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OneLight 01-21-2014 02:16 PM

Beautiful .... other worldly .... deeply felt



debabbott 03-01-2014 05:04 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant heeded to the calling of the uncharted paths.
And so she walked, attentive and at unrest.
Slowly, she made her way through the energies
One at a time, pausing until she collapsed...

These energies were so dense that she could no longer stand.
She had to rest and wonder upon that which she was staging.
What was it that she was attempting to process through her

Attempting to identify became a great challenge for The Big Elephant.
She had to stop and take a long breath before proceeding.
And then, still she couldn't recognize that which had marked her.
She remained in a stew...

And then there was total void...


Cher O 03-03-2014 03:15 PM

Dear BE,
I think you need a (((hug))). Love, C.

debabbott 03-16-2014 04:12 PM

Originally Posted by Cher O
I think you need a (((hug))). Love, C.

Keep those hugs coming, they work miracles.

Love you,

debabbott 03-22-2014 03:20 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

It was cloudy but The Big Elephant knew
The Sun was still shining behind the cover
So she ventured forth once again to overcome
That which had been pressed upon her.

Patience, perseverance, steadfastness, stability, control
All of these attributes were called upon on this day
So she cognitively made the choice to maintain these
In her desire to accomplish her goal.

She was there to assist another who could not of their own.
Without her, they would have been thrown from these vistages.
So, she took her stand, calmly but solidly and made it known
That she would not move until her desires were met.

It was sometime before The Others came around but eventually
They did what was their duty to do and then the one could go.
The Big Elephant sighed a heavy sigh of relief and made her way
Back to her place of rest, comforting the other along the way.

But this experience had impressed upon her the vulnerability
Of those in need of assistance. No longer do caretakers take care
Of those who are presented before them unless there is someone
Else there to make certain they do.

What has become of this world? When caretakers no longer have
The will to take care of those who are in their charge?
The Big Elephant was very perplexed by this turn of events
And was determined to find another way....


debabbott 04-05-2014 08:44 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Wind whispered to the Big Elephant
Time to let it go, let it go, It's okay to let it go.
The Big Elephant awoke to this knowing to let it go
And so she purposed herself to do just that, "Let it Go."

The Awakening came in the night when all was quiet.
With a heavy breath, she released all that had been.
She acknowledged and let go certainly, definitely, finally.
She cleansed the portals of her soul then.

She laid it all to rest....it was done...


debabbott 04-24-2014 09:12 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

Many steps are taken in one's life experience.
Which one's do we choose to remember?
And for what reason do we do so?
What is it in the experience of a moment
That implants itself in our brains
To recall and to recall again and again?

It is those moments that our hearts are seared.
Those moments that take us beyond ourselves.
Those moments that require us to begin again.
Those moments that make us who we are today.

Today, we are the accumulation of every moment
That we have chosen to experience
To get us to where we need to be today
In the fullness of who we are.

So, let us celebrate our experience of ourselves!
Let us JOY in our being in the fullness of who we are!
Let us be GRATEFUL for all that we have in this moment!
Let us then SHARE that with everyone in our presence!


OneLight 04-25-2014 08:32 AM

Wonderfully intriguing questions!
And such a beautiful message to
sink our whole Being into.
Thank You!


debabbott 05-09-2014 07:46 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant was impressed with other energies.
So she moved forward to receive them and study them.
She wanted to know how they came to perceive.
What was it in each of us that divined our perceptions.

Interesting that four would receive the same input
And there would be one that would perceive something else.
And then it came to The Big Elephant that we each come from
Our own perspective depending on our own experiences.

So it is that we each are our own Universe in our thinking and being.
And that we each own our own perspective in our experiences.
As we so choose to perceive them according to our presence.
We each determine that which we choose to experience, period.

It is our own determination how we choose to perceive and experience.
No one else or nothing else is in control of our perceptions.
We each take on what we agree with ourselves to experience.
And the outcome is entirely up to us.

There is no one else to blame for our experiences....
We have created them all...
We are the creators of our experiences...
We are!


debabbott 05-18-2014 05:34 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

It is a new day, a new way, a new energy
Seeking its way into being
Open, allow, receive.


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