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December 2010

December 2010 carries the numerological frequency of a four. (December = 1 and 2010 = 3)

December 2010 should be a comforting month as the number four harmonizes to the vibration of stability and security. It is also the number of ambition, so goals will be off great importance this month.

Both personally and professionally you might find yourself aiming higher than usual and accommodating the needs that follow those ambitions. Youíll probably find ingeniously inventive ways to overcome any obstacles that may crop up providing you donít allow yourself to be so accommodating that you exhaust your spirit, mind and body. Make certain you have personal time to reflect and regenerate your energies on all levels. The month requires meditation, ample sleep, and a strong connect with all facets of self.

When a four monthís creative energy becomes too overpowering you need to be able to recognize that it is time to pull back and focus on your well being. If there is a downside to a four month it is the fact that we get so busy we fail to realize that we need a break from the hustle and bustle.

Your personality will shine just in time for holiday parties and intimate gatherings. Discussions may be deeper than usual as everyone is being touched by the numerological energy of December. Your open-mindedness and ability to problem-solve may just open a few new doors in the career area. Be prepared for a boost up the corporate ladder.

Your personal life will be swimming with activity and new friends will most likely enter your life. They are there to stay, as this is a time when the vast majority is open and willing to share.

You also might find yourself feeling rather philanthropic. If you canít financially help those in need offer some of your time, expertise, or energy. The reward will be greater than you can imagine.

Have a wonderful holiday!



Dec. is a 4

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