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The Bible and UFOs

While researching the possibility of extraterrestrial life and it's connection to human life on Earth for my book, Out on a Limb, I found myself being drawn to the Bible for answers, specifically the books Exodus, Numbers, Genesis and Ezekiel.

The Book of Numbers describes a cloud that directed every move of the Israelites. According to Numbers 9:15-23, when the cloud moved, the people moved. When the cloud stopped, the people stopped, made camp and rested. The cloud instructed and gave guidance to Moses and has been attributed by some with the defeat of the Egyptians in battle.

Exodus, the heart of the Old Testament described a "pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night" that led the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Red Sea. There it hovered over the water as the sea parted and, once the Israelites had crossed, the pillar led them into the wilderness where an angel appeared them.

Angels are mentioned throughout the scriptures and, in fact, suggests that angels were missionaries from another world. Until the Exodus, the Israelites did not have an organized religion, instead they believed in a kind of promise. However, during the forty year period of wandering in the wilderness, angels taught them a belief system from another world: The Kingdom of Heaven.

These angelic beings from other worlds arrived in interesting fashion which provides some curious, and amazing, correlations to modern day UFOs. Reports throughout the past five decades often describe a "corona effect" or "cloudy halo" surrounding the unidentified object and UFOs have been reported to glow in the dark like a "pillar of fire". Keep in mind that descriptive words are relative to eras, cultures and civilizations because they are employed based on immediate knowledge. Shiny metal in Biblical days would most likely mean the same today. A hovering wheel in Biblical terms may well be translated to a flying saucer today.

"I looked and behold a stormy wind came from the north, a great cloud with fire flashing through it, and a radiance round about it, while out of the midst of it gleamed something with a luster like that of shiny metal."

Ezekiel 1:4

In the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament, Ezekiel described what the Earth looked like from great heights. He described the back and forth movement of the vehicle. He talked of what it was like to be lifted into a flying ship almost as though by a magnet. Ezekiel also spoke of how peaceful the people on the craft were when they made contact with humans, going to great pains to avoid causing fear. There was no sign of hostility or reckless attitudes. He referred to the commander of the craft as "The Lord." Ezekiel said, "The Lord" showed care and respect for him.

To some, those descriptions may sound familiar. The magnet could be compared to what many abductees and contactees refer to as a beam of light that draws them up into a UFO. The back and forth movement is not only described by eye witnesses of UFOs, but has also been filmed and video taped on numerous occasions.

Are these relative terms applied by cultures separated only by our concept of linear time? Could some of the encounters described in the Bible be meetings with extraterrestrials and eye witness accounts of unidentified objects?

Like everything else in the world, the questions must be answered from the heart of each individual that inquires within. Everyone has their own 'truth.'



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