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Bubba, The Red UFO

By: Tom King, Director of Skywatch

It seems that Phoenix, Arizona is always the center of a UFO mystery. In 1997 a large boomerang object flew down the entire state leaving thousands of people who saw it simply awestruck. An international contraversy followed the 1997 sighting and it became a landmark in the pages of UFO history.

Recently Phoenix has a new UFO to add to the list. They call it "Bubba" a red UFO that patrols a city in the east valley, Gilbert. Bubba got its name back in 1990, in Gulf Breeze, Florida when they had Bubba flying over their area for over 1 year. They documented 187 sightings of Bubba before it left the area. Since May 31, 2000 Bubba has been occuring almost nightly over the Gilbert area. The UFO appears usually just before sunset, around 8:00 pm when there is still some daylight out. It flys low then rises in altitude and does a couple of manuevers that seem impossible.

People in Gilbert and surrounding areas have taken notice to Bubba and formed teams of people to videotape the UFO and get as much documentation as possible. Some local news station have reported on Bubba but fail to reveal much details gained by UFO investigators. One alarming fact about Bubba is that it flys in restricted commercial airspace. The UFO nearly always lingers around in the eastern approach of Skyharbor Airport. Jets are forced to fly around Bubba as they come in for a landing. With dozens of jet pilots steering around this object, thousands of passengers might have seen it. So far no pilots have come forward to report this intruder in their airspace and Phoenix Air Traffic Controllers and the FAA claim they haven't seen the object and know nothing about it. Yet, dozens of videos and over 100 photos were taken of Bubba. The local news stations report being swamped with phone calls during a Bubba sighting.

Some believe it's a hoax, others a military experiment, others alien space craft. The hoax theorists believe it's a balloon with a road flare under it. However eyewitnesses say the object looks purely like that of a red laser dot, not like fire or flares at all. The relative size of Bubba is between 2-6 feet based on current size testing of the video data from one event. That's too small for a balloon to be lifting up road flares or lighting packages 25,000 feet in the air.

The military/Area 51 conspiracy theorists believe Bubba is a captured alien space craft stored at Area 51 and being tested over Gilbert. This is a wild claim with no evidence to back it up. What makes that claim even more bizarre is the fact that Bubba was videotaped at least 3 times shooting down to the ground and appearing to be on a crash course for houses in Gilbert. Somehow it pulls up at the last minute and steers off quickly and quietly. The speed of Bubba's rapid dive is so fast a military jet wouldn't have time to pull out and would crash if a jet tried this manuever. So if it were military technology and they were showing off by shooting it down towards houses to somehow pull up and sneak away it would be really dangerous. The military would have to have 100% confidence in this device that it wouldn't break down or crash or they would lose the object by crashing it accidently into a house, thus blowing the entire military alien space ship coverup theory by simply showing off flight tactics to amaze the public.

I find that hard to believe. I would tend to believe the hoax theory more than the military doing this to us. The last theory is that the aliens are attempting to make contact. Well, we can't prove that one either but wouldn't it be nice if it were true! Actually we can't prove any theories about what it is or who built and flies it. The more you study the object, the more confused you get.

We do know some basic things about Bubba. It flys in restricted airspace and calls attention to itself. Its red and small, probably between 2-6 feet. It can eject smaller objects out of it, they seem to move under their own propulsion also. It has a flight ceiling of at least 25,000 feet or higher. It can do 90-180 degree turns on a dime with instant acceleration making it take several G's.

Bubba was broadcast live over the Internet 3 times last month while a skywatch team studied the object. More and more people are watching and waiting for Bubba to return and if it does they'll have their videocameras ready.

View sightings statistics in Gilbert.



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