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September 2012

September 2012 carries the numerological frequency of a 9.

This should be an exceptional month filled with renewed energy that is lifted by the equinox. Beyond redefined energy you will probably be filled with a desire Ė even a need Ė to be off assistance to others. 9 months often lead to great humanitarian efforts. Whether it is lending a hand one on one or helping out at Salvation Army by donating or serving food or just offering prayers and energy to those in need follow your instincts and help out.

It is also a month that increases psychic awareness - primarily telepathy. Open your heart and mind to this energy and let it help guide you through your day. Your intuition is usually on target. Quiet the mind and listen closely.

Your work ethic and standards will shine brightly in your professional life and you can be a beacon for others this month that might have fallen into the rut of complacency. Donít expect everyone to follow your lead and understand that your actions, creativity and values will speak volumes over words. A logical approach to problem solving will also be at the forefront of your professional life. Donít hold back if you see a simple solution will work better than a complex scheme.

In your personal life youíll probably find that you want to share philosophical views with others. Keep in mind that others might not agree with your position and be open to that. Youíll have amazing discussions if you keep your heart and your mind available.

Even though you will be feeling a sense of revitalization this month be sure to allow yourself ample time to recharge. Gardening or connecting with Nature is an excellent energizer as is meditation.



September 2012 is a 9

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