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Since time began, humans have gazed up at the twinkling orbs of the night sky and felt a connection stir deep within their soul. Questions must have flooded our ancestors minds as they do ours today. What do the configurations of the star systems mean? Do other life forms live out there? Do other life forms live out there in the cosmos? Have they visited us? Will they?

Civilizations throughout recorded history have noted specific star systems and bestowed upon them mystical powers. Could there be truth in these beliefs? Why did cultures from around the globe leave such similar legends as a legacies? Is it coincidence? Or synchronicity? Or were or our forefathers in touch with celestial beings?

Examining the ancient histories of various peoples may provide a road map of correlations between heaven and Earth. After all, The Camino is said to be a correlative Earth ley line to the Milky Way; "as above, so below".

Join me in an exploration of these fascinating connections to our past. And please post your thoughts and comments on the Encounter Board.


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