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UFOs and the 21st Century - An Opinion

We closed the door on the 20th Century with a collage of UFO-related events. The annual World Congress held in Acapulco, Mexico, was well attended by people from all around the globe who want more information on this sometimes closeted subject. There were new videos taken of unidentified aerial objects and reported sightings came in from dozens of locations. A few of the countries that reported UFO events include New Zealand, Australia, India, Mexico, Israel, England, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, The United States and China.

Most of us probably didn't even hear about these reports, even though they came from reputable sources. Illinois police filed reports on unknowns that they witnessed. Airline pilots from a variety of countries reported unidentified aircraft. Chinese scientists and engineers busied themselves trying to unravel the technical mysteries of the November and December 1999, sightings over numerous cities in their country.

The year is now 2000. It's the 21st Century. It is a time of mass media communications; the ability to present instant information on any subject to anyone anywhere. Live television broadcasts of worldwide millennium celebrations proved that. So why didn't we hear anything about these events? Are they not important? Evidence and experiences relating to extraterrestrial life and UFOs should be among the most newsworthy stories of our time.



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