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MysticHeart 09-20-2002 08:33 AM

Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Waves of Blue---

As ancients waters carved the majestic landscapes of Earth, waves of energy surged through my chakras during Saturday’s meditation with Shirley, cleansing my inner terrain and sculpting a new being. Layers of history, sediment on my soul from many past lives, washed away. Stagnant energy that had been suffocating my spirit was suddenly released in bursts of light in my mind’s eye. Resistance melted by the healing vibrations pulsating through each chakra.

Some may have called it a kundalini moment, how that power surged through every fiber of my being awakening me. I call it a miracle to be able to sit here two weeks later and still feel the best I have felt in nine years, with hopes and dreams alive, a sense of purpose and adventure renewed, touched by the love of my dearest friends and the Gatherers.

Waves of blue light, crashing upon karmic shores. Melting lifetimes of fear and frustrations triggered by one long tear drop from my left eye. Oceans of pent up emotions flowing afterwards. Words are useless symbols of the healing I experienced.

That day began with a slow walk across the bridge with my dear soulmate Margot. She had eyed a beautiful Kuan Yin statue (he Divine Mother in China) for Shirley the day before at the metaphysical store down the road so we decided after breakfast to get it. Perfect gift. Shirley has been that for millions, in a sense. She has guided countless souls to explore these mysteries further, she opened doors within society and in the cosmos to a knew way of looking beyond the mundane, challenging us to explore our truths and heart’s desire despite the obstacles from family or friends (or the media) whose minds were closed.

On the site that bears her name, she is the “Mother/teacher/feminine guide” for us all on some level. She has provided us with a sacred space to freely discuss our intuitive insights, to divulge the most incredible, paranormal experiences, to question and learn freely without judgment. This is the sign of a mother’s generous spirit. Margot was right on track with that gift and line of thinking in regard to that beautiful, green Kuan Yin.

As we crossed the bridge a little yellow butterfly flickered by, a sign of my transformation to come. The bridge was my symbol of transcending the mundane and mystical, taking me across dimensions and lifetimes to this moment with my soulmate. “Walking in two worlds” has always been the way I described myself--finding that balance of both while appreciating the NOW. I still couldn’t believe the experience I had at dinner Thursday night and my time with Willy. And here I was with Margot. I felt like I was in another dimension, everything surreal. I was soaking in her presence and laughter, bonding even in the silence we shared. She was the gift my soul needed, the spiritual companion I had longed for all of my life, a spirit friend brought back to me after who knows how many lifetimes. Such an ease of being with her and a divine grace in being able to share our most intimate, spiritual and out of this world thoughts without judgment, always encouraging further explorations in this world and beyond, lessons mirrored and pillars of support for each other.

As I leaned over the bridge, I saw the riverbed below which was mostly dry exposing the stones that probably had laid there for thousands of years. Cycles of change, landscapes textured by centuries of seasons just like my spirit has experienced lifetime after lifetime. Just a small trickle left of once was probably an abundant river, I wondered how many times I sat there in another life when it rushed by wildly providing sustenance for a parched soul and a sacred society. The place felt eerily familiar and quite comfortable. What stories do the stones hold, what songs do the mountains sing. Had they seen Margot and I as well as the other Gatherers before. The surrounding landscape was lush and rich, something I don’t get to see often in my neighborhood in Texas. Beyond the bridge was a field of hope and to the right a row of sunflowers whose graceful stance inspired me to stand tall facing the light, soaking in the rays of the Divine.

Right past the field was a white horse who Margot fell in love with -- Pete, she named him, a handsome fella’who seemed to trust her, allowing her to get close. In between batting flies and trying to pet him, she promised him an apple on our return and I wondered if he was ticked when later he got only half, the other half within her. Or would he appreciate that shared snack, their moment of bonding. The pictures came out cute, a gentle reminder of a nice walk with a long, lost soul friend and her new horse. She was determined to bring Pete home. I laughed thinking about a horse on a plane and Margot sitting there smiling, happy with her new found friend.

We had to make the trip twice to the store since it had been closed that first time. On the second round, I saw several of the Gatherers exploring this interesting shop--John on the floor trying to find the best Lemurian seed, Katrin, Deb, Stephen, Dee, Elaine wandering the rooms looking at angels, books, etc. and I think a few others mingling around. After picking up the statue and a Lemurian seed crystal for Willy, we sat outside the store for a moment on these high chairs and table underneath some shade while a few people smoked. The question was raised about what we thought about the meditation moving to Shirley’s. I was a bit worried in regard to my stamina for the meditation and driving to Shirley’s and then back for Kevin’s three hour seminar so I expressed my doubts that normally I would have kept to myself.

Instantly, I realized that trickster energy was trying to allow fear to seep into my joy tainting the miracle that was already occurring. I hadn’t been able to sleep in two nights (either from the altitude or the energy of this sacred land or the excitement of the Gathering) and I was concerned about the waves I was feeling. One minute tired, the next energized. But overall, I was riding it well, doing fantastic and the body pains were absent. Normally I would have been recuperating in bed for a week from so much activity. The energy of Ojo and the love of Margot, Willy and my fellow Gatherers held me strong. So I don’t know where this doubt came from.

I wondered out loud much to the dismay of a few if going to Shirley’s was the right thing to do. They didn’t know I was speaking more from fear of my health than anything else and it was my ego and not spirit doing so. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and a gracious gesture on Shirley’s part and my heart and soul knew it. Deep down I was thrilled beyond measure. To meditate with my spiritual mentor, the woman whose books validated my dreams, my beliefs, my truths was a unique, lifetime opportunity--something I could have never imagined even though I felt I had done so in other lives.

As a young Catholic schoolgirl never exposed to such metaphysical truths, it was hard to fathom where all of these memories and emotions of life on other planets, ancient civilizations, UFOs, attractions to sacred sites, etc. came from. Not a soul to talk to about it either without some kind of admonition or threat of psychiatric care (that “you’re just crazy” mantra most of us have heard). At least we no longer had to fear witch burnings (I think I felt the singe of that in another life) but the anticipated judgments in some family member’s minds if my truths were exposed were enough to keep me silent for years. So when Out On A Limb was published I knew I was no longer alone, a freak, an outsider. I think I read it around 1986-87. I knew there had to be others with my same feelings and longings and little did I know where I’d meet some of them 15 years down the road, across that little bridge to Ojo Caliente, and that I actually would be meditating with them at Shirley’s home.

