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Sacred sites exist everywhere and, if one wants to be very exact, within every living thing.

The heavens are a sacred site and the Earth is a sacred site. The Earth is considered by many indigenous peoples to be our 'mother' or 'grandmother'; always there to care for us, nurture us and teach us when we violate her purity. Mother Earth is dotted with hundreds of thousands of smaller scale sacred sites. These locations literally blanket the planet. In ages past, every culture or tribe or group of primitive people understood and acknowledged the unseen, but recognized, energy of a site that was in their vicinity. With the Earth as their Mother, they were dependent on these sites, capable of feeling all facets of energy and developed a communion with the energies.

The frequency of certain areas resonate or harmonize with certain individuals. While one person may feel at home and attuned to one specific location, another may feel nothing, or may even feel a little uncomfortable at that same spot. So, why does Sedona, Arizona feel sacred to some and The Giza Plateau, half a world away, feel sacred to others? Or possibly both regions of the planet feel sacred?

The answer will probably be different for each individual. Many people respond to the actual energy of the Earth at a sacred site. They actually feel the ley line, earth grids or vortex or, in some cases, the history of the area. Some people may have an attachment to a past life in a specific local and they may be carrying the energy of that local with them in this life. Others may respond to the harmonic vibration of not only the area, but the name of the area because all words do have a vibrational frequency. Some people don't even need to go to a specific location to find harmony with the vibrational frequency of the location. They can do this by saying the name and picturing the location in their mind.

There is probably not a single one of us that could not say, "Gee, I would really like to go to: _________________", (mentally fill in the name of the place that you would like to visit)

That site, wherever it may be, is sacred to you. There is a symmetry or a correspondence between you and the place you want to visit and only you can recognize what and why you are drawn there. It may be related to a past life experience. It may be the energy of the Earth. It may be the frequency and vibration of the name and the location.

What the energy of a sacred site does to and for a person is also very individualistic. Some people may find themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually awakened by the area. Some may travel into the past in the 'dream/imagination' state of reality, much like the experience on the Camino. Others may experience physical reactions such as a weightless feeling, a complete lack of co-ordination, a flood of tears or an overwhelming sense of joy. Each of these reactions are issues that you are bringing up in yourself. It is a way of providing the sacred part of yourself knowledge that you need to experience at that given time.

A variety of valid reasons prevent people from traveling the globe, exploring the numerous sacred sites around it. Therefore, this portion of the Sacred Sites page will help bring some of the Sacred Sites to you.

Be sure to post your favorite sites on the Encounter Board under Sacred Sites.


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