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November 2012

November 2012 carries the numerological frequency of nine.

Nine months are indicative of humanitarian qualities, of refreshed energy and of psychic awareness.

This November you will probably feel a need to lend a hand to others and to find a way to be of assistance to friends, family and those you have never met. It’s a month where we all need to touch that humanitarian aspect in ourselves, as it is the celebration of Thanksgiving in the US. This is something all of us – no matter where we reside – should practice on a daily basis. It is a time of appreciating, giving and sharing and, in doing so, expanding our awareness.

Energy should be high and broad spectrumed in this nine month. Your mind, body and spirit should be expressing and living life to its fullest in every aspect. You’ll physically want to tackle projects that have been set aside because your mind will most likely be racing ahead to the next goal. Be sure to finish what you have begun before setting new sights on the future, as this month is also a Mercury retrograde cycle.

Careers have an opportunity to expand in new directions or to take on new commitments that might bring more recognition to your work. Recognize that every will be feeling a renewed energy and allow coworkers the opportunity to showcase theirs, too. Unique collaborations can be achieved this month.

Your personal life will probably be full of new and old faces and diverse subjects that may get you thinking in ways you have considered in the past. It is a time of change so be aware and open to all new possibilities.

Use the energy of this nine month to increase your level of awareness and psychic abilities. We all have them; they just need a little training. Take time this month for work on your inner self by connecting to your higher self. Meditation, whether it is quietly contemplative or something as a walking mediation, is an excellent resource for that bond.



Nov is a 9

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