More hungry than tired, I caught myself in midstream, cutting off that stranger in my psyche planting such useless, energy draining thoughts and dropped it immediately because I didn’t want to have to explain to others the taunting of my mind from this disease. I knew that wasn’t my heart mentioning those concerns. Later, before the meditation, I went to Deb to let her know where I was coming from. Tall, beautiful Deb with such a gracious heart--she said she understood and knew it wasn’t from a place of disrespect but concern about my health holding up and I felt a wave of relief. I learned from those doubts how that disease suppressed my freedom and it was time to release it’s stranglehold. That was the beginning of my shift.

After our walk back, Margot and I had enough time for a quick dip into one mineral spring, shower and barely get ready for the drive to Shirley’s. That trickster energy testing me again. I thought I had 30 minutes to get ready. I now had five. Our departure time got moved up. Spirit was testing my patience but I hurried along, mumbling a bit, but got ready as best as I could. I wasn’t about to miss the event--lousy looking hair or not.

Off we went in our caravan to the Philips 66 station which had a Pizza Hut. Not the most enlightening food to eat before a meditation but still one of my favorites and enough to balance my jittery metabolism which annoys me since I have to fuel it so often. I saw people arriving in the parking lot as I waited for my pizza to cook. Talk about time standing still--that was the longest 5 minutes. My mind does that to me, drives me crazy with worry. I didn’t want to hold anybody up or miss the drive to Shirley’s. Margot kept telling me to not worry because other people were still arriving. She always grounded me when I felt my emotions flittering about like that.

In the comforts of Willy’s rental car I silently blessed and then scarfed down a pizza, tried to write in the rainbow card for Shirley and catch the scenery at the same time while enjoying my time with him and Margot. I knew how vital this healing meditation was, how we planned this lifetimes ago, how the subtle effects would reach out to the universe. I didn’t anticipate the powerful impact it would have on me. I was soaking in the drive but preparing myself spiritually by centering my being. It also helped that my stomach was pleasantly full. I wasn’t nervous just thrilled and deeply grateful. I had this eerie feeling we were repeating a journey of many lifetimes ago, the same pilgrims being guided to a sacred site for a healing meditation.

As we paraded past the security guard, each of us waving at Harris standing there pointing the way to Shirley’s, we lined the road to the right and got out to a grand vista of the mountains and then proceeded to her house. I had to hurry up and finish my card, wondering if Shirley could decipher my hieroglyphic writing.

What a beautiful soul Shirley is. Gracious and loving, she tenderly greeted each of us as if she knew everyone personally--recognitions of her old class I assumed. It seemed we had graduated to this moment. It was a beautiful home with a view of the mountains that mesmerized me and Russian sage bushes against the back wall that were simply gorgeous. For some reason I thought they were lavender.

I entered respectfully knowing I was walking into her sacred space, her home, leaving the shoes outside like my lifetime in Japan and little did I know that meditation was going to leave ages of heartaches and fears,psychic dirt, at the door of my past.

As we all poured into her living room we mingled for a bit, everyone walking around, I was too excited to snack on the cookies she had waiting for us. I was very respectful and didn't’ want to look around too much at what was in her home but I couldn’t help but see the photos of grandkids or nieces or nephews with moonbeam smiles and the great shot of her and Jack Nicholson with their Academy Awards. What caught my eye the most were the spectacular floral arrangements she had. Breathtaking.

There was so much light in that room--some streaming in from her beautiful windows but a lot being emanated by the souls who had gathered. A second wind had kicked in for me. I was humbly grateful to be there and feeling fantastic now.

As we settled into the living room, squeezing in 38 lightworkers prepared for their spiritual task, we told Shirley about the pattern Anita saw and how we needed to sit in that formation of the triangle, the circle, the square and everyone else supporting and protecting it with love and light. This would be the symbol that brought in the energy to open the portal of light that day. Anita with the notes of her vision guided us all into position.

Sweet, sweet Anita. Another mother energy and angelic being. I cry thinking about her, not being able to say good-bye because when I knocked at her door on Sunday no one answered. She must have been napping. But the hugs and reassurance I received from her on Saturday penetrated my heart and will hold me until I see her again.

As we moved around into our positions I was glad that I was at the front of the living room with a little extra leg room and close to Shirley. I was facing in the direction of the back windows and that gorgeous mountain range--the energy felt right. Shirley was behind me to my left but her energy encompassed the room. I had no idea where North and South was. I just sat in my spot within the circle. A few people Anita saw in her vision were not present and Margot was called by Stephen and Katrin to fill one spot next to Dee. I was elated that she joined me in the circle because her spirit is strong and wise--my dearest soul sister. Stephen was in front of me, MJ to my right, Dee to my left, Anita behind me. Such wonderful lightbeings surrounding me. The pattern was secured.

Shirley talked with us for a bit and even passed around her two necklaces--the one from the Camino and another one where I don’t know where it came from but is that triangle symbol often seen with UFOs. Each one of us held them, blessed them and passed them on. The triangle surged with energy for me, I felt the pulsations and power resonating within me. The cross from the Camino was a more mellow sensation but still beautiful.

Sitting in Shirley’s living room on that lush, white carpet, I felt like a student again in the ancient temples of Lemuria. Answering questions, offering opinions and thanks, listening to the others around me. I was at such peace and waves of happiness and familiarity rolled through me. This was such an honor. The room glowed with love. When she was ready, we turned around to our positions, closed our eyes and she began the meditation with a waterfall CD in the background.

At the beginning, Terry her dog was busy checking every one out. I felt a breeze as if someone was passing by to my left. I was certain it was Shirley kicking out poor Terry.

