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March 2012

March 2012 carries the numerological frequency of a three.

Three months are generally filled with insight, enlightenment and thoroughness. The latter will be most important, as we will also be in a Mercury retrograde cycle as of March 11. Three is often associated with growth and creative power and this month should hold true to that. Challenges that might arise from the Mercury retro cycle will only serve to strengthen and open you to alternatives that serve you better.

You’ll most likely be tapping into your intuition on a constant basis. Allow it to guide you, as it normally will help steer you away from unneeded trials and troubles.

Three is the number of the Divine triad (Father, Son and holy ghost) the human (body, mind and spirit) and represents birth, life and death. It is the beginning, the middle, and the end and in Pythagorean numerology it is the number of completion.

It is a month where you may feel drawn to humanitarian efforts and have a deep need to be of assistance. It’s also a time where you might want to withdraw from the turmoil around you and what is seen in the world via the media to regroup, reorganize and move forward. You’ll be willing to listen to others but your “me time” will be a necessity for your personal calm and balance.

In the workplace a little ambition will be duly noted and you may find the reward manifests as an increase in your bank account. Avoid becoming involved in petty issues and tend to matters that directly relate to you.

Do not allow yourself to be gullible or manipulated by others. Three months often make us impressionable, so take a moment and allow your Higher Self to lead the way.

Tap into your creativity – no matter what its medium - this month as that will help you reach a better understanding of self.



March is a 3

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