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Mexico Update: Department of Defense in Mexico Captures Unidentifed Flying Objects on Infrared FLIR Camera

By: Brit Elders

Lee and I just returned from Mexico where we viewed what may well be the most important footage of unknown objects ever taken. Regardless of the importance of the footage, our kudos go to the Mexican authorities who have released this material to the world in order to learn more about the unknowns that may be in their skies and to Jaime Maussan, internationally recognized journalist, who was designated as the middle man between the Mexican Department of Defense and the public media.

Unfortunately, this amazing footage received its five seconds of fame in the US with most reporters holding the tongue firmly in their cheek. Not a single newscast ventured to show more than a few frames of the infrared film. For some strange reason US journalists did not bother to explain that the Merlin C26A plane was patrolling known drug smuggling flight paths when it encountered the unknowns. Nor did they attempt to explain that there were over a dozen objects sighted and that they had surrounded the C26A. Nor did they bother to tell you that along with the footage an audio track of the men on board was recorded. Obviously the audio track was not translated for our consumption.

In order to help us better understand what transpired, I am including a rough translation done by Santiago Yturria and John Velez. Some of the dialogue is considered "chatter" - people speaking on top of each other - and will require special filtering to determine who is saying what. But, rough as it is, this translation indicates that what the crew members originally felt may have been a smuggling plane was something more. What they saw cannot be lightly brushed aside as swamp gas or lights reflecting in clouds and deserves credible attention by all news media around the globe.

English Translation of Audio From the FLIR Video Recording Aboard A Mexican Air Force Merlin C26A During A UFO Incident

Date: March 5, 2004

Location: Over Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche Air Space

Note: Voice identification, below, does not correspond to the same crew members in every segment. Voices are labeled in order of appearance in each segment.

PART 1: [The C26A is patrolling known drug smuggling flight paths.]

FLIR VIDEO TIME: (Hour/Min/Sec) 12:55:09 to 12:55:29

*Note the beginning time (12:55:09) and ending time (17:28:02) of the event.

[Crew Conversation]

VOICE A: Do you have the lagoon in sight?

VOICE B: Yes it is to the right.

VOICE A: We get to the lagoon and we'll do that.

VOICE B: To the right?


VOICE B: And we go back to the point, or do we move away?

VOICE A: We move away, that is, we make a pattern more or less like an arc.

VOICE B: Okay.

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 13:16:22 to 13:16:33 [no dialogue]

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 16:42:44 to 16:43:30

VOICE A: Almost to 12 of our position, distance, 2.9, speed, 75.

VOICE B: Pan more to the left because of the sun.


VOICE B: Pan to the left

VOICE A: Okay I see it.

VOICE A: The runway is here at one

VOICE C: Where are you?

VOICE A: Ehhh, at 12 of our position, 2.3.

VOICE B: A runway

PART 2: [Unknown traffic appears. The crew begins to take action. They report a target to the base suspected to be a clandestine airplane.]

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 16:45:33 to 16:45:55

VOICE A: I'll tell you right away

VOICE B: A position?

VOICE C: A position.. 7- 4

VOICE A: At 12 of our position, I still have it there

VOICE D: A traffic VOICE E: Can you get me the headquarters officer, Captain Danzon to let him know that we are reading a target.

VOICE A: Point Carmen 18- 4

VOICE B: It's marking 2-106 of speed and has a heading of 301

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 16:52:03 to 16:53:00

VOICE A: It's behind the clouds.

VOICE A: What could it have been?

VOICE B: Don't know. It went on the other side - exactly where I had it. [The FLIR operator trying to track the object through the clouds.]

VOICE A: Come, come.


VOICE A: Right, right.

VOICE B: Here it goes! Here it goes!!

VOICE B: There it goes... there it goes!

PART 3: [The object is clearly visible on the FLIR. The crew begins to wonder out loud about the unknown light.]

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 16:50:03 to 16:50:22

VOICE A: What is it Juarez? Juarez what is it?

VOICE B: It's a point.

VOICE C: A point. It's there.

VOICE D: It's there behind us.

VOICE C: Its correct, it's now at our 7 o'clock position at 10.5 miles distance.

VOICE C: It's course is, 2- 8- 3 with a speed of 3-3-4.

VOICE D: More.

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 16:55:16 to 16:57:32

VOICE A: At least we have contact with it on the FLIR and we've had Radar contact all the time.

VOICE B: What's its altitude - more or less, boss?

