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June 2012

June 2012 is a month that carries the frequency of one. June adds up to a 5 and 2012 is a 5. Together they equal 10, which is a one.

One monthís are typically creative and full of new beginnings. One is traditionally the number of Creation. It is a time when you may tap into more of your own identity and individual characteristics and allow them to shine.

In business youíll find your ambition on the rise and even though you might not be 100% conventional in all areas, you will probably find yourself goal oriented and driven to expand your potential. This is the perfect time to let your leadership abilities enhance all you do. Itís an excellent time if you are an entrepreneur at heart because youíll have a unique approach that will be hard to disregard.

The thing to guard against in both your professional life and your personal life is being stubborn and impatient. Flexibility always provides the better path and impatience leads to small things being over looked. Also avoid aggression if others disagree with you. Remember that they are traveling their own path.

In your personal life you will probably find that this one month suggests new beginnings. Perhaps this might me4an relationships but it can also mean a change of residence or even a remodel or rearranging of the furniture. Action rather than discussion is always good in a one month.

Historically the number one is associated with God or Creation and the oneness of the individual with that force. Take time to meditate and experience the oneness of June.



June is a 1

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