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October 2010

October 2010 carries the frequency of the number nine.

Nine is the number that is associated with psychic awareness, consciousness, humanitarianism and renewed energy.

You’ll probably find yourself feeling more passionate about all that is in your life. At work clever ideas will be streaming so keep a notebook handy to keep track of them. You’ll be finding simple ways to solve complex problems and expanding horizons that can propel you forwarding the workplace as your intuition comes in strong this month. Your ideals and ethics will come into play this month, as you won’t want to take shortcuts on any projects close to your heart. Give it your all and keep your standards high and your goal can come to fruition.

In your personal life you’ll find yourself involved in deep philosophical discussions and explorations of areas that might seem on the fringe to some. Let them flow but remember to approach everything with an open heart as well as an open mind and avoid judgment of others’ beliefs. Keep in mind that your beliefs are yours and you share with a willingness to do just that – not to convince someone you are right.

This will be a month of activity. Energy will abound and you’ll want to be experiencing Nature on a more intimate level. That may mean extreme hikes or just sitting under a tree listening to the conversation of the wind. The energy you experience will be both physical and mental so take advantage of this, as November is a seven month and will bring more internal expression.

It is also a month to share. Recognize and help others where and when you can to bring a sense of completeness to the circle of energy.

This month will also demand quiet personal time. With all the energy October brings in you need to be sure to rest and rejuvenate. Meditate and give yourself ample time to explore the wonders of your mind and your world.



October is a 9


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