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lightworker7 06-20-2005 11:01 PM

I love your picture. May the Forest Be With You As Well - All Ways... L&L, Diane

puma 06-20-2005 11:54 PM

Originally Posted by lightworker7
I love your picture. May the Forest Be With You As Well - All Ways... L&L, Diane
Thank you Diane:) . It is one of my favorite waterfall photos that I have taken. I love waterfalls and I love trees so here is one for you. ( I took this one as well)

Laughter, Life and Love

Lah 06-21-2005 04:55 PM

I hear the sounds of all the animals all around me, as I walk along I hear a stick break under my feet. I feel the moisture thickly in the air as if it is heavy against my body! I see the auras of all the living things before me and I sense the serenity of this sacred moment....;) as the energy of all there is surround me and I become and meld all there is. I'm full in my spirit as I walk along this wonderful place...

Buddhas2 06-21-2005 11:39 PM

A safe space
I was in a clearing, hearing the sound of water beckoning me to come find the source...I knew that others were here, but I went off on my own, and thought that I'd think about color, in order to get my mind off all the scary insects that I knew were just there being what they were, making the place come alive...and so I thought of all the red flowers, orange fruit, yellow feathers on the birds, and mostly green, and then the blue sky and blue-green water, and some purple moss. And then light swirling together all the color and movement from my surroundings and from my spirit, connecting us -- and I decided that I'd walk through the light as if it were a doorway, and when I came out the other side...I was lighter and the space arround me told me to sit under a tree and feel safe that nothing would harm me, so I sat. Then I imagined that rocks and plants to microorganisms and insects, and lizards and all the mammals and birds were sharing this planet in all it's forms and color, and in front of me was a huelandite crystal that I remembered seeing a while ago. I asked it what it could tell me about this place, and I didn't get anything, I just felt light and good, and realized that was the point, and that my thoughts were sustaining this place. I was making everything beautiful by feeling so great and full of light and love. And I didn't want to go back to not being conscious that I had this power.

ShirleyMac 06-22-2005 10:18 AM

I am sitting on a little bluff under the shade of the dense jungle canopy. I see my friends off exploring the universe they co-created. Most of them are on their own. Creating their visions in their perfection.

A little green beetle looks up at me. I hear itís thoughts. It is thanking us for appreciating all the wonders of this world.

The waterfall beckons. Ahhh a cool dip in itís energy would be so cleansing and refreshing.

And then maybe I can gather my friends and together we can create a meditation for our Mother Earth?

Iíll go see. Bye little beetle.

Sunrise 06-22-2005 09:47 PM

I Am Here With You.
The ground is moist and clammy. I wade ankle deep in the river. I can feel the icy chill from the water swirl between my toes. The pebbles in the river bed are soft and round, massaging the balls and heels of my feet. The tension in my lower back is loosening up.
I walk along the shore of the river and graze my hand along the large green leaves of vegetation. Some of the leaves are very large and have a dark, bold green tone to them. They almost appear plastic. I touch them. I rub a leaf between the tips of my thumb and forefinger. The leaves are very much alive and very warm to the touch. The sun rays have been beating down upon them.
There is a light breeze in the air. I take in a deep breath. I can smell the wild flowers in bloom. There's a fresh citrus scent gliding along the breeze. I follow the scent.
As I walk along the shore of the river, I notice I am walking with the waves of the river. I pick up pace and play with the waves. I am jogging and gazing back at the waves I've left behind, and the ones ahead of me, and the ones just at my side.
The river is alive and she is in the mood for a race. I pick up my jogging to the pace of running. The river is running at my pace now. She is picking up speed too. Her waves are challenging me to run with her to the finishing line.
We reach the finishing line together as my friend, the river, jumps with a rush and a huge continuous splash over a cliff and to the base of the waterfall she has created.
I remain at the top and watch her play at the bottom. I sit on a large boulder mother nature has left at the edge of this high cliff. It's her chair she has provided for any creature to rest and take in the view of the richly forested valley below.
The breeze lightly blows through my hair and whispers a distant bird melody. It says, "I am hear with you".
This is my home. My heart. This is the place forever within me.

stan 06-23-2005 01:29 PM

his resting place
i reach out my hand
the red draggonfly stops by
and considers me
his resting place.


Chi 06-24-2005 08:50 PM

Standing atop the edges of lush green hillsides

feeling the heart of the sun beating

feeling the trees and the plants breatheing

feeling eachother; each standing alone...

perspiration from the jungle heat

Sliding down into a deep cool canyon

it's golden walls glistening damp with the sun

a crystal stream trickles inbetween

as we slide right into it, one by one...

Huge Grin...

Joy and Light,

ShirleyMac 06-26-2005 02:29 PM

A crystal city...
Embraced by nature, the sounds of falling water, chirping birds, and tiny frogs, I sit by the pool of clear fresh water. Terry nuzzles my hand to bring to the awareness that we have friends standing nearby.

I see a glint... a shine from behind the waterfall. Is it crystal? I squint to see behind the flowing water. It is! It is a crystal city!

Chi 06-27-2005 05:31 PM

It's the frequency. Ha!
It's a higher frequency.
the crystal makes everything vibrate here at
an accelerated rate.
and so it helps sometimes (while you are here)
to dwell simultaneously deep in the heart of the
Mother Earth.
This way the elementals of the second demension
are able to join with the higher energies you encounter
here... and assist you in the task of remaining in your
body, while you are adjusting to the higher frequencies
eminating here.
As you can see... there are many towering, sacred
geometries here... and we incourage you to enter and
dwell in each one. You will find that each structure
has its own unique amplification to offer. And your
Higher Self will guide you to the right one.
My personal favorites are the crystal domes. I
seek them out daily. they are wonderful!
Out of all the sacred geometries here, they promote
the most exquisite healing. There is just something
about the beautiful domes. Look at them!
Even just looking at them... creates a sense of
well being; doesn't it?! I just love them!
Their shapes seem to assist the light energies in
flowing in and around one more evenly and quite
gently. Compared to the crystal triangles... where
the energy just seems to shoot straight down from
their vortexes right in through the top of one's head.
But then, the triangles are more knowledge based.
But the domes... the amplification of the domes seem
to cater more to the well being of the terrestrial heart.
Out of nowhere! Ha!
Love to all!

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