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March 2013

March 2013 carries the numerological frequency of 4. March is a 7. 2013 equals 6. Together they are 13. 1+3=4.

Four is the number of stability, security and ambition. In March you will find those characteristics will be the foundation of your decisions.

You career and professional life will be a time of completing tasks at hand. Youíll probably want to help others finish their projects as well. Itís a month where you want and need to feel useful and a time when you appreciate the sense of accomplishment that follows completion. The downside in your professional life is a tendency to be a workaholic. You wonít be afraid of hard work. Itís very important to take care of yourself by the necessary Ďmeí time to recharge your energy.

Although things at home and work might feel that they are flowing in a pattern of predictability there is an undercurrent of creativity. This creativity will brew all month and you can expect to find next month, April, expressing all the innovative ideas that were birthed in March.

Your personal life will probably be less social. Introspective, quiet, contemplative thoughts will feed the yin energy of March that is ruled by Mercury. Itís an excellent time to read, self educate and answer those inner questions that have been stirring in your heart and mind.

Your home is your foundation and the source of your stability this month. Examine the feng shui for proper energy flow and keep precious mementos in sight.

Sleep and diet are important in a four month as they contribute to the balance of the energy. Time for oneself in such activities as walks, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises will help make March a harmonious experience.



March is a 4!

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