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January 2012

2012 - The Year

2012 – What will it herald? Movies have been made about it, people whisper or shout about it, others question it. Is it the end or is it the beginning? 2012 carries the numerological value of a five... But what does that mean?

Five is a contradictory number – an either/or number. It’s either, as Madame Blavatsky said, “the spirit of life and human love” and as the Mayans claimed, “the number of perfection”. Or it can be a number frequency that promotes uncertainty and hesitance.

2012 and its energy rests on the shoulders of each of us. It can be one of the most vibrant and exhilarating years in recent history or one of the most dramatic and traumatic. It’s up to each of us – as individuals and collective society - to make 2012 the positive and beneficial year it has the potential to be.

January 2012

January carries the numerological value of nine. Add that to the year 2012 and the month beginning the New Year carries the frequency of five. Do we make it a number of uncertainty and hesitance or do we make it the spirit of life and human love?

You will probably feel a bit restless this month both in your professional and personal life. It’s imperative to find ways to quiet the mind and reach a peaceful state of being for your own self-power. Exercise and meditation are two of the best ways to balance your energy.

Avoid the mood swing trap and any unnecessary worry that five months often bring. Most of what people worry about never comes to pass, but that is not saying that one should not be prepared. In fact there is a certain satisfaction that comes from being prepared for any circumstance and that might feel comforting this month.

People around you might not be as aware of the energies this month may bring so it is important to take the high road and avoid harsh words. Co-workers may seem rather defensive of their thoughts and actions but being as calm and neutral as possible can easily diffuse any tense situation.

Intent is a keyword for this month. If you approach every day and those you love with the type of overall treatment you wish to receive you will achieve a much more successful balance for everyone involved.

Five is a month where you will naturally find yourself drawn to the more mystical side of life. It’s a wonderful time to explore facets of metaphysics that you have not delved into before. It will be an introspective month, which is always helpful but it’s also a good time to gather with those of like mind and venture down new paths of knowledge.

Five months are wonderful times to begin a journal or some other element of creative release. You’ll probably find yourself doodling more while you’re on the phone. Paint, sketch, write, even rearrange your furniture with feng shui in mind to help release any anxiety or tension you may feel.

Express yourself with kindness in mind and January 2012 will be a bountiful month.



Happy 2012 with wishes for Peace on Earth


2012 is a 5

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