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November 2013

November 2013 carries the numerological frequency of a one. This is a number of Creation, beginnings and leadership.

In your professional life this is the time to initiate new projects and tap into your creativity. Ideas and concepts will abound and originality will propel you in directions you may not have previously considered. Remain flexible but proceed toward your goal with a pioneering spirit and organized determination.

One is a powerful number that is often considered masculine and can bring up traits that are domineering and overly assertive. No matter what your gender the primary warning with this frequency is to temper it with calm balance in all you do. Remember that others are feeling the influence of this one month as much as you are. Tolerance should be a watchword. Listening to others is as powerful a forging ahead on your own to attain leadership.

You personal life will expand with this energy. You’ll probably feel drawn to new topics of discussion and people outside your normal circles. You’ll need social contact and exchange with others as relationship – new and old – will be appreciated on deeper levels.

You’ll probably feel a need to contribute to the betterment of society and feel more compassionate toward others. This is the perfect month to take the time to be a factor that can lend a hand to all around you.

It’s a great month to change your surroundings whether that means painting a room or moving or simply rearranging the furniture. Your creativity will be expressed in all areas of life.

Slow down long enough in your personal life to realize that life unfolds as it should and try not to rush it. Take necessary time for you to center your thoughts. Meditation and private, personal time is very important in this energetic one month. It will help organize all that is blossoming this November.



November is a 1

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