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debabbott 04-03-2013 06:32 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

As the rain caressed the Mother Earth,
So did the Mother Earth caress the rain.
As The Big Elephant stood quietly beneath
The boughs of her beloved Baobab Tree,
So did the Baobab Tree caress her.

The Big Elephant felt the joy of knowing love.
To be loved and to love, thus becoming love.
In becoming love, she noticed no barriers,
No boundaries or stipulations, just being open
To giving just herself and receiving the same.

And, it was then that she realized
She had nothing else to do but just be for another
Herself, and stand stolidly by the side of another
Being there as they championed themselves
In whatever they needed to succeed.

She then freed herself to simply cheer another on...


jade74 04-07-2013 06:31 AM

Beautiful. I read this while rain fell outside my window. Thank you for sharing.
Love Jade74

Brit 04-16-2013 08:30 PM

This is such an amazing post!
It's the energizer bunny of this board....

debabbott 04-19-2013 02:19 PM

Thanks Jade74 and Brit.

You know, whenever I feel like I "need" to be doing more or "saying" more or "directing" more, I just come back to this post and I feel in "balance" again. And then I quietly go about my way with a smile on my face and simply "allow".

Thank you Big Elephant!!!


debabbott 04-28-2013 08:26 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

I was wondering today, if I have done all I need to do, today,
And then it occurred to me that certainly I have for me to
Ask such a question, for certainly I would never consider if not.

The Big Elephant blended her day into the eve with respect
Of her repose and allowed herself to take a deep breath
Before she rested then in the swaying of the green of the leaves.

It had been a busy day, she delighted in all that had transpired
She recognized that she had put herself forward and vantaged
Herself in a most pleasant way, she smiled in delight of her being.

The Big Elephant then paused in her gratefulness for all that
She had experienced. She posed herself in respite, knowing that
All that she was has come from all that she purposed.

It was then that The Big Elephant felt the most gratitude.
Lifting her head before her evening rest, she gave one last
Pause for the eve and then gathered herself to sleep.

In her sleep, she dreamed. She dreamt of a Mountain that
She was yet to climb. Interestingly, she felt a calm knowing
That the climbing of this Mountain would be to her Ultimate Devine.

She rested then...

Love, Deb

debabbott 05-06-2013 08:32 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

It was a "Gathering Day", of sorts,
The Big Elephant thought.
Gathering all that she had purposed
Heretofore and now had found, another
Change coming 'round.

And in the coming of that change she found
All that she had learned coming forth to greet her.
It was from that learning that she was able to
Receive this new change without resistance
But with a knowing that all happens for the good of all.

In that "new light", The Big Elephant began to acknowledge
That another change was coming but now she found herself
"Inviting" it with anticipation. Because now she knew that
When one situation ends, it only opens up the door for another
To sweep itself across her plain in a new and inviting, exciting way.

So, now, she sat in anticipation, wondering with delight
What she would next experience. Full of anticipation and
Curiosity and a knowing that whatever it was would so fully
Continue to define who she truly is and allow her to delight
In her experience of being the best she could be in whatever situation

....She found herself...

For certainly that is what she had come to learn...
To find the best of herself in whatever situation
She found herself. That was her responsibility...
And, she found it was getting easier and easier
As she allowed herself to just go with the flow...

Acceptance of the situation that she was in and then
Finding her best self in whatever she was experiencing.
The Big Elephant then shook her head in agreement
With what she had come to know, saying "Yes, and so it is."
Taking another long deep breath, The Big Elephant,

....Turned her eyes towards the stars and identified with
the star that stood out in the darkness, the one who shone


Love, Deb

debabbott 05-25-2013 05:15 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

Looking up to the sky, The Big Elephant thought,
"What a fog this is, what a messy fog."
The humidity was so thick she couldn't scrape it
With her heavy tusks. There was no seeing where
She was about to go. Only a "feeling", a moving feeling.

Then, she allowed herself to move within the fog,
No longer resisting, she found that she could then
Manuever in the mists, blindly yes, but more sure
Of her way within the fog than in fighting it.
So, she drifted in the fog and allowed "IT" to guide her.

In her surrender, she found that she seemed to be "floating",
But she was not within the waters, so her "floating"
Was more of a mindset than in a physical sense.
Floating then, she allowed herself to let go of the Rock
Upon the River Bank and just allowed herself to flow...

With the River of Life...

And Flow she did. Round and round another bend
Did she find herself. It was getting easier to just trust
The River. She had given up all visions of what she had
Hoped to find. She was now just allowing herself to
Become one with the being of the River.

And then it was that The River began to speak to her
Directly, did she hear! "There are not many rivers that
Can carry The Big Elephant to which she is destined to go."
I, being The River, now speak to you to say, I am honored
To be your medium in which to place you where you go.

In that instant, The Big Elephant and The River became One
In their Union of Purpose to proceed. Simple then, it became.
The Big Elephant softened in her stature as did The River in its flow.
Together they matched each other's energy in motion and then
Became One in their beings...simply flowing.

It was in this flowing that one lost themselves in the other
And there suddenly was no destination to go, to find.
In that moment, The River ceased to flow and The Big Elephant
Ceased to stand. There was no longer a destinction between them.
For in there becoming ONE, they immediately created a "New".

Now the "New" sprang forth in a dimension of its own.
Fresh and clean with its energetic being, dancing all about.
The Big Elephant and The River then became The New.
The New then directed the flow of The River to join with
The Walk of The Big Elephant in a manner of complete balance.

The Big Elephant and The River melted into The New....
It was then that The New began to sing in its vibration of Unities
A Triology of melodies to be played out over and over again.
It was then, when Time stood still and Listened.
That the Listening came forth to deliver.


Love, Deb

debabbott 06-13-2013 05:55 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant awoke amidst a pouring Rain
Lightening striking, Thunder answering
Ripples of Energy washing over her
She mellowed into the Blend.

There was something about a Storm
That she truly loved, something akin
To her own heart, a soft fierceness
That guided her through her journey.

In the midst of Fury was revealed
The true steel of the heart
Either run and hide
Or walk boldly into the Wind.

And in her walking boldly did she find
The Courage that she had so often
Counted on to join her in in these times
An old friend she held close to her heart.

Courage accommpanied her then on this night
As they stood together to test the Wind
The Big Elephant knew that it was best
To hold her ground yet sway with the Wind.

And in her doing so, the Wind ceased interest
And went swiftly on its way.
She turned to Courage and gave a soft embrace
As they both felt renewed once again.

Then they both went skipping off together singing
We did it again, we did it again...
Hahahahha what a beautiful scenerio
The Listening and The Blend.

Love, Deb

grtone 06-14-2013 09:01 AM

"Today is nothing, nothing but yesterday's tomorrow."


"It is only necessary for 'people' to say what they think or at least
refrain from saying what 'they' do not think."


debabbott 06-21-2013 08:17 PM

Originally Posted by grtone
"Today is nothing, nothing but yesterday's tomorrow."


"It is only necessary for 'people' to say what they think or at least
refrain from saying what 'they' do not think."


I suppose it is all a matter of perspective of what we "choose" to perceive and therefore how we "choose" to "feel". I personnally "choose" to feel good in every day of my being. Therefore, today is a new opportunity for me to recreate my world in any manner in which I "choose". And no matter what "my" circumstance" I will be smiling in my well-being. And that is what works for me. And I would venture to say that "The Big Elephant" would agree with that.

Blessings to all who will accept the blessings,
Love, Deb

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