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UFOs: Illusion or Reality?

Undoubtedly, you have probably heard something from someone about Unidentified Flying Objects. You may even know someone that has seen something in the sky that they couldn't explain. Or you may have witnessed a UFO firsthand. These unidentified airships have been around for a long, long time; they were reported in the skies before the concept of any form of conventional aircraft had even been born.

The intangible subject of UFOs seems to move through phases of popularity similar to the tides of the oceans. Sometimes the subject is considered a hot topic and other times interest in it fades. However, no matter what phase it is undergoing at any given moment, it is a subject that everyone seems to have an opinion about; some believe, some don't, some are frightened by the subject and some desperately want to believe these craft are real.

The beginning steps of exploration into UFOs can be overwhelming. There are so many sub-topics that fall under the general category. Some people may be drawn to scientific 'proof' while others may be curious about the stories revolving around the various facets of unidentified objects. One might start by looking into the history of these flying machines. That can range from Sanskrit texts to the bible to newspapers from the 1800's. Eventually that particular trek will probably lead to the Roswell, New Mexico incident, Betty and Barney Hill, the first reported abductees and eventually into contact events such as the Swiss-Pleiadian case.



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