VOICE A: I think it's at the same altitude as us.

VOICE B: Aahh.

VOICE C: The FLIR angle is... straight.

VOICE C: Exactly.

VOICE A: It's above us

VOICE C: That's right.

VOICE B: Ah, that's why you couldn't see it.

VOICE D: I'm almost losing it on the Radar, it's almost off the screen.

VOICE B: Aahh.


VOICE C: It's exactly one mile from Carmen. From Carmen.

VOICE B: How many miles?

VOICE C: One or two miles from Carmen.

VOICE D: I don't have it on the screen but the Radar is still marking the distance at 37 miles.

VOICE C: It's now over Carmen.

VOICE B: Well, then it's been lost.

VOICE D: Here it comes.

VOICE C: It's passing by Carmen.

VOICE D: It is still going.

VOICE D: What's it doing?

VOICE C: It's turning.

VOICE D: Is it turning right?


FLIR VIDEO TIME: 16:59:05 to 16:59:46

VOICE A: Just a light. It couldn't be distinguished

VOICE B: It couldn't be determined if it was a plane or something else.

VOICE C: It is the same one that we saw awhile ago.


VOICE E: Paying attention, eh?


FLIR VIDEO TIME: 17:03:36 to 17:07:40 [Two objects appear]

VOICE A: Let me check.

VOICE B: At 7 at the same altitude.

VOICE C: There are some clouds, it must be seen over there.

VOICE D: [almost stuttering] That but, let's see, look for that, that is behind us.

VOICE E: Look how it appears. It looks like it's in two parts.

VOICE C: It is at our 7 or 8 o'clock position.

VOICE C: The strange thing is, that it has a point traveling in front position. A little point, in front of it.

VOICE C: It's not there? There goes another one. [More objects, in formation, appear in the FLIR. The operator detects them and is moving the FLIR camera backward to count them.]

VOICE F: Lets' see, what do we have here?

VOICE A: Nothing sir. Hold on, let me look.

VOICE C: Commander what's that?

VOICE F: At what distance did you have them Tellez?


VOICE A: Hey, beware, this is like...

VOICE C: There are more coming. There are more... they are behind. There are ten, eleven objects.

VOICE A: There are many objects.


VOICE C: They must be at 9 o'clock from our position now.

VOICE F: At 9. Hold on.

VOICE A: At 9, same altitude almost, almost.

VOICE F: Okay, hold on.

VOICE C: Affirmative. They're going.

VOICE C: They're going.

VOICE C: Go one..


VOICE C: And they are going with the others at the back, the ones that follow.

VOICE F: My God, what's that?

VOICE B: They are running each other

VOICE F: What's that? Let's see. Try to focus.

VOICE C: It's at maximum.

VOICE F: Okay, don't let them leave you behind.

VOICE F: Okay.


VOICE F: Follow that one Tellez, don't leave it.

VOICE C: There they go, all of them, there are approximately ten, did you see them? Have you seen them?

VOICE F: You follow them.

VOICE C: There they go.

VOICE A: There they go.

VOICE A: Three, four, five. six... Are there six?

VOICE F: Below or above? Above? Where.

VOICE C: In the middle, there they go, at the same altitude.

VOICE A: There they go look, one, two, three, four, five,e six, seven... no, there are eight.

VOICE F: This is terrible...

VOICE C. They are going to be seen better - there.

VOICE C: And they're going at a speed that...

VOICE C: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, I have eight on the screen.

VOICE F: Follow them, don't lose them!

VOICE A: Are they at the same altitude, Tellez?

VOICE C: Affirmative. Above.

VOICE C: Eight, nine, ten, eleven, counting all the ones in the back.

VOICE C: Two, four, six, eight, ten, eleven.

VOICE F: [Apparently talking to the base] Listen we don't know what are we seeing, they are luminous objects that are flying at the same altitude as us. We do not know what their distance is.

VOICE B: At what position do you have it, Tellez?

VOICE C: At 8.

VOICE F: At 8 or 9.

VOICE B: At 9. I don't think the Radar may read it, we have a blind angle there, Sir.

VOICE F: At 8 or 9?


VOICE B. We have 20 degrees of blind angle there.

VOICE F: But you were seeing them?

VOICE B: Yes, but it's strange, now I have nothing.

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 17:14:58 to 17:16:14 [One huge object is seen on the FLIR screen.]

VOICE A: [chuckling] Why are they following us? Maintain that.

