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ShirleyMac 06-18-2005 02:29 PM

Travel with me

I did this with some friends the other night after dinner. Itís another one of my little exercises and I hope you will want to journey with me. Itís like permission to daydream.

We create a group picture through meditation and breathing. I donít want to say much more because, if, as it did at dinner, this can be a wonderful experience and quite a lesson.

Iíll start by setting a foundation for the location.
Then anyone that wants to participate in the experience can share what they see.

Begin by breathing deeply through your nose.
Hold the breath for 9 seconds.
Exhale through your mouth.
Repeat this two more times.
(One for Spirit, one for mind, one for body.)
Allow the tension to leave your body.
Your shoulders relax.

The scene:
A tropical forest.
I can smell the decay of vegetation.
It smells sweet.
I see a waterfall in the distance.
I hear birds.
I feel at home.

Close your eyes.
Continue breathing deeply.
What do you see, hear, taste, smell, feel physically and emotionally?
Add your comments. (Donít quote this original post - just let things flow)

Nori 06-18-2005 02:41 PM

crunching sounds.......
sauna -like
there is the waterfall
the splashing and gurgling relaxes me
I sit on a rock
feet dangling in the water
the sun feels exquisite on my back and shoulders
I have seen this spot
a long time ago
it is very cocooning
My eyes are closed
But I can see where I am
who else is here?
OH it is you!

A Dreamer 06-18-2005 05:13 PM

I have come upon the edge of the clearing. The earth is moist and spongy under my feet and insects are buzzing around me. As I step out of the deep shade of the trees into the open I hear the water splashing.

Birds lift swiftly to the high branches and a small creature scurries into the vegetation. I hear the plops of several frogs into the pond.

The air is cooler here and mists are rising from the splashing water at the base of the fall.

I walk to the edge of the pool and splash the cool water on my face and arms.
The birds call in the trees, watching me cautiously.

I find a fallen log at the edge of the water and sit. Cool, damp. Feeling the waters cooling evaporation on my skin.

My eyes close and I breath in the fresher air of the clearing. Ionized. The sun through the canopy of the branches is casting dappled shawdows on everything.

My eyes close and I breathe deeply for a moment. My lungs enjoy the fresher cooler air here. And then..............silence.

adrienneb 06-18-2005 07:20 PM

I didn't move from my original spot. There was an ever so slight cool breeze and somehow the air smelled fresher.

Keep these exercises coming, Shirley!

Angelhawk7 06-18-2005 07:55 PM

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...
Walking up to the edge of the water, I see Dreamer sitting there and smile at her, greeting her with a telepathic hug but no words, so as not to intrude upon the sacred silence. I sense the others scattered around and telepathically greet them, too.

Lush, tangled vines decorated with huge fragrant blooms cling lovingly to various surfaces, lending their perfume to add to the magic of this place. Somewhere in the overgrowth a group of monkeys chatter to each other. I look up to see if I can see them, and sitting on a branch overhead is a huge golden eagle, quietly watching me. The eagle looks me in the eye, then lifts its wings and flies away, leaving me breathless and in awe of his majesty.

I'm drawn to the waterfall. The rocks behind the rushing water gleam golden in the lazy sunlight that filters through the dense vegetation. I can feel the spray on my face as I step closer. Suddenly I'm compelled to dive into the cool, clear water. I take a deep breath and push downward, behind the waterfall into an opening that somehow I knew was there, beneath and behind the rock face. The water grabs and pulls me through, but I am not afraid.

Just when I think my lungs are about to burst, I come up into a chamber, a cave filled with glistening quartz crystals of every imaginable hue. The waves of energy the stones emit should be staggering, but somehow are not.

At the edge of the pool on this side of the falls a set of stone steps lead out of the water and to an opening in the cave. Following along as if in a dream, I emerge from the shadowed cave into a clearing. There in front of me rise the stone steps of a temple, reaching upward to the cerulean sky. On either side of the steps sit sentinels: a pair of intricately carved, deeply green jade jaguars. I want to touch them, to feel the sleek power beneath their green skins, but I'm a bit intimidated by their power.

I take a step forward, and put one foot on the bottom step, pausing to look up at the top of the temple, trembling with excitement and anticipation...

Zen Jr 06-18-2005 09:05 PM

I tried
I followed your instructions. This is what I experienced.

I began to relax with each breath.
I pictured the waterfall. I heard the birds and waterfall. I wasn't sure of the smell.
An image of a South American Indian in native garb, carrying an arrow and bow pointed at me, kept coming up. He wouldn't stop following me and threatening me.
I gravitate towards the waterfall.

My Jack Russell interrupts me. Animals have this weird sense of seeking me out when I am meditating. I don't know why.

I try again. I am in waist deep water, walking my way towards the waterfall. I am forcing the image of the Indian with the arrow out of my mind.

I am under the waterfall. I feel cleansed. A lot of sad emotions being washed away. Images of South American Indians, women and children, looking at me with curiosity keeping coming up. I couldn't fully concentrate with these uncontrolled images popping up. My mind is not as disciplined as I thought. I will try again another time.

Pema Norpal 06-19-2005 06:26 PM

I see....
I see a path that leads me towards the waterfall. I hear chanting...There is a way to go behind the waterall into a cave where Monks are reciting Mantras. I take off my shoes, bow to the Buddha statue and sit with them and Pray.


