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August 2011

August 2011 carries the numerological frequency of a 3

A three energy month like this will probably find you being exact and detailed in both your private and professional life. It’s a time when even the smallest thing feels like it carries great importance.

Common descriptions for three energy months are enlightenment and thoroughness. Although the descriptions may be common what you feel and experience this month probably won’t be. This is a month that will find you working towards greater self-awareness and understanding. Whether you utilize a form of meditation, divination, dream work or some other means of connection to self it will be very important to reach the inner core of self.

The only caution for this month is to avoid being gullible or too easily impressed. Always take a step back and see what resonates with your heart energy. You will be more intuitive this month; so don’t turn your back on those little ‘knowings’. They are there to point you in the right direction. Rely on them and you will rarely wander down a bumpy path.

This is also a month that you will probably find yourself saying many times: “All things happen for a reason.”

Personal relationships can soar during August. However, make certain they are not lopsided, as you may want to give more than you receive. Keep a balance and all will benefit.

Your career or professional world can also take off this August, even though we are entering a Mercury retrograde cycle. Since Mercury is in Virgo you might expect to experience delays in communication, travel and appointments. (Please see our astrology columns this month for more details) Be flexible and find the flow of each day and you’ll sail through this period.

It’s best to finish all tasks this month before signing on to any new ones. Completion with an eye for detail can propel you forward in your business world.



August is a 3

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