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May 2013

May 2013 carries the numerological frequency of a nine.

This is a month where you will feel drawn to humanitarian causes, full of energy, and aware of your psychic consciousness.

On the career front you’ll probably find yourself intensely passionate about a project, which could result in a leadership position. Keep yourself balanced and stable as your set about your goals as it will be important to work with others this month. The downside to all of your passion is that you may not hear a great idea that comes from a co-worker, so be generous with your ability to listen and hear other ideas.

Your clever methods of circumventing potential problems will not be missed or ignored by those in authority. They will also appreciate your ethics and standards and see you as a beacon for others.

Your personal life will be more philosophic and your desire to help others will manifest as a personal need. Projects that involve community, the elderly and youngsters will probably tug at your heartstrings and urge your involvement. You’ll intuitively know which is right to pursue, as your psychic consciousness will be at a peak level of performance.

Dreams may come easy to you this month. Keep a journal handy, as they are likely to be profound.

Rely on your intuitive awareness and your ability to easily solve problems will benefit both your work and personal life. A nine month brings awareness of the residue of your past expressions and therefore can activate some karmic lessons. Take these in stride and garner the knowledge.

Nine is often associated with all planets and therefore you can access the influence of any of them. Be certain to take time for self as you venture through the month of May, as you will need to recharge and stay centered. You may feel like an idealist this month but you need to care for self as well.



May is a 9 month!

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