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August 2010

August 2010 carries the numerological frequency of 11. August is an 8 and 2010 is a 3. Add the two and you have 11 or a 2!

Normally we would reduce a double-digit number by adding the two (1+1=2), which we will do in this article, but the number 11 has its own energy as it is the number of power, success, and adventure. This is the number that indicates deep thoughts, creativity, and constant activity. Ideas may seem to stream through your mind so keep a pencil and paper handy to write it all down. Those little flashes of inspiration could make a real change. This is the ideal number for the current state of the global economy. Solutions to major problems can be designed and concluded in beneficial ways through this energy. The only drawback to an 11 month is that you might feel yourself internalizing everything emotions and ideas. In order to fully utilize this energy, express what you are feeling and the concepts that you are creating.

Reducing the 11 to a two, indicates a month that is filled with, truth, beauty and success. 11 is just the higher, more active octave of two. This is a feminine number and one that will make you feel more enthusiastic about everything in your life.

Attaining a balance between the two numbers (11 and 2) is important. Two months can make you feel that you have to observe every single detail and an 11 month can make you feel like you want to avoid any details and focus only on the big picture. Pay attention to priority details to achieve your goals both professionally and personally.

Months that carry a two vibration can also make you a little apprehensive. Given the current world we live in that feeling is understandable. However, if you can feel into the 11 energy of the month you can use that to center and balance in a world full of turmoil. Be sure to take time to meditate, reconnect with yourself and your Higher Self. Use the inneraction that an 11 month offers as a gift to self.



An 11 or...


a 2!

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