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May 2012

May 2012 carries the numerological value of eight. Eight months indicate justice, inspiration, are genius.

On its side itís the symbol for infinity, the eight is also considered the symbol for as above so below. To the Egyptians it was the number of cosmic order and in China it is viewed as the totality of the universe.

This month you may find yourself thriving on work. Itís time to let your natural gifts surface and tune into your inner inspiration. This will allow you to form the future of your professional life. Work wonít feel tedious as you will constantly be advancing ideas for betterment of both you personally and your work environment.

Your personal life will be as creative. Whether it is arranging your garden or your living room furniture, youíll be expressing your inner genius. It will be a month that you may feel a need to be surrounded by friends and family and at the same time youíll have a need for quiet introspection. That private time for self will allow these creative inspirations to surface. Make certain you have ample amounts of self-time to center.

In both personal and professional worlds it will be a time of bounty as eight is the number of money. Allow your higher self to guide you to a place of abundance and work toward it this month.



May is an 8

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