As we traversed each chakra area I felt waves of energy surging within me and flashes of brilliant white light, nothing I have ever seen before, cascading through my mind’s eye. Each color she called out swirled through my mind in a mysterious flow, like an elegant dancer gracefully swaying to mystical music, each layer of resistance in me dissipating. I saw images of who I needed to work with (Margot was prominent---she’s always inspiring me to write--such a brilliant mentor), what I need to do in regard to my life path (spiritual films and TV shows, writing, creating a holistic center), where I need to be next (Santa Fe) and what I needed to release (lifetimes of fear and resistance so I may speak my truth freely and fearlessly and inspire people and instill hope in them).

Shirley skipped over the heart chakra and I wondered if anyone else noticed that. Meanwhile, little twinges in my left leg began to distract me, an annoyance in every meditation I do. It felt so heavy. Why the left leg, I don’t know. But afterwards, instead of being dead asleep like it usually is, I just shook it a bit, stretched and was fine.

As Shirley moved up the chakras, cleansing and calling us to see our visions for each energy center, she reached the throat chakra. As the blue swirled in my mind’s eye a sudden rush of emotion overwhelmed me. I tried to take a deep breath without gasping too loudly. My heart area was quickly expanding and rushing energy up to my throat. Wave upon wave of intense emotions swirled through that center. Suddenly,one big tear drop rolled down my left cheek and it took every ounce of concentration to not burst out crying.

I settled back into Shirley’s soothing voice, watching this white light expanding up to my crown chakra, swirling in the tiny universes within my body and out into the immense one in the sky and in other dimensions. I have never felt such power running through my veins and spirit. Changes were occurring on a cellular and soul level, I could feel it. I felt like I was floating.

For some reason, a tiny frog popped into my mind’s eye and disappeared. Then a strange image of the many faces of spiritual leaders throughout the ages transposing each other appeared, --Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and others I didn't recognize. A serene Asian face kept appearing to me, a sweet smile on this androgynous being. I saw this as my path of honoring and respecting each spiritual tradition and seeking that Golden thread that connects us all, something I’d like to write about or do documentaries on while traveling the world. I have always felt the calling to unite the traditions into a path of peace, by honoring the perennial wisdom of each, by spreading a consciousness of unity in diversity, by seeing beyond the labels and rituals but focusing on the love and compassion taught in each path and how each serves a different flavor of the nectar of the Divine.

When Shirley cleansed the chakras and opened our heart one at the end, I felt such an intense release of energy, a lightness of being. I knew I wasn’t the same person. Stagnant energy had been evaporated, karma transmuted and all I felt was unconditional love surging through me.

She gently brought our attention back to the room, asked us to slowly wake up and I got up after slightly stretching, not really saying anything to anyone and left through the front door and sat on the steps to the right that led to the back area which faced the mountains. Tears came rushing through, like the river flowing furiously after a spring storm. Cleansing, cleansing,cleansing-- every fear, every past life frustration, every shadow that has haunted me washed away in those tears.

I knew in that throat chakra opening that I had so much to communicate to my family and to the world. Too many secrets resided within me there, stagnating and clogging that chakra, silencing me for centuries.

Instantly, I knew that I could no longer hide from my authentic nature. I could no longer play the games of being in the closet for the sake of not being judged by my very Catholic family. I am gay, get over it. Look at my spirit and not my orientation. I am also a mystical seeker, a peacemaker, an explorer of God’s multidimensional domains. I cannot conform to their religious beliefs or social conditioning. I am so happy the way I am and I can no longer cater to their images, projections, attitudes or expectations of me. It was time to come clean as my body and spirit had just experienced and to honor my path. Slowly, but surely. But I knew life was never going to be the same for me.

As the tears cleansed my essence, Jordie came out while I was sitting there and walked up next to me. I mumbled something about how healing that was and smiled. Her sweet spirit and gentleness soothed me as well as her loving hug. More people slowly poured outside. I can’t remember if I did this before or after I saw Anita but I asked Willy for the keys to the car so I could get my camera. As I walked I drenched the landscape with more tears. I leaned against the car and inhaled the majestic energy of the mountains asking them to guide me so I may stand firm and strong as they do, bearing witness to my truths as they have to the history of the land.

When I came back in I went in to see Anita. Leaning into her, I buried my face into her shoulder crying and she said, “You are going to tell them, aren’t you?” She knew what had happened, a major shift, a deep healing, energy surging through every fiber of my being. She said she had felt the power of the energy flowing through me. A sauna for my soul--emotional toxins from lifetimes oozing out of my being. I loved her so deeply in that moment for understanding me instantly, for providing me with that safe energy to just be me, for that tender hug that I had always wanted from my mother when I finally tell her the truth of one aspect of my being but now knowing I really don’t need that approval.

I have always had a closed throat chakra (lump in my throat) even though I am very outspoken (a loud/gregarious Italian/Latin blend). That must be from my Gemini Moon--open and carefree with my friends, closed and guarded with my family--emotions that sway like the tides. The suppression of my creativity based on fear of criticism also took a toll on my body, mind and spirit. Lifetimes of repercussions for speaking up to my truths had been suffocating my current expression.

Eleven years ago, I had a stunning past life recall of being a monk during the genesis of the Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism sect, my hands tied behind my back and being beheaded. I had that flashback during my first meeting while everyone was chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, a familiar mantra that I had never encountered in this lifetime but it resonated within me the moment I heard it. That scene shocked me back into the reality of the meeting. I later found out the early sect leaders had literally lost their heads in the exact manner I had seen and felt. Major throat chakra trauma there.

Other memories were buried deep within my chakras reflecting that inward journey where I feared my truths and hid from my nature for the sake of conforming and being loved and literally hanging on to my dear life. So I withhold information, dance around my truths, disclose bits and pieces that are convenient to me and those energy games produced blockages in my body. I no longer feel that. Over the years I have opened up to my family about my metaphysical beliefs, my Buddhist practice----trusting in my truths-- but I still had this one big door to deal with.

