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Chitown 12-14-2003 06:12 PM

Blue Gene Baby
Sleeping with the moon
Rising with the morning sun
Slippin on my genes

Sue Bee 12-14-2003 07:14 PM

Re: Blue Gene Baby
Blue genes huh ?
I think that mine are green....
nice writes my beautiful friend. Goodnight and sweet dreams ~
Pandora lives , breathes , feels .......

rubies 12-14-2003 08:03 PM

Re: Blue Gene Baby

yanking on my genes
whoops they do not seam to fit
must of been the pie

begonia de rubies


Chitown 12-15-2003 04:49 PM

Re: Blue Gene Baby
Captain Kangaroo
What a boring show for kids
Green Genes knew it too

Ha! Well...
off to listen to
Cooking in the Lite

rubies 12-15-2003 06:48 PM

Sweet ole Captain Kangaroo

Hey I was on that show as a kid and have fond memories of going to the treasure chest for candy. Perhaps that is my problem. I can sue Captain Kangaroo for my Krispy Kreme addiction.

Chitown 12-16-2003 08:06 AM

Re: Sweet ole Captain Kangaroo
Do you remember Coco the Clown;
they would show an artist's table.
and an ink bottle would spill and
Coco would pop out of it, as the
artist began to create Coco's next
adventure. It was my favorite part
of Captain Kangaroo. I would watch
the show... waiting for him.
Do you remember Coco?
Love, Chi

rubies 12-16-2003 08:24 AM

Re: Coco the Clown

No Chit I don't remember Coco and I have a good memory. Do you think we were watching two different Captain Kangaroo shows? I know they had more than one Captain Satelite show cause my friend's dad was the Captain Satelite in Minnesota before he went on to host the Dating Game in LA. We grew up with his Captain Satelite photo on the wall. Sue Bee do you remember our Captain Roo having Coco the Clown? Ours was filmed in the Bay Area.


rubies 12-16-2003 08:32 AM

Re: Fond Memories ~ "Do be a Do Bee and don't be a Don't Bee".

Remember Sherry and Lamb Chop the puppet? I just loved Lamb Chop. Also was very fond of Romper Room and always wanted to dress Willy the Weather Man.

"Do be a Do Bee and don't be a Don't Bee".

begonia de rubies

Sue Bee 12-16-2003 03:32 PM

Well..I'll bee a Sue Bee Doo Bee !
I do remember fondly Captain Kangaroo and I also remember a Coco the Clown...don't know if I am remembering them together or seperate.......but I do remember both......that was a looooong time ago.
Romper Bomper Stomper Boo .....oy vey....tee hee gnite you silly kiddies...xxoo
Pandora lives , breathes , feels .......

Nori 12-16-2003 05:11 PM

Re: Sweet ole Captain Kangaroo
Yup, he was not that old really, and he graduated from
the same high school as I did: Forest Hills in Queens
He came to the school from time to time.

Those were wonderfully creative shows, soothing and gentle. Now that Fred Rogers is gone there aren't that many really good kids programs!

"Won't you be my neighbour?"

"This was the lesson: it wasn't for me to fret about time or loss but to appreciate each day,move forward, and have faith that something larger was at work, something with its own sense of timing and balance."- Michael J. Fox, at the birth of his twin daughters

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