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knblutz 02-03-2012 06:33 PM

The red diamond hearts
Re hashing stuff.
I was presented with five red diamond hearts

One of which I was to pick out for The Dalai Lama

Next Thing that really happens is my Mom dies and my
Brother presented me with a small Red heart shaped box
With diamonds on top!

Well. Synchronistic? Not sure if this message
Gosh. Could my dreams be a little more explanatory?

To all my dear readers Please send me little email

Award for the best story. HahhajajajajkakkakK

knblutz 02-14-2012 07:24 AM

happy valentines dear golden hearts xoxoxoox
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From Google

to all of you

I love google too!

knblutz 02-20-2012 06:37 AM

Golden diamond heart
I have awoken in the light
With my heart ever so bright

To gain so much thought
Could never have been bought

Open and see the new dawn
Before it is too late & is gone

Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Allah
Pray meditate celebrate with a mala

Oh golden hearts that diamond shine
Hear my call and come to dine

With food and wine and places for all!

knblutz 08-19-2012 08:18 AM

The north wind is calling
Hello everyone

I have been looking for a new job for
A few months. We really are in the depths
Of the crossroads
Here and in the universe

I will be going north to work.
My daughter is there also so that
Will help with a new beginning

I hope I may post more soon

I have missed everyone here so much

Love Kris

Pema Norpal 08-19-2012 03:59 PM

Hi Chris!
Nice to see you Sweety!

Hope you find the job that you want..follow your Heart and Passion!

Keep in touch...you've been missed.

Love and hugs

knblutz 11-02-2012 12:50 AM

The Tundra
Good morning everyone
I have caught up on most new posts and I am glad to read
That all is well and most of you here are still holding strong
And keeping the fort safe! HahhajajA

I am working up north near fort McMurray and if oil sands
Mean anything to you, please understand I needed a job
And I am doing my best here and recycling everything I can

It is a gruelling 21 days on and 7 days off and all I want to
Say about that is I lost 5 kilos in two months! This is good
As last winter I became out of shape.

I also had a bit of spiritual jet lag. Meaning spending too
Much time out in the universe and not enough time tending
To home life.
So I declare to write one post per week and see if I can
Find my footings again on this earth

As I walked into my new place of employment which contains
Over 6000 oil workers the first thing I saw on the wall of
The lobby was an oil painting of a "Blue Indian" with the
Yellow big dipper in the sky behind him and his yellow
Lodgings next to him with symbols of our spirit guides

I landed right where I am supposed to be. And will follow
My Instinct now to pray more meditate more and do the
Best job I can to make these hard workers get clean towels
And fresh sheets.
Met some incredible people here. And we are all in this
Hoping the project is being handled properly and from what
I can see, management is well run and everyone is polite
And understands the well being of the earth

Speak to you all soon
Love Kris

knblutz 11-04-2012 07:49 AM

Vision of blue Indians at oil reserve I worked at 5 yrs ago
I had a vision long time ago.
I sat eating lunch.
Thru the pole lodge I could see a pow wow or Dance in
The middle of the field of "Blue IndiAns".

Someone here at shirleys told me after this post, that when
Man needs help. The blue spirit come down from the mts

Hence my previous post of the pAinting in the lobby
I suppose this Blue spirit is watching over the camp here

Hello to all. Keep reading. I might be inspired again
And thank you for email.

Love kris

knblutz 12-12-2012 11:03 PM

Just when I thought my day was done
Just when I thought my day was done
Ryan came running like he was shot out of a gun

Oh come and look and see
I can't believe they were shown to me

The whitest of white
The blackest of black
Flew by me on the fastest track

Oh raven of the heavens
And brothers are we
Can you believe when I tell you
I saw him and he saw me?

Let's all take a moment
To breathe in the air
Blessed be this sighting
And know how much I care

For it is told
Long before I was ever born
That we would all be together
On this wonderous and glorious morn

Love and happy holidays
Kris xo

knblutz 03-29-2013 12:02 AM

March 2013
all has changed and i always go with my gut during these times.

after last rotation at work....which was more like an ashram, although "I" was being paid....I kinda got sick....flu...

Totally worn out.....cant work 12 hour days and 21 days in a row took its toll!

although before I left I noticed a few things happening and wonder what "YOU" all think?

the G4S security team arrived to make a huge impact on security and if you dont know who they are....they secure most of the big refineries around the world nuclear and oil etc.

Then last week the air raid sirens were being tested!
I asked what was going on and no one seemed to know however as I sit here I got a big ah ha moment.

If planet X is passing by soon and I have watched hours and hours of tapes and interviews.....our earth has shifted.....and as the eskimos said " the sun moved" hahahaha....I can feel the shift....bodily and emotionally.

My daughter is having dreams and so am I....about being inspected in large groups....checking out ID's and holding us underground....

not sure about any of it however if our planet is under a huge transformation I am ready and as you know from any of my posts.....my home is your home.

middle earth is opening up and meterors flying by and lights of all sorts making them selves known....I find it all exciting as we have discussed all aspects of interventions and assistance from beyond for along time.

Hoping you all are well and gathering what you may in case of the re-alingment which feels like June to me.

just went thru recent posts and not sure if there is thread on this however
all is well.
meditations are becoming my peak hour for introspect and calm

I have left the oil sands project...
nothing is worth my health or sanity....and of course it was a short term
high yield job......end of story.

love to hear your thoughts cuz Nuburu is approaching and would love to
catch the tail end.....and wobble out of this crazy orbit, hahaahahhajajakali

love kris
Dragon Spirit and light xo

knblutz 03-30-2013 11:42 PM

Happy Easter
to all whom read

my favourite song:


432 hz....good for meditation, relaxation, retrospect.

love Kris

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