I haven’t come out yet but am fully prepared mentally to do so--no more fears of being ostracized, no more concerns of their Catholic oriented guilt or judgments, no more dishonoring of my spirit. It won’t be as harsh now since I have interjected this dialogue about gays into their mind. They are more open and understanding. True progress thanks to my patience and persistance and low key approach of dispelling the myths and false generalizations as taught by the Church or society. The minute I move out and am on my own again (which I feel will be very soon), the truth will be told. I am ready.

Another door that was opened was the honesty about this entire trip. My family thought I was meeting old friends from Los Angeles instead of past life buddies from Lemuria or some other sacred society. So I told them the truth and it was so freeing, the words flowing furiously from my excitement of having returned from this life altering trip, unhindered by their reactions, my body and mind not caring if they thought I was nuts. It was such a relief to be me and to tell them where I met the people that I love---online at Shirley’s place. It took every ounce of my being not to blurt out, “Oh, by the way, been lying to you too for 17 years, I am gay! Deal with it!!” I didn’t want to shock them too much but I did feel empowered.

I am preparing for part time work, a miracle after a 9 year journey with a debilitating illness ( a great teacher). The energy of Ojo, the love of Margot and Willy and all others who touched my spirit that weekend, the power of that chakra cleansing--all of it had a profound effect on me. To be so happy, with hope running freely, doubts dissolved, confidence returned, a new life emerging for the next half of my life is absolute freedom.

I am in awe of all that happened to me and indebted to the Divine for this mystical experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. As I walked that bridge with Margot that morning, I didn’t realize I would cross it later as a new woman. Side by side with my soulmate and little brother, this journey was a magical one for me. My path is enhanced by being with people who honor my spirit unconditionally, who love me wholly, who will never leave me standing on the road alone because of who I am or what I believe, who have been there for many lifetimes and will always find me.

The unconditional love of the universe, of our Mother/Father/God was coursing through my body that afternoon--both physical and astral--birthing a new me, giving me a new lease on life, a greater sense of clarity, a deeper sense of peace, and so much new love in my life that carries me forward daily with absolute hope and optimism and with a deep gratitude of the gifts of each moment in this unique incarnation. I’ve made other promises I need to keep, I have a calling to fulfill.

May the peace and love I have felt since that afternoon encompass the world, shine out beyond the distant galaxies, reverberate through multidimensions and awaken those who slumber in the mundane while missing out on the deliciousness of the mysterious and mystical nature of life.

I am still floating on that Ojo energy high!! Bowing in deep gratitude to all of my lightbeing family members, to my spirit guides, to the ancient energies and teachers of Ojo Caliente/Santa Fe but especially to my dearest Margot and brother Willy.

Peace and many blessings.

Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

paramedic 09-20-2002 09:19 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
I have been reading your post and I am moved to tears. I too had a similar experience of awakening in Ojo, but you have been able to put into words what I have found so hard to express. The spiritual energy that I received from this trip alone has been a fundamental crutch for me over the past 2 weeks. How desperately I needed the cleansing of my soul and the reunion of my family. Those 4 days alone convinced me of what I have known all along. I am in the wrong place for the growth that I need and I have a calling for a higher path which I will not be able to achieve here. Little did I know what kind of things would confront me when I returned. I can't really go into specifics but even though I am facing a difficult situation I have realized it's more of a confirmation that it's time to move on and follow my dreams. I feel your longing for Santa Fe and the need for change. I have known these things but not until our gathering did I know what exactly it was I was supposed to do...more on that later...By the way I am very interested in film and tv production...we should converse on that topic more! Sorry this is so short...will write more later!
Please email me...rescuejunkie911@aol.com
Thank you for the beautiful post!
Love you,

MysticHeart 09-20-2002 10:33 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Dearest Elaine,

I thought you were crying because my post was so long. LOLOL Just teasing. I told Margot I was like a Babbling Brook--running and running. The more I tried to edit, the longer it got.

Sweetest blessings to you. Ojo was such a catalyst and cleansing for all of us. The "chaos" confronting you is part of the healing process, bringing to light old patterns or ways that no longer serve you. Honor them for the time and place and way they contributed to your growth but it is time to move on. So look at this as one big adventure that you are being guided on and keep all senses open for the synchronicities in life.

Wouldn't that be wild to be able to work in film/TV production together in Santa Fe. I can see it. I LOVED your energy and presence, such a wonderful spirit.

I'll write soon, I promise.

Love, Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

inspired 09-20-2002 10:40 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
V my dear,

You have said so much here and I am really moved. What a great honesty there is in this account, each detail a small contribution to the rapture of the whole. I thank you so very much my dearest for sharing this, it is teaching and it is art all in one. This is why I love you darling.
More later...

Sweet waves,

puma 09-20-2002 11:57 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Oh Veronica this is so Powerful !!!!!!

You words truly capture the event. I smiled when you wrote that Margo wanted to buy Pete the horse. So do I. I truly love that horse no question about it.

I also noticed the beautiful floral display but what drew my attention the most was the Dall Sheep painting that Shirly had. It was leaning against the bottom of the counter where her cookies were. I thought how absolutely perfect for this meditation. The meaning of the dall sheep is astounding. The basics are.... confidence and support, and seeking new beginnings. The dall sheep also live only in artic and sub artic mountainous regions of Alaska, and the northern and western regions of Canada. Because they live in a specific environment they are not as numerous as many animals.

To take a qote from a the wolf song cards book "Dall sheep survives where others have failed because of supreme confidence in his ability in an environment that can best, be called harsh. Seemingly inaccessible heights, cavernous deeps, and jagged rocks do not deter the Dall Sheep. He relies not only on his self-confidence, but on the supppport of his family and community. The Dall Sheep is both an individual and one of many. He can rely on the herd, and the herd can rely on him." (Wolf song Cards Jeannette Spencer and Lew Hartman)

As I gazed at this painting all the meanings came to me. Here we were small in number like the sheep having the confidence and support of our fellow gatherers yet at the same time being individuals. Some of us had obstacles to face to get here but with determination we had the confidence we would make it. And now here we were a herd of us in the presence of the individual whom inadvertantly brought us together. Shirley independent and confident striving to reach the heights just like the ram. How much more profound can you get. For me this one painting symbolized the meaning of the whole gathering and it's purpose. Incredible.

