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Our Fascination With UFO's

What peaks our curiosity about such a mysterious subject? Is it the fact that it is mysterious? Is it the hope that the occupants of these craft can save us from ourselves? Is it the fear of the unknown that forces us to attempt to describe the indescribable or define the undefinable? Maybe it is a little bit of all of the above.

The mystery surrounding the subject is a global landscape that includes sightings and films or photographs of unidentified aircraft, abductions of and experiments on normal people, contacts with a variety of extraterrestrial beings, military intervention and government cover-up of stories that include UFO crashes and alien bodies. Any curious mind is going to want to uncover the facts behind these stories. Unfortunately the facts are often mired in so much rumor and innuendo that they are difficult to uncover.

It's fairly safe to assume that if ETs are traveling vast distances, their technology is more advanced than ours, so can the occupants save us from ourselves? Should they? We, the collective population of our small planet, have not been kind to our home or our ourselves. But, as the saying goes, "Hope springs eternal". Unfortunately, it appears our nature is to hope rather than to except responsibility for our deeds and correct them. It is our choice but we seem to want to choose to look to something or someone else as our salvation.



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