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Sedona, Arizona

The majestic beauty of the Red Rocks of Sedona are indeed breath-taking. But it is not just the scenery that attracts thousands of visitors each year. In fact, the land around the city of Sedona holds two major attractions: a rich history as a sacred site and vortex energy.

The original inhabitants considered the land sacred, as do many of the present day indigenous people in the area. Our ancestors understood the principals of the physics of the Earth and revered Earth energy, which they could feel and sense, as a gift from the Creator. The energy, the gift from the Creator, is what made the land sacred to them.

Ancient spiritual petroglyphs decorate the walls of caves and canyons, reminding the present day visitors that this is very old ritualistic land and should be respected as such. Medicine Wheels, some authentic, some not, are sprinkled across sandstone mesas northeast of Sedona. These decorations, whether old or new, are symbolic of a desire for a connection to Creation and Nature. However, the symbolic decoration of the land is not the attaching bond to either Creation or Nature. In fact, the bond to the visible reality of Creation and Nature is found in the unseen... the energy.

The majority of people traveling to Sedona are drawn to the land because of its energy vortices or vortexes. Some people don't even know why they are there, until they experience this energy. A classic case of this unseen force can be found at Bell Rock, considered one of the major vortices in the area and an excellent example of an electromagnetic vortex. Easily accessible off of highway 179, just a few miles south of Sedona and north of Oak Creek Village, this magnificent red sandstone butte almost beckons people to it.

The locals suggest that you try vortex energy experiment. Some of you will want to travel to this area for the experience. If you do go to Bell Rock, try these experiments then ask yourself what you are feeling. For those of you that can feel the energy through the vibrational frequency of the words Sedona and Bell Rock, try the experiments right now and ask yourself, "What am I feeling?".

Carefully climb the slopes of Bell Rock. Sit quietly in a meditative state for a few minutes. Then gently rub the palms of your hands together as this increases the sensitivity to their reception. Hold you arms straight on either side of your body with your palms facing down.

This land and this particular vortex are considered activators and quite often people feel a tremendous connection to the land and to their past incarnations. Visitors sometimes recognize this past-life experiential energy and suddenly feel like they have found their home, a reaction that is common with many sacred sites around the world. Sometimes this particular experiment brings up such vivid past-life memories that the individuals begin to cry; partially because they have broken through a personal barrier and partially because this type of recall is such an emotional release.

There is a second part to this experiment. Hold your arms straight out to your side with the palms of your hands facing upwards. You may experience a momentary surge of energy and weightlessness. People often report that they felt their arms being lifted toward the heavens and an opening of their seventh chakra. In this case, the experiencer rarely cries. Instead, their sense of joy and happiness brings about an ear to ear smile and laughter.

The experiences garnered from both portions of the experiment, the palms up and palms down, are beneficial to one's spiritual growth. But, it is important to remember that not every sacred site affects every individual. Nor will all people react to the energy in the same way.

The vortex centers of Sedona, which include Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, Long Canyon and Airport Mesa, are also said to emit a melodic frequency that is soothing to the soul. This harmonic frequency can also be experienced on the slopes of Bell Rock. Sit quietly. Become accustomed to the wind against the cliffs and then listen with your heart.

You may hear the frequencies of the spiraling vortex or you may hear your Higher Self and spend the afternoon in a delightful internal dialogue that includes you, your Higher Self, Nature and Creation.





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