Like you I also noticed that during the meditation Shirley passed the heart chakra. I was wondering who else noticed this. I for one did not let it pass by. I immediately stopped following her voice and cleansed mine then went back to following. There was no way I could continue the meditation otherwise. I will explain this later.

You also mentioned the left leg falling asleep. I am beginning to wonder if all of us had this. I know Jordie, Deb and Willie had the same thing. With me it was both legs and unlike where your foot or leg falls asleep you can still move it mine went completely dead from the knee down and from the waist down my body was asleep. The pain that shot through my body was searing. So much so that I almost crumbled and was ready to give up. But I thought no this is part of it. When the meditation ended I had to take my hands to move my legs straight. I was surprised to note that the dreaded pins and needles that take place when circulation comes back did not happen. Instantly my legs came back to life and just as quickly the pain left. I asked Willy, Deb and Jordie if they felt the pins and needles and they with surprise in their voice said no. So it would be interesting to see if others had the same.

Well I have to go now. Veronica your posts are both insiteful and poignant. I love reading them and I learn so much from them. Thank you

Laughter, Light and Love
Puma >^._.^<
If you talk to the animals, they will talk with you, and you will know each other - Chief Dan George

IndigoWolf 09-20-2002 12:06 PM

Re: Waves of Blue--New Mexico Life
What wonderful sharings!

Please take a gentle word of caution, I am not trying to discourage you from coming to our wonderful state but be ready...she tends to change you!

To survive here you have to be willing to work hard. Her wonderful energies have been known to nudge those out who do not flow with her. Much of the New Mexico mountains truly are filled with crystals, most are very small but there can be billions in one mountain, therefore very strongly radiating her energies.

So many come here and then find themselves forced to move on...just as Kevin said. Still others find their finances or most precious relationships crumble. Our poverty lines here are truly sad.

Of coarse this is all part of the lessons NM has to offer and "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere", NM, NM, New Mexico!

With that understood, come on gang! Whether you like tall pines or high desert or anything in between...we got it! If you love your food hot and your nights cool...we got it!
If you like a night sky where you can count every star...we got it! If you love the song of the coyotes and slowing for the deer (our local pedestrians)....we got it!

Oh, it also helps if you can ride a horse;)

Love and Light,

Take that which speaks to your heart, place the rest on a shelf. Come back in a few years-examine that on the shelf. Repeat as needed.

Chitown 09-20-2002 12:14 PM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Beautiful, just beautiful Veronica...
i love hearing accounts like this.
Thanks for sharing. Big Grin.
Joy and Light

Lasep 09-20-2002 04:52 PM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing

Oh Veronica, miracles do happen...

You have proven it!

Words don't do justice to say how happy
that I am for you.

With Tons of Love,


MysticHeart 09-21-2002 11:13 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing

Loved the info on the Dall sheep. Fascinating. And I love to read other's perspectives and observations of the event, the surroundings and any insights or effects.

How weird about the leg. Yes, yes, it felt like it was dead. I wondered this morning in the shower if that sensation was our energy grounding us to Earth because the light was so powerful swirling through us. Just the hit I got because I easily stood up afterwards. Normally when I meditate here it's pretty asleep for a while. lol

Glad you got the photo of Pete. Let's see if I can crop it out so it's just his handsome face.

Have a great day.

Love, Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

MysticHeart 09-21-2002 11:15 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Brother Willy,

I'll never stop showering you with adulations. You are a gift, a gentleman, a gracious soul. I love you dearly and am so glad that you are such an important part of my life. Miss you like crazy.

Love, Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

MysticHeart 09-21-2002 11:16 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing

Thank you sweets. I hold in my heart not just the healing energy of Ojo but that laughter and loved shared. In my mind's eye is emblazoned that picture of you and Pema laughing. I crack up thinking about it. What great joy you shared.

Love, Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

MysticHeart 09-21-2002 11:18 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Thank you, Chitown,

Sure wish I had gotten to sit down with you and chat. Love your energy here. Next time.

Have a great weekend.

Love, Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

MysticHeart 09-21-2002 11:20 AM

Re: Waves of Blue--New Mexico Life

It was probably all of those crystals that made me feel so good. Words cannot describe the energy shift I had there. To not be able to sleep and still function at the level I did was such a miracle.

Ah, such a beautiful place. I do see myself spending some time there.

Have a great weekend.

Love, Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

PleadianMaya 09-21-2002 09:10 PM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing (leg thing)
My left leg fell PAINFULLY asleep and was cramping. I am wondering now what significance there is with this experience being "across the board" so to speak??

Veronica - wonderful post-as I said before, youre words are melodic and beautiful....a true reflection of your soul!

Much Love and Many Blessings to you, Dear One!
We are not Humans doing the Spirit Thing, but rather, Spirits doing the Human Thing!

PleadianMaya 09-21-2002 09:19 PM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing (leg thing)
My left leg fell PAINFULLY asleep and was cramping. I am wondering now what significance there is with this experience being "across the board" so to speak??

Veronica - wonderful post-as I said before, youre words are melodic and beautiful....a true reflection of your soul!

Much Love and Many Blessings to you, Dear One!
We are not Humans doing the Spirit Thing, but rather, Spirits doing the Human Thing!

