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January 2014


The year 2014 carries the frequency of seven, a number of spirituality, wisdom and success. This month, January, carries the numerological frequency of nine, which is the number of humanitarianism, consciousness and renewed energy. Both are powerful numbers and together that mean that this month carries the frequency of seven.

Although seven is a gifting number it is also very cerebral. In your professional life you will find that you may over-analyze or over-think the tasks at hand. Part of the gift of the seven is developing the ability to tap into the natural intuitive powers we all have access to.

Your intellect can propel you through most any circumstance and the need for knowledge on all levels will draw you into avenues you may not have previously traveled. Your mind is your greatest tool this month and can create and manifest the basis of all that is around you.

In your personal life you might find yourself needing, actually requiring, quieter, private time. Be sure to take that time for self as this month you’ll probably feel more introspective or feel a need to seek solutions to the bigger questions to the bigger puzzles of life.

As valuable as your curiosity is to your personal growth it is also important to incorporate others and their opinions in your search. In that incorporation you will most likely have a desire to be of service to others as they are to you. Be giving and accepting.

January can be the catalyst behind major discoveries about your own complexities and abilities. Allow you – in all aspects of life - to traverse the barriers of the mind and abandon struggle for a more Divine connection to the Higher Self and the energy of Creation. When that is achieved you’ll find answers abound and energy is revitalized.

HAPPY 2014!



January 2014

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