not) 14 cats does cost a lot. He now has 13 cats, minus Nibbles.

The other two that were mine are still in his stead; a female cat I named Garfield, and a female cat named Sweetie. He said he is planning to bring Sweetie back to me, but he is keeping Garfield.

I am about to mo9ve again: at thisx time I have one cat: Sammy, that belonged to Peter's mother, all of Peter's cats jumped out his window and ran away. He had 5 cats, and lives in a 12 x 9 SRO no kitchen share and he has to share the bathroom.
What a bummer! I asked him to move in with me, we have been together 11 years, and he rather stay in the SRO - his rent is $400.00 a month and includes utilities. he has a TV but no cable, and is not Computer literate. He is 49 years old and has no aspirations to change his life.

The thing is Sammy, the only cat he owned that didn't run away and was his mother's cat is now my cat - well he is incapable of taking care of a cat considering they all ran away because obviously the SRO room is too small.

So Nibbles is now gone is the main geist of this posting. She was well loved and is tremendously missed.

May Spirit guide her soul to wherever pets go to roam and play to be healthy and free until her next incarnation.


Cher O 04-25-2014 04:32 PM

Sorry, Azure
Sorry to hear about Nibbles. I know you miss her. Perhaps she is now keeping my cat Sassy company until they are ready for their next steps.... There is joy and sadness in loving a fur person, just as there is in all of life. I hope you feel better soon. Love, C.

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