cierra45 09-22-2002 12:44 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
God Veronica!!..you have a huge heart. I could feel every moment you were talking about. The energy started to swirl around me and I received so much healing just reading your words. God Bless You Dear One. Are you sure that you are gay or is your soul just advanced to the point where you resonate with the goddess energy. To me the goddess energy is more powerful and on this planet it is more spiritual. For the light beings of this planet to do there work they need to be in touch with that energy. For me I need that goddess energy around me in a mate situation so that my vibrational frequency stays where it should be. If I have the male energy (or God energy) around me, which our planet has has basically castrated, my vibrational energy is drained. Did you not notice that allot of people who are metatphysical, both male and female carry allot of goddess energy and they are constantly seeking to mate with someone who carries the same energy so that they can progress further on their path. I think that there will be a new lable soon instead of Gay that decribes these type of beings. Their is nothing wrong with being gay, but I really believe that what we are drawn to (us light workers) has a different lable. I don't know what that is, but it could be...goddess-sensuality-spirituality. I think it is sexuality turned into a higher "spiritual sensuality" that allows souls that are balanced to merge on a higher vibrational plane. In my search, I would have relationships with some women but when I tried to lable myself as gay or bi-sexual, it didn't fit. When I was in a relationship I felt myself constantly shift into people, the people that I had been before. Now, I still shift but I'm finding myself shifting to higher parts of me that are more adrogynous and more balanced. This is not black and white, we are spiritual beings who are adrogynous who can shift to whatever form we need to be to learn. The lable of gay, straight or bi-sexual can no longer apply to light workers, it is not logical anymore. Those lables belong to mainstream people who need to see things in black and white. They need to have everyone in a box so that they can feel in control and know where everyone is. I do believe we as light workers are pushing those boundaries and will no longer allow ourselves to be labled or put into boxes. Even the lesbian community does not allow for bi-sexuality, they get very upset if you will not be in their box. They are part of the mainstream community also. When I met you I saw a balanced spirit, I know that the pressure to lable ourselves so that everyone knows where we stand or where we fit is overwhelming, but I really believe that those lables limit us and does not state the whole picture of who we are. Mating with someone is energy to energy, sometimes that energy is male and then to shifts to female all within the same body. I have seen male/female relationships where both energies are male, does that make them gay? We need new terms. I hope this makes sense. I hope I haven't offended you in anyway. This stuff has been coming to me for awhile. If you want, you can let me know what you think.
Love and Light,


Lasep 09-22-2002 07:59 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---~Cierra~

Sandy, this is an awesome post and it's
going to make alot of people think...

You have some really amazing insights.

With Love and a Big Hug,


PleadianMaya 09-22-2002 09:49 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Sandy - great post! Lots of thought provoking possibilities and insight. It has made me think, and those are the types of posts I REALLY like - the ones that can make me think OUTSIDE of the box.

We are not Humans doing the Spirit Thing, but rather, Spirits doing the Human Thing!

MysticHeart 09-22-2002 12:30 PM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Hi, Sandy,

Very interesting perspective. Insightful. No, you didn’t offend me at all.

In regards to physical sexuality, I am definitely gay. 100%. This is one of many “filters” in my lifetime in which I witness and express the Divine and create and transmute karma. It’s not something I chose in the physical, as some fundamentalist erroneously think. I’ve known since I was a child that I was different and I can see why some women became nuns because they did not have that sexual attraction towards men. A half a century ago I would have probably joined the convent just to get out of marriage. And certainly, I thought I was being a good little Catholic girl by not sleeping with men but after my first kiss with a woman I knew why. lol Sorry, pure honesty here.

Physiological reactions that stir up hormones and emotions especially love for me tend to be guided by a genetic component as well as a heart chakra connection. I’ve never in my life had these feelings, desire or an ounce of attraction towards men. But as a gay woman I am also NOT a man which some of the straight guys I used to work with wished to think. I am naturally affectionate to my friends and the straight women in my life know that it’s not a “come on”, just pure, big hearted V.

Now, that’s purely the 3rd dimensional reality of sexual relationships in regard to me being gay. I am not a sexually driven person, more spiritually oriented which is why this celibate state of my life has been easier for me than I would say for some of my friends. But I must say, I can look at Tom Cruise and think that he is unusually handsome, even pretty but no tingling sensations. And then I see Penelope Cruz and I MELT, drop to my knees in goddess worship and just want to marry her. LOL

Now there are gay men that I absolutely adore--they are close in spirit to me. And the energy of the gay body is different, I’ll have to say. Maybe it is the goddess energy, I don’t know. But it certainly is a unique vibration and expression.

Yes, true love has the capacity to transcend all space and time, body and orientations, etc. And spirit has no gender or orientation--just vibrational frequency. But for me, in this lifetime, I’ve never had that with a man and really don’t foresee it.

Maybe you are more advanced than me. I say that with sincerity. From a purely social perspective I have found it very empowering to be a gay woman and yes, I tend to get annoyed with many straight men and the way they treat or demean women as purely sexual objects. I have a difficult time tolerating that disrespect towards women. You’ll see it within my circle of friends--like we don’t care what men may think about us, we don’t have that nagging feeling about having to get married, we are independent, we are driven professionally, we aren’t hindered by some of their misconceptions of gender roles. I know a lot of that blends with straight women as well. I was trying to explain this to Margot the other day. My life is so different than hers where she is married with kids. Different roles, Different perspective. It’s very hard to explain. Filters--it’s all about filters and how we see life and express life.

I agree that we need a huge infusion of the goddess energy to balance out the chaos that is occurring on our planet and to dissolve the patriarchal misogyny that has crippled some women around the world as well as our Mother Earth. It’s not about gaining power but maintaining peace and stability and with such a denial of the feminine or suppression of it, you get this imbalance that creates chaos and wars, hatred and violence and the obscene rape and pillage of our environment. Men who embody the goddess energy will have to be examples to the men who don’t. It’s time for everyone to become enlightened.

Yes, you do see divisions within the gay community even among lesbians. You’ll also see some butch women who resent us “lipstick” lesbians, chiding us that we are conforming to society. And that to me is all about taste and what style we like. I prefer my Lancome or Loreal lipstick, nice Ann Taylor suits when I have the money, GAP jeans vs. Levis or Wranglers, looking good my unique way but that’s just my preference. I am athletic, love to camp, strong minded and strong willed but not necessarily butch. I don’t condemn them for the way they dress or style their hair so it was always quite interesting to get “scolded” in some sense that my friends and I weren’t “true” lesbians because our hair was long and we liked to wear make up and perfume. Like with all people, it’s just a different opinion on how we like to express ourselves in this incarnation.

I can see the male/female vibrational theory even with 2 women---not the butch /fem dynamics but the whole energy thing. An aggressive intelligence, some may call it for the male energy and the more nurturing, loving energy of the female. We do all need to find that balance within us and our partners tend to mirror the things we need to work on.