Angelhawk7 06-19-2005 06:30 PM

Okay...I can't wait any longer...
I look up the steps of the temple. It is pyramid-shaped in the Meso-American style and would be at home in Chichen Itza or Tenochtitlan, and I can't imagine how such a grand site has escaped being found long ago. Yet there are no crowds of tourists anywhere nearby, no sign of recent human trespass at all.

I begin to climb the stone stairs, past the jaguar sentinels, slowly making my way upward. Looking up, I notice the air shimmering about midway up the steps, like heat shimmering against the achingly blue sky.

The higher I go, the harder it is to move. My feet feel as if they are encased in concrete, my arms feel like lead weights. The thought occurs to me that it feels like g-forces, but my rational mind dismisses that as absurd.

I come almost to a standstill, hating the thought of turning back, but unable to continue struggling against such extreme pressure. Then with my next step, I break free of the force and nearly fall from straining against something that is no longer there. I look behind me, down the pyramid, but see nothing.

As quickly as I can, I begin to climb again. At first I think the pounding sounds I hear come from my heart, beating heavily with exertion, but with every step forward I take, the sound grows louder until I can clearly hear the rhythm being played on what must be huge drums.

Just as I make it to the top of the temple, a masculine figure appears above me, draped in what can only be jaguar skins, wearing a necklace of teeth and claws. His skin is the color of red jasper, his hair like jet. He looks quite intimidating, but I feel no fear as I join him atop the ziggurat.

He does not speak and does not seem surprised to see me. I follow him to the other side of the temple and gasp as I look down on hundreds of other natives in similar garb. I look around in confusion, not remembering having read about such a demonstration. Suddenly I realize that as far as I can see, there are no signs of modern civilization. There are no tourists wandering around. The buildings in front of me are not ruins, they look whole and vital and alive. Swinging around to look behind me, I do not see the dense overgrowth of jungle from which I just came...there are plants and trees, but not the same ones through which I had emerged only a short while before...I wonder wildly where everyone else is...and where I am!

lightworker7 06-19-2005 11:36 PM

I see the waterfall as azure blue cascading in a shimmering brilliance. The waterfall begins to change in color, and it now becomes a deep purple hue with a white glow surrounding the main flow of water. Behind the waterfall lies a cave dwelling, a haven, a place of peace and comfort, designed by me and for me to retreat to for rejuvenation. The cave is covered in soft moss. I lay down upon the moss. The moss smells sweet, feels soft and lush, it is green, plush and alive. There are crystals of varying sizes and shapes in the corners of the cave. They are beacons for those who are fusing energies from another plane of existence. In the cave, I am in complete serenity and safety, mind, body and spirit. As I lay upon the moss a bear appears, he is golden with a blue hue that vibrates beyond the initial golden appearance. Suddenly it becomes apparent that the tropical region I am in is not one of this earth, I am on another plane of existence, perhaps another planet, I am unsure. I feel safe and at home, however, I cannot name where I am. It doesn't feel necessary to name it. I stand and leave the cave that lies behind the waterfall and am drawn to the "sky" above me. A large bird, one that I have known for many lives flies close to me and circles with an energy that is familiar, very ancient, very consoling. He is eagle like, but larger, and the shape of the body is not that of the eagle. He is wise, he is a guide, he is more than bird. He "speaks" through his flight. The scents that fill the air around me are those of fragrant and exotic flowers, musk, and wet leather. The soft tan leather has been moistened to form to my feet so that the trail I am now walking toward will be easier to tread, as it is a steep uphill climb. I walk the path with ease. There is a beautiful bright green lizard upon the rock to my right. He has eyes that shine in love. I reach the top of a mountain which now appears in the form of amethyst formations. Ancient guides await in a circle, a fire is lit and they gather in sacred ritual of a reunion of souls, a reuniting of energies that have bonded over many lifetimes, galaxies, universes. I sit now in the circle, I feel peace, I smell the smoke of the fire, the burning of the yarrow, the slight scent of mint in the air. This is where I will remain until the process is complete. This is where I will sleep tonight.

puma 06-20-2005 09:22 PM

It is warm and though the air is humid it is not oppressive and caresses my skin like soft velvet. My noise is filled with pungent ordours of ferns, mosses and musky earthy smell of decaying wood.

Though it is day I am in shadow. The crown coverage above lets little light in. Vines and mosses abound on the tree trunks. Looking over I see the remenants of a once large tree. It's wood has become squishy and fibrous, mosses have dressed it's decaying body and life abounds. A young sapling arises from it's shell bringing life full circle.

I walk quietly to the sound of water as birds call overhead making a cacophany of sound. I look up, up and up and see a flash of brilliant colour but within seconds it it gone being swallowed by the vegetation overhead. Life is teeming above whereas there is a gentle stillness below.

Beams of light struggle to break through the canopy and where they reach the ground an area of vegetation exists. Flowers bright and colourful trumpet their existance and bees lazily drink in their nectar.

I reach the stream, gurgling and cascading down rocks the water dances along. The rocks are spongy and slippery and I find a spot that gives my barefeet better footing. I find a flat rock and sit down. As I gaze across the pool below the waterfall yellow eyes silently stare back. Eyes lock, penetrating and mysterious. Spellbound we hold each others spirits. Slowly, with an elegance filled with athletic grace and beauty, the black panther slips away. Before she becomes a memory she looks back then fades away into the shadows. All that remains is a whispering echo in the soul.

The smells, the sounds, the sites, I am one with them and they are one with me. Life is beauty, life is love, life is.

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