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The Power of Angels

Do angels exist? Can they really protect you? Or give you insight? Gary Quinn says, "Yes!" He works with angels on a daily basis and says that all of us have experiences with angels every day. Whether you are young or old, angels work with you at all times. Most people think that a crisis has to occur before angels are there to help. But that is not true and when we learn to connect with them we can better our lives every day.

According to Gary, angels are the key to the realm of one's perfect life. They will help you to create a new situation, a new love relationship, or a new job. They can help create more abundance in your life or help heal old ideas, attitudes and thoughts. Gary says, "The angelic principals of changing the patterns within and refocusing your thoughts in a more positive way can alter one's life. A positive attitude and willingness to change is the beginning step in the creation of the life you want to achieve. Anyone can access their angels and guides, but listening to 'the true voice' - the inner strength - is what will open the locks."

Knowing the seven types of creative angels will help in achieving your goal. They are:

  • Angel of Vision
  • Angel of Wisdom
  • Angel of Purity
  • Angel of Strength
  • Angel of Love
  • Angel of Peace
  • Angel of Victory

These are higher power angels which will assist you in your journey. They are your ticket into the performance of life and by using a step by step process you can change the course of your life and experience the miracle within.

What is the miracle? It is, in fact, something that you already possess. It is the intuitive or psychic abilities that we are all gifted with. But is up to each of us as individuals to learn how to use these tools to better our life. Gary suggests that you view each moment as a new beginning. Recognize and connect with the seven creative angels and start to visualize. Once you begin this process you are on your way.

How do we access our angels and put them to work for us in our everyday life? Gary says that whatever prayer, meditation or ritual makes you feel comfortable is the best way to connect to your angels in the order that they are listed above. There is no right or wrong way to connect. Open up to them and embrace each one individually. As you find that stillness within welcome the angels, beginning with the Angel of Vision. Listen carefully and allow the Angel of Vision to speak to you before you move on to the Angel of Wisdom. Repeat the process with each of the seven angels. In his book, "May The Angels Be With You", Gary advises that, "For your optimal happiness and satisfaction you must open your heart to all angels and heed their guidance for the full range of benefits they offer is important."

"The angels are eager, joyous messengers that can't wait to let you know the good news they bring to you. As you allow this progression of angels to give you their gifts and help you with their power, you will find that the benefits you derive from them are always deeper and more profound than they first appear."

About Gary Quinn

Gary is a celebrated psychic whose workshops, books and audio tapes have helped thousands connect with their angels. Gary has been a guest of Shirley's on IE Radio. His book May The Angels Be With You is a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about their angels.


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