Now, that “higher spiritual sensuality” is something that I can express with people I am attracted to spiritually--where we connect deeply on a soul level, where there is no need for a sexual component in the relationship. But once again, I’ve only had that connection with women, straight and gay, and gay men.

I do agree about the removing of boxes. That has certainly been my dilemma. I know I live within that box, always joking with my gay friends about how much I love being gay--it’s been so freeing in many senses. And the conversations with them I would never have with my family--it’s a different level of awareness. But at the same time I don’t want society to pigeonhole me in a box, to limit me by generalizations or their misconceptions. I think that’s why when I come out my family will be thrown off a bit because I do not fit any of their stereotypes and that’s how it should be. A person should be guided to find love and not condemned when it doesn’t fit the norm. But I hope to see a day where we don’t need organizations to teach tolerance, that it’s just a natural expression of spirit. And I hope to see the end of gay bashing, the fears behind being different. I had a sweet friend in college who was killed simply because he was gay. Jason had a heart of gold, wouldn’t hurt a fly and two guys just decided to single him out for their deep hatred. So sad. That I hope dissolves with the infusion of the goddess energy, with the realization that we are all unique expressions of the Divine and we must honor our diverse paths.

Thank you for your post. I’ll think about it some more. Extremely insightful.

Have a great day. I just got back from the Opening Ceremony of the Mystical Arts of Tibet where the monks are in town to do their Sand Mandala. I couldn’t catch the Tibetan name but it’s the Unshakable Buddha who resolves conflicts and facilitates healing. I’ll go back this week to see how the mandala progresses and then the Closing Ceremony on Saturday.

Peace and blessings. Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

cierra45 09-22-2002 01:19 PM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Hello Veronica,

Everything you said makes perfect sense to me. Yes, I have felt throughout my life the exact same way, I even wondered if I should become a nun. Recently within the past 5 years everytime I tried to lable myself, which I really wanted to do just to feel somewhat normal, my spirit wouldn't let me. I'm still in confusion over this. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I can see many different people, I even shape shift into many animals and my face takes on those characteristics. Something is going on with me that I cannot explain, but I know that if I'm patient, one of these days spirit will give me an explanation. I let you know if any revelations come to me. Thank you so much for your wonderful post I can still feel the healing today. Lots of Hugs to you.
Love and Light,


Gypsey 09-22-2002 03:37 PM

The new sexuality
Hi Sandy

I wish we'd connected at Ojo, but spirit knows what we need better than we do I guess. This time wasn't necessary, but I wanted to say how totally I agree with this post of yours which puts so articulately and clearly my own feelings on this subject. Similar stuff has been coming to me.

I also feel I've become something of a prude. Gone is the willing participant of my youth. Try anything once, twice if I liked it...yeah let's have a look at your S & M pictures, oh ok tie me up if you must...menage a trois? Why not! Hey, I'm a modern girl. Slowly the offence to the Goddess within became unignorable. Bang! Long period of celibacy while I figured out why pornography outraged me so and 15-partner-a-night 'gay' boys. It was like a disgrace to something sacred. Sacrilege.

Now I feel 'each to their own', but watching Lynn's 15 year old contemplate her first sexual excursions, it's hard not to want to warn her of how deep that energy exchange is, how damaging it can be and how transcendant it can be with a little patience. Maybe I'll find a way...

Meanwhile thank you for reassuring me that my resistance to labels of any kind is perfectly logical!

Love an Light

MysticHeart 09-22-2002 04:58 PM

Re: Love--the greatest force

As I grow in spirit I wish to eliminate labels too. I want to call them Life Perspectives, tools we choose to learn the deep lessons of the soul. I don't judge anybody by who they love or how they love. I am just happy they are touched by love, the greatest force of the universe.

Interesting about the shapeshifting. You are seeing all aspects of your being--simultaneous lives maybe through past, present and future. You are becoming whole by refusing to label or confine yourself. You are honoring your path without borders or boundaries.

Amazing. Keep us posted. I love your insights.

Love, Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

MysticHeart 09-22-2002 05:08 PM

Re: The new sexuality

Oh,honey,I love the way you write. I've been an old fashioned prude all of my life. LOL It's just the way I am. I always sensed the sacredness of relationships, that transcendent power of love you talked about. I just want to tell these teenagers too about the energy exchange, the power to change your life, the giving and taking in relationships and the balance necessary and not this shallow business I see on TV where love isn't even part of the equation. It's all about T & A and it just saddens me. I am a fool for love.

I'd like society to reach a level of awareness too where it's not taboo to be gay or anything, but mainly to honor the love we find. Ready for it to be so ho-hum about it all. But I see why I went the route I did in terms of karmic lessons. Never made any sense to me why I've been so afraid of my family's judgments. The past life stuff put it into perspective (and Craig channeled some interesting stuff which made so much sense now) and also that sense of privacy. I won't be dragging them to any parades (which bore me now but was fun in my 20's because it was such a new world of experiences--some funny, some interesing, some scary!!) But darling, you would have made a grand Master of Ceremonies. Oh, the party we could have had 15 years ago. LOLOL

Love your honesty. Love your wisdom. Love your love.

Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

MysticHeart 09-22-2002 05:14 PM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing (leg thing)

I learn so much from writing and reading other's insights and reflections. What a journey. As I grow, layers melt and all I want to do is bask in the light of spirit. But I still enjoy being human and the filters we see life through, absorbing the details and witnessing the dance of light and shadows and learning the lessons for this incarnation. So fascinating.

Talk to you soon.

Love, Veronica :)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

Gypsey 09-22-2002 05:21 PM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Ha. This topic has arisen a lot at Ojo and since. You and I discussed it, Jordie and I and now Cierra helps me to clarify my own feelings a little.

Your reply to her is so intelligent that, as I felt in Ojo, I can have no argument with it. But let's throw in some more curves.

You say you were very young when you realised your orientation and have never explored sexuality with men. I can also say that when I was very young I got quite excited at the thought of sexual encounters with female teachers - this I believe, like a lot of sexual activity - is to do with wanting their power, energy indeed, and something to do with mother...why is it so many women together do this baby talk thing, I mean I love it - adorable - but men seem to loathe it. I can't honestly recall any attraction to men when I was young, fantasy wise, until I was 17 and 'wanted the power' of a drama teacher I met. He had to be the first. I was besotted. Eventually he became my first lover and over the years there followed some great sex, as well as some not so great, with assorted men. Often the attraction was to powerful older men, hence my power sucking theory and in those cases something to do with daddy. At the same time attraction to women came in equal amounts but was less often acted upon due it seeming socially inappropriate, which is an argument in favour of gay pride marches I suppose. I didn't like the label bi-sexual, but it seemed slightly better than either of the other extremes. At the end of the day sexuality is just a component of our being. We are sexual beings. And most of us have quite a bit of sexual karma to work through I guess. But are we really inclined one way or the other except for conditioning?. Watch small children. No known preferences when it comes to the awakening of that kundalini.

Yet the liklihood of my ever having a relationship with a man again is so completely remote not just because I'm in a relationship that is nigh perfect, but because of the absence of balance, the goddess energy, in the great majority of straight men. No respect. No nookie. Not because I'm genetically homosexual but because it's a rare man that appreciates, thus deserves, the gifts of the goddess. We all know it and we're all as angry as hell about it. I can see why it would be empowering to say "they'll never have me, not in their wildest dreams". They don't deserve us, they had their chance and blew it! Oh dear, what has happened. We gotta find forgiveness else parthenogenesis is the only hope for the future!.

Relationship with women is most definitely easier, but I sometimes wonder if it's a cop out. Given that same sex sexuality can contain a balance of forces in both partners, the polarity thing with male/female is a powerful force all it's own, not to be ignored and not to be entered into lightly. Ah Sexuality. One of the great mysteries of life on this plane. We're probably all heading towards total celibacy, then we can leave this planet!

Enough rambling from me.

I don't know why I'm doing SO MUCH posting when Mercury is retrograde. I should probably shut up.

Kiss, kiss

MysticHeart 09-22-2002 05:46 PM

Re:Various shades of the rainbow

Love you just the way you are and how you think and love. I don't feel it's conditioning for me. Something I might have chosen in the spirit world (I'll email you later about those past lives and you'll understand deeper). There are various shades of the rainbow on Earth--brilliant expressions of colors and perspectives. I am a gay, like I said but not because I did not explore something I didn't like--just no attractions there. Zilch, Nada, nothing. Like I said, I can see beautiful men like Brad Pitt, Kurt Russell, Tom Cruise and think how handsome but not butterflies in my stomach. Then I see Penelope and a few other goddesses like Susan Sarandon and just melt.

But like you said, it's a minor aspect of our being, not the totality of it. But it makes for interesting views and expressions, doesn't it. Laughing at the celibacy comment.

I'll write more later. Love honest discussions like this. But am sidetracked with the Emmy's.

Love you, love you, love you!!!! Veronica :) (with her big G is for genetically gay t-shirt--LOL--just teasing)

'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax

debabbott 09-25-2002 10:02 AM

Re: The new sexuality
I have one big label for us all and that is "LOVE IS", Love is without boundaries or borders or labels other than it's own. How wonderful it is to know "love is". Thank you all for your wonderful posts and for sharing the healings that have occurred since Ojo. I am so blessed to have you all in my life.
Life is Good!
Belief Becomes!

cierra45 09-26-2002 12:58 AM

Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing
Hi Maya,

Hey girl, I misplaced your phone number can you email it to me on private email...cierra45@yahoo.com. I talked with Deb and she said it sounds great. Many Hugs to you.
Love and Light,


cierra45 09-26-2002 01:01 AM

Re: The new sexuality
Hi Helen,

At Ojo I only met you briefly and wish I would have had more time to sit down with you and talk. I would have loved to be around such a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for the light, the laughter, and the wisdom.
Love and Light,


Margot 09-26-2002 05:51 AM

Re: The new sexuality

So great to see your posts! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting both you and Lynn at Ojo. When I first caught a glimpse of you two on your back porch, I was instantly transfixed! You both have such incredible energy, and two personalities that compliment eachother perfectly. And Helen, you really exemplified to me the importance of humor when pursuing the truth. You added so much engery and light to the weekend, and I was very sincere when telling you that those two days would not have been the same without you.

Lynn is wisdom and poise personified and I will always cherish our conversation Sunday morning, as we discussed the struggles of motherhood and balancing our own needs with our family's needs. I was able to shed some long pent up tears, and found such comfort in knowing that Lynn and I walk similiar paths. Please tell her that I have come home with a new "lease" on life because of our conversation and am determined to bless the reality I have created, no matter how hectic it gets.

Ojo has provided us all with with new insights and those all important "shifts." I miss you all....

Lynn and Helen! Thank you again for all that you added to the weekend. I'm glad you returned home safely, and I so look forward to seeing you again someday.


puma 09-05-2012 11:19 AM

10th Anniversary of the gathering the meditation
Still can't believe that this happened 10 years ago seems like just yesterday.

Jade 07-07-2013 03:10 PM

Bumping up

jordan 07-08-2013 01:19 PM

Gawd, so long ago.
Wondered where my response was, then remembered I was still on the road for a month or so after the gathering. For all those who were there back then just a request that you send Anita some healing light as she has been struggling with a pressure sore for years that just will not heal. Both she and Bonnie sound as if they are nearly at breaking point from all the stress and work involved to keep up the therapy and healing.

debabbott 07-09-2013 05:59 PM

Originally Posted by jordan
Gawd, so long ago.
Wondered where my response was, then remembered I was still on the road for a month or so after the gathering. For all those who were there back then just a request that you send Anita some healing light as she has been struggling with a pressure sore for years that just will not heal. Both she and Bonnie sound as if they are nearly at breaking point from all the stress and work involved to keep up the therapy and healing.

Sean and I so know how this feels....Surrounding our Anita with loving healing energies and intending for her highest good always....

Your little red bird still hangs on Sean's wall and we appreciate it everyday. Thank you so much, Jordie, for your unending love for us all. You are much appreciated, always.

Love, Deb

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