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March 2011

March 2011 resonates to the number 11, which is the number of success, power, and adventure.

Eleven months are generally packed with movement of both the mind and the body. This will be a month of deep inner searches and creative thoughts. You mind and imagination may take you on journeys you would not of considered in the past. Itís a month of expression Ė verbal and written and even art - that parallels the activity of the mind. If you havenít tried journaling you might consider it as a way of recording all the thoughts and emotions of the day.

Because the mind will be in high gear it is a perfect time to interact with others and explore new concepts. Friendships usually blossom during an eleven month. Donít be surprised if you make several new best friends. They will love the mental exploration as much as you do after all it is a month of adventure, too.

Physically youíll want to start clearing the clutter to prepare for future projects. It will be difficult to sit still this month and youíll probably have a sense of wanderlust that you havenít felt recently. Let it flow.

You may want to avoid details, as that is common in an eleven month as the bigger picture is what you find attractive. Pay attention though, as you donít want anything important slipping through the cracks.

With all the activity this month it will be especially important to take time to center and focus. Walking meditations can be tremendously valuable this March. They allow you to commune with Nature as you clear the mind and centralize your energy.



This month is an 11

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