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May 2014

May 2014 carries the numerological frequency of a one. May = 3. 2014 = 7 3+7=10=1. It is a time of renewal.

One energy months are considered assertive, masculine and creative and this month will probably contribute to a sense of independence and ambition.

Your career life will be powerful Ė or at least as powerful as you allow it. Originality and leadership are the key words here, but be cautious that you donít fall into the trap of stubborn, narrow-mindedness in May. Those are the darker qualities of a one month. This month be a pioneer at work and allow for others who wish to step forward with innovative thought. Work together and you may just change the system.

Your personal life will probably be filled with new beginnings, fresh starts, or new personal and home life endeavors. These could be as simple as changing or rearranging furniture to permit more positive feng shui elements in life or they could mean a change in location. Be receptive to your inner guidance and rely on your intuition to propel you for the highest good.

May should be a time of happiness, which is indicated by the one energy of this month. It should be a time where existing bonds of friendship grow stronger and new ones take root. Discussion and exploration of spiritual values will leave you feeling energized and motivated to live up to your potential.

This is also a month for new beginnings in self. Take the time to connect to your inner self, your Higher Self. Make certain to meditate and focus on setting your inner goals to their higher realms.



May is a one!

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