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January 2011

January 2011 is a four month. January is a 9 and 2011 equal 4. Add the two together (9+4=13) (1=3=4) and you have a four.

The energy of December 2010 will carry over into this month and once again we will feel the comfort of stability and security. So many people feel 2011 will begin to usher in new energy. Itís really already started and we are getting more and more comfortable with it.

Four is a divine number. It is the number of completion and justice and is indicative of the four directions, the illusionary 4th dimension of time, the four celestial guardians, the cardinal points, and the Buddhist Damba Tree of Life. When we are in a four month we feel more connected to each other, Nature, and the Divine.

Once again this month will find you setting high goals and working to achieve them. Reaching out to others will enhance your overall vision so donít hesitate to make connections. Think through your values in connection with your ultimate goal, as this will separate you from others. This is a month to be of the highest ethical mindset to attain what you desire.

Your personal and professional creative stimulation will be in full swing and could leave you feeling a little drained. When that happens take time for yourself and indulge in your personal comforts whether they are reading, writing, painting, hiking, or taking a long warm soak.

Friends will be feeling this same energy and this is a perfect month to begin a study group with people of a like mind. Itís also a great time to meet others who share the same curiosities as you.

Meditation should be part of your daily activities as it serves to keep you connected to your Higher Self and the Divine.



1/11 is a 4!

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