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September 2013

September 2013 carries the numerological frequency of a one. A one month is most often associated with new beginnings, Creation, and leadership.

Both your personal and business life will be filled with an abundance of energy and ideas this month. But some of that energy may be spent on over analyzing issues, people or actions. If you find yourself in that mindset, emotionally step away for a while and allow greater clarity to come into focus. Youíll probably be very pragmatic in your views and, if that is the case, they only need to be tempered with patience. Your intent of purpose will already be in play.

This is an excellent time to begin a new career or to infuse imaginative ideas into your old professional life. People will listen if you present your concepts thoroughly and they can see how these might benefit others. You may find yourself far ahead of the curve in many cases, but donít become frustrated. Simply slow your presentation so that others may access the dreams you envision. This will allow them to catch up to the potential you present.

Your personal life can be a whirlwind of activity this month. You will be progressive and yet able to manage a straight-ahead view to accomplish your goals. Be courteous of others as they may have very different objectives that could conflict with yours. Realize each of us walks the agenda that is necessary for our personal growth because without this recognition a one month can provoke confrontation.

You may not feel philosophical or spiritual this month, which makes it even more imperative that you pull back and take time for self every day. Try to begin the day with a deep breathing mediation and end the day with another. Allow the turmoil of the day to exit your being. Walking meditations throughout the day will help, too. Even if they are short five minute walks, get out as often as you can and breathe in clarity and calm that can help make this one month perfect!



September is a 1

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