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debabbott 11-20-2012 07:29 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant was considering self-determination
And what all that involved.
When she discovered that the premise was based on
How one thought about themselves
And how secure one was with themself.

In this moment of thought, The Big Elephant lent herself
to encompass the fragility of her personage and of the
Manner in which she considered of how others perceived
Of herself and it was then that she came to an understanding.

The Big Elephant then felt that she had walked inbetween
Worlds of perceptions in the knowing that no one can know
Another as they know themselves. So goes then, that one
Cannot attempt to portray themselves for another but their own.

One must stand in their own knowing for themselves
Void of what another may think
In the doing so, the soul of the one presented
Is gracefully addressed within itself.

It is all inside that needs to be addressed.

Love, Deb

debabbott 12-07-2012 05:41 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant found herself pondering.
Pondering just exactly what was the most
Important thing to her in this moment.
That didn't take long, it was her own Well-being.

She had come to realize, that if she was not in
Well-being that she certainly could not give of herself
In any productive way in order to help another.
So, she then focused on her own Well-Being.

What is it that I need in order to dwell in Well-Being?
The answers came simply and abruptly:

I must reside in peace in my heart
No matter what situation I find myself
I must know within myself that all is well
No matter what situation I find myself
I must know that no matter what the situation
That I exist within an all knowing situation
Of divinity that marks my way without confusion
Ever knowing that I dwell in abundance always
There is no lack where I dwell and I am safe and secure
In my knowing of existance that is me in this moment.

The Big Elephant then took a moment to embrace
The All That Is that dwells within her and she imaged
Her gratitude of Union with the One that she Extended
In this Manifestation in which she found herself.
Mission Complete came to her mind and she stamped
Her Energy onto the plains and the planes before her.
All was well in her world.

Then she rested.

Love, Deb

OneLight 12-07-2012 08:19 PM

And So It Is !

Well said BE and Deb.

It reminds me of a portion of Wayne Dyer's recent seminar airing on PBS called Wishes Fulfilled. It begins with a Biblical quote from Job 33:15-16:

"In a dream, in a vision of the night,
when deep sleep falls upon men,
while slumbering on their beds,
then He opens the ears of men,
and seals their instruction"

Wayne goes on to explain that it is in sleep you enter the world of your subconscious mind. Sleep is its natural state, yet it rules about 96% of your waking life. Why? Because, as the quote above says, it is during this time the subconscious receives our directives/intentions (feelings) and seals their instruction for manifestation! He feels the last 5 minutes of our day, just before going to sleep, are the most important 5 minutes of our day.

He suggests we use those 5 minutes to re-affirm those intentions we desire to experience (e.g., the powerful I AM affirmations, etc) because in this way we are directing our subconscious to seal these instructions for manifestation.

This entire writing by the BE is just that! A beautiful directive to the subconscious in the last 5 minutes of the day! :)

Thank you for sharing it with us...


debabbott 12-14-2012 04:56 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant pondered in the moment
As she dealt with the physicality of her being.
There seemed to be some despondancy
That left her amiss and she didn't quite know
How to embrace this infraction on her being.

It was then that she so realized that she was connected
To those in her life that were going through scenerios
That she couldn't describe other than it was beyond her experience
And that all she could do was to be with them in the spirit of her soul
Yet knowing not the immediacy of the experience.

It was then, The Big Elephant realized the best thing that she could do
Was to simply provide loving energy to surround another in a hug
And to allow that energy to work in whatever manner was needed
For that one that struggled. So she allowed her energy to be with that one.
And for the moment, she felt that she had done all that she could do.

For, until one comes to the moment of reckoning, one does not know
What position they will take on there successive journey.
One can spout all types of recommendations but until one is, indeed
In the moment, does one find they have to deal with the physical first
And that the spirtual has not yet arrived.

But, when it does, all doubts are layed to rest and one knows that what
They have striven towards, does indeed exist and reside within their realm
Of consciousness - the realm of being, simply being.
And in that realm, there is no judgement, not criticism, no doubts
It is all free range knowing of who you are in the entirity of the Universe.

I so love you,
The Big Elephant and Deb

monti1980 12-14-2012 09:07 PM

Thank you!
That is beautiful! Thank you again.

Cher O 12-15-2012 06:22 PM

See, Deb?
You said you thought BE was inspired by MamaSaki's condition, but as you can see here, her poem applies to the families and friends of those taken in yesterday's mayhem. This poem is an inspiration on many levels. Love you so much for posting it.... Love, C.

debabbott 12-15-2012 07:46 PM

Thank you...
Thank you...

Love, Deb

OneLight 12-16-2012 12:58 AM

Isn't that the beauty of the written Word...
it touches each of us in our own personal moment...
for each one, the meaning may be different...
yet the core essence - the energy of Love -
is the magical Power behind the written Word...
which connects us all !

Thanks BE and Deb...

Love you...Peg

debabbott 12-21-2012 05:35 PM

I'm on the Verge of a New Awakening!
I am on the verge of a new awakening. It has to do with our level of vibration being in congruence with the new "cycle of time" that begins tomorrow, 12-22-12.

If one is in synch, then there will be no sense of displacement but simply like stepping on an escalator and continuing to move with the flow into a higher realm of understanding.

"I love you" is that flow of energy.

I love you,

debabbott 01-10-2013 05:25 PM

The Big Elephant
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant sensed something in the air
So she turned to find someone there
Someone she hadn't seen in a while
Someone she most respected and adored.

The energy then came to surround her in an embrace
Just like she had felt the first time it was presented
And she stood there and held this essence near
As the energy continued to grow and flow forward...

Taking her along with it....

She realized, again, that all is connected, all is connected.
As she was drawn forward with this loving energy
She embraced all in her life with a feeling of continuity
A knowing of singularship extended through many.

And all of a sudden, she heard her heart beat along
With billions of others in an orchestra of tones melding
Her ears perked as she cupped the tones that she was receiving
And she embraced the vibrations that were being emitted.

It was as if the Whole World came into unison at that moment
That one singular moment when all was in perfect harmony
And it held her as if she were floating above the ground
It was then that she knew the perfection of that connection

And she knew that all would be well....


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