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October 2011

October 2011

It has the numerological frequency of the number 1.

October is a 6 - 2001 is 4. Together they are 1. (6+4=10) (1+0=1)

A one month is usually a time of new beginnings and creative ideas and this October should prove to be that.

It will probably seem like an unconventional month full of physical activities and mental clarity that may not reflect a path well traveled. Donít let that stop you as Octoberís energy is about fresh starts and new perspectives. Itís a time for expansion of thought and action.

Although you will feel an extraordinary amount of independence and rely heavily on your individualism this is also an excellent month to merge your creative concepts with others. Pioneer unique approaches to any problems that may surface in the workplace and be allowing of otherís ideas and solutions.

If anything this month demands that you leave room for other people and their concepts. Avoid dominating conversations and the urge to always be in control. Realize that everyone else is also being nudged by the one energy of October.

Your personal relations also need to open and receptive as October can provide some of the most profound interactions with others. Avoid over analyzing the words of others and feel the words more from your heart.

This can be an energizing and creative month if you will let it follow its own path. It's the perfect time to recognize that none of us control all aspects of life and to let go of the reigns a bit more; instead flow with the energy of the month.



October is a 1

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