VOICE B: They are at 12 he said.

VOICE C: No. They are at 1.

VOICE A: Well that's one, but we have another at 9.

VOICE D: We have one at 9.

VOICE B: Ah I have one here, let me check the one at 9.

VOICE D: And ahead there are another two.

VOICE A: And they're the same ones, eh?

VOICE D: We have them ahead - in the middle and at 8

VOICE B: [Laughing] Ahh, f___...

VOICE A: [Laughing] Fasten your seatbelts!

VOICE D: Let's see...

VOICE B: [Laughing] Don't be frightened.

VOICE D: If you could check through the window, we have one going along at approximately 1. The rest still going along at 9.

VOICE A. Does that means we are surrounded?

VOICE D: Well... I don't know.

VOICE B: At what distance.

VOICE D: The radar just indicates the point.

VOICE A: Boys, today is your lucky day!! [Laughs]

VOICE B: At what distance.

VOICE A. And that one is getting near to the other one.

VOICE D: It does not mark distance.

VOICE B: Okay, the one that we have at 1 from our position, I have it at 19 miles, at 1 o'clock from our position, going at 52 knots.

VOICE D: The one that you have at 1, I have one at 9 and the one that goes ahead of the one at 9. Approximately at 9, but going along ahead are two luminous points.

VOICE B: At what position, Tellez?

VOICE D: At 9 of our position.

VOICE B: At 9? Hold on, let me check...

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 17:16:32 to 17:18:23 [An object is seen on the screen near the airplane's left propeller.]

VOICE A: It's going along at our altitude - couldn't be.

VOICE B: The one that you have, what's it's position?

VOICE C: Which one? The one below the cloud? That one?


VOICE C: Okay.

VOICE A: Roger.

VOICE B: That one you have there, what's it's position?

VOICE A: I have it at 9.

VOICE D: Boys...

VOICE B: We are not alone. [Laughs]

VOICE D: Yes, we are not alone, right. It's true. How strange this is, they are surrounding us.

VOICE A: Hey the one that you have at 1?

VOICE B: At 1. I have it at 14.8 miles at 1 heading 99 at a speed of 52.

VOICE A: Ah, that's the... he is following one and I'm following the other one.


VOICE A: I mean the other one(s).

VOICE D: What is this?

VOICE E: Couldn't be a f___ing plane - it's stopped there!


VOICE A: Do you have it in sight?

VOICE B: It looks so - let's get near.

VOICE E: It's stopped there!

VOICE B: It's stopped? Leaves the field?

VOICE D: No but the one that we have at 9...

VOICE E: It's in the clouds.

VOICE D: The one that we have at 9 is following us, is in formation with us, is in formation... at 9.

VOICE A: The one that you have at 1 where do you have it, Generation?

VOICE B: Hold on " Gene " I have it at... at 1.

VOICE A: There is one that is getting near to us.

VOICE B: At 1 of our position at 10 miles distance and speed of 52.

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 17:26:30 to 17:27:02 [The FLIR is focusing an object that presents a shape and a luminous form.] [The pilot is apparently reporting this object to the base.]

VOICE A: The Radar has them. The FLIR has them. We are seeing on the FLIR a luminous object, it has an opposite course to us but it doesn't leave us, it's two miles behind us.

VOICE A: It does not move apart from us, no, it doesn't move apart from us.

VOICE A: Correct, who knows what it is.

VOICE A: Is it still with us, Marin?

VOICE B: Yes I still have it here.

FLIR VIDEO TIME: 17:27:11 to 17:28:02

VOICE A: Now it lost a bit of quality, I have a quality of 5.

VOICE B: Again look it looks...

VOICE A: The one that we had at 1 is lost now.

VOICE B: Okay.

VOICE A: It just left the Radar.

VOICE B: How weird is all this?

End of video and audio

The story has obviously spread around the world and is being taken seriously in some areas. The Belgium Air Force has requested a copy of the footage to compare with footage they took some time ago and this little piece was released to the press three days ago:

Lisbon (AFP)--The Portuguese Air Force has been on alert since late Tuesday, when several authorities and witnesses reported seeing a luminous unidentified flying object, the national press reported.

Analysis is being conducted on the footage by credible scientists around the world. The crew members have been interviewed. The FLIR operator has been interviewed. Jaime Maussan is continuing to connect the dots in this fascinating new wave of OVNI events in the skies above Mexico and we will continue to share the information with you as